More Signs That The Recovery Act is a “Failure”

Oh wait, that isn’t what the evidence shows:

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I keep hearing from Conservatives that the Obama Recovery Act hasn’t created one job.  We hear The Boner ask, “where’s the jobs”, and yet not one piece of job-creating legislation or proposal has come out of the Republican-held House since they took power in January.

When Bush left office, we were hemorrhaging 800 thousand jobs a month.  That continued for the first three months of the Obama term before the Recovery Act started taking hold. Since that time, jobs have been added and the loss of jobs have been lowered.

It isn’t a great picture yet, many of the people who lost their job still haven’t gotten a new one.  The recovery has worked, but if it hadn’t been for the obstruction of the Republicans since 2009, we could have been a LOT farther along in our progress.