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Inspection- When WILL We Hold Them Accountable?

by Ken Carman

 I find little to no credibility when it comes to those who think the Russia/Trump investigation has “gone on too long.” Compared to what? Clinton was constantly investigated starting back when he was governor in Arkansas; but if you just talk Inspectionabout his presidency there were multiple investigations and multiple investigators. The investigation that brought Nixon to that infamous resignation moment was longer. Various Hillary, and Obama birther BS, investigations were longer.
 And I have even less patience for the claim.
 All I hear underneath it all is that constant whine from the right when it comes to anyone who dares question those who they deem politically correct, or at least politically very convenient to their agenda. That makes me wonder if the whole intent here: regardless of any crimes or impropriety, is to stop it because it’s politically inconvenient to furthering their agenda and nothing else. Certainly not anything good for the country: in fact just the opposite.
 We’ve been here so many times before and failed close to every time to hold damn near anyone accountable. And the few we have held accountable are pardoned by those most likely to have ordered them to do what they did. We convict the getaway driver but never charge the robbers. Read more

Inspection- Making America America, Part 2: A One Party System

by Ken Carman

Inspection America is in danger of becoming a one party nation. The two parties do have far too many similarities in some ways, but that’s not the problem. Even with the often too far rightward 3rd way Dems there are differences. Generally they are pro-Choice, generally they cut less social programs, generally they believe in a legal balance between gun rights and responsibility. Yes, there still are differences.
 The problem is far more insidious.
 Of all the things Hillary has said perhaps the most accurate was the oft mocked phrase, “Vast right wing conspiracy.” I suspect even she under estimated just how vast it has become. And their collusion over neutering our system for electing our representatives is probably number one when it comes to evidence. Read more

Inspection- A Not So Barry Good Justice System

Since I spend part of my time living in Nashville special circumstances have required another edition, before Part 2 of America, America.

by Ken Carman

 The resignation of Megan Barry; now former mayor here in Nashville, has hit national news. She admitted to having an affair with her body guard. Apparently “body” was taken a little too literal?
Inspection From the start: I don’t care. As long as there isn’t an issue of corruption, which of course soon there was. Otherwise, in my opinion, the rest was between her, her husband, her bodyguard and whatever deity they all may, or may not, believe in.
 Megan Barry became a very convenient target for hyper partisans by being honest about the affair: so typical these days. Admitting she was wrong only made it worse. Again: so typical these days. Read more

Inspection- Gun in Classrooms? Gee, What a ‘Grand’ Idea

 As this goes to digital print yet another shooting is ongoing. Part two of Making America America will be the next edition.


by Ken Carman

 Dateline: Dalton, Georgia- Teacher barricades himself in classroom and fires his gun.
 Gee, guns in classrooms. What a ‘grand’ idea.
 What’s wrong? Where do I start? Having spent the usual 13 years in public school, 1 in nursery and 5 in college, what’s wrong: plenty. Read more

NRA supporters are sending death threats to Florida shooting survivors

The family of one of the students who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL say they have received death threats in the days following the tragedy.

Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg, along with several other student survivors, have given interviews on cable news and in the print media since the shooting, demanding action from lawmakers on gun law reforms. A video of Hogg looking directly into a CNN camera and speaking to Trump and those on Capitol Hill, saying, “And some of our policymakers… need to look in the mirror and take some action because… without action, ideas stay ideas and children die.”

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