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Inspection- Found! Antifa Headquarters!

Well, da meme said it was true, so it must be!

One source of this claim: American Conservative Voice.

 The Facebook post was suspicious at first. It showed a whole group of folks who were supposedly members of some highly organized group of American Inspectionterrorists called ‘Antifa.’ According to American Conservative Voice version of the meme some of these ‘terrorists’ were teachers too!

By Ken Carman

 Since we’re getting all tricky with Jim Crow-y ID voter laws… you know picture ID, driver’s license, birth certificate, DNA sample, first born… yeah, I’m joking about some of that, I figured I COULD get snarky and ask if they had checked their official Antifa card; which would have all the political talking point gravitas of a Mouse Club Card. But I didn’t. I basically asked what proof they had these people were members of any such highly organized group. I’ve heard less silence on an Adirondack lake at 40 below when you’re the only one around for many, many miles.
 Well, I suppose ‘just being’ at a protest might be proof enough for people with the critical skills of a sheep, if you combined that by hunting down the elusive genetic material of a still rotting corpse of a faithful member of the People’s Temple, then top it off with the cringing manners of an obedient puppy. Despite being constantly beaten by an insane sadistic master. Did I mention maybe a worm too? No? OK, that too.
 Otherwise they seem to have no proof at all. Just label protesters “Antifa.”
 Having been given no real proof each these people are members of some highly organized terrorist cell called Antifa I did what some in-ter-net-ers mistakenly call “research.” I knew the people pictured weren’t Boogaloos or Prouds, or the various Turner Diaries, types. Wrong species of terrorist.
 Oh, dang it, and that would have made identifying them as terrorists super convenient! Read more

Inspection- The MOST Important Book of 2020

                     Greg Palast drawing from his Twitter account.

By Ken Carman

 On rare occasions I recommend a book. This was necessary in 2020.
 STOP paying attention to feel good polls! Polls mean little these days. Election fraud and stealing tactics matter. Polls can’t take into consideration voter purges. Polls can’t take into consideration lines so damn long people give up. Polls can’t Inspectiontake into consideration placebo ballots. Some dare call the “provisional.” Polls can’t take into consideration closing and limiting voter stations, voter access, or machines with proprietary software, tricks used to purge the politically convenient to purge purge-able, or interference; wherever it may come from.
 Counting the votes matters little to not at all when your opposition keeps gleefully punching more and more holes in your vote holding bucket.
 OK, I admit it. I included some things in my “polls can’t take into consideration…” rant; things not covered much, if at all, by Greg Palast in his latest. I got carried away, maybe like your vote will be. Killing the right to vote has become such a ‘fabulous,’ diverse and outright evil industry it’s hard to know when to stop ranting. And you wouldn’t believe who is among the many bad actors who are gleefully enabling this. Who? Well, just to provide one: public broadcasting consumers might want to hold their noses and go, “PEW!!!” But I’ll save that seemingly innocent organization skunk spray story, and others, for when you read the book. Besides, Greg tells it better. Read more

Inspection- October SURPRISE!

                             Smarter than Trump

By Ken Carman

October, 2020- In another surprise move President Trump signed an order this week that vacated all voter registrations Inspectionin all states, changing all their voting rules, creating only one class of voter. Critics claim this is a severe modification of his stance that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be in the country and are voting in the millions.
 Addressing reporters from FOX, OAN, Newsmax, RT and Breitbart; among other right wing news-based internet sites, President Trump announced that only COVID and other viruses could vote.

 ”Since this virus is now in so many Americans, it should have the right to vote. For far too long each virus in our country has been denied the right to vote.”

 President Trump went on to say that reparations needed to be made, although he fumbled with the word some. Read more

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