Technical Difficulties [updated]

Due to a hacker, we have lost a substantial amount of data here. I am trying to restore much of it, but there appears to be a lot of data corruption.

Additionally, there appears to be a few plugins that have been compromised as well. I only hope that I can save everything without having to start over from scratch.


Apparently this is not the only site that is experiencing problems. My host tells me that they have contacted the FBI because there are “several ‘political’ sites that are being targeted right now”.

Unfortunately, it looks as though my database backups are corrupted as well.


It is starting to look as though I might have to archive everything here and start a fresh version. I was going to do that at the end of the year, just to make things flow better. I cannot retrieve the months of May through September because everything has been literally written over with the “N-word” repeated thousands of times.

This is no longer about politics, this is the work of someone or some group that really needs to be thinned from the herd.


I have just gotten a call from my host and they tell me that they have isolated the security breach and are fairly confident that they know the origin of the attacks.