Some Changes and Upgrades

Yes, you are in the right place. Things just look different, that’s all.  I have given this site a more magazine-style look, while at the same time cut out some of the bloat that has been causing havoc here for a while.  The server is STILL slow, but that has more to do with it being overloaded and the traffic here is starting to tax it more and more.

Additionally, I spent the better part of four hours cursing Facebook and their “security” measures that prevent innocent people from creating an organization page that isn’t connected at the hip with their personal Facebook page.  I almost got to where I needed to be twice before I hit a brick wall of “you can’t get there from here”.  But I eventually prevailed — kinda.

So, as you can see in the right hand column, there is this nifty little Facebook “Like” box.  I encourage you to scoot over there right now and proclaim your undying love for our Facebook page.  It doesn’t cost you anything and we promise not to spam your Facebook account.  It just gives us a little head count to see who the cool guys are who come here.  You might want to check the page out regularly because someone might actually post a few trinkets there.  Of course that depends on how motivated some of the staff are around here.  (I think they are spending a lot of time over at the Professor Goodales site if you ask me…)

Additionally, the Facebook comments have been reworked and are now using a completely different collection location.  Unfortunately, because of the change in location, we lost the previous comments.  No biggie, I am sure you can make some more…

Anyways, I think the site looks a lot better now.  What do YOU think?