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Inspection- Can We EVER Get Away From Toss the Poo Politics?

 Here it comes! DUCK! (Or at least… moose… over!) Arriving on your digital doorstep early; next week’s edition.

by Ken Carman

 I get it. Since the ghosts of LBJ, Lee Atwater and Karl Rove have turned LBJ’s little child meets atom bomb politics into politics via little else but framing: another word for personal insult, our national discourse has become as empty as the graves of those turned into red mist when directly hit by the airplanes on 9/11. I Inspectionalso understand that Karl Rove is still alive, if one can call it that. But one must ask: where is this getting us?
 The answer, in part, currently occupies the White House.
 Cheap political points aside; like I just made, I must ask are we better off, overall, due to framing politics? Read more

Inspection- A Horse Heading South of Sanity

by Ken Carman

 Why do I get the feeling the actors are different, but America is still going to wind up sweeping up like before, like that little guy at the end of Peabody and InspectionSherman? Clickbait may be one reason. So much clickbait already, so much more to headed our way: like a huge busted dam slowly letting out more and more of the flood to come. Even though she ISN’T running, because hate Hillary is to clickbait what alcohol is to alcoholics now she’s supposed to run as Bloomberg’s VP?
 That most likely qualifies, as my father used to say, as what comes out of the north end of a horse headed south. But any Clinton grafted onto some fake news-ish fairy tale; no matter how poorly spun, gets clicks and, more important, serves to divide those left of Trump.
 Barr complains about Trump tweets and the response is a big White House shrug? When has Donald Trump EVER been shy about going after those who aren’t completely obedient? If anyone believes this isn’t some rhetorical photo op just for show they apparently haven’t been paying attention to what comes out of the north part of a horse headed south. And they are often the loudest to complain when cast with the rest us for the part of the cartoon guy whose job it was to follow Peabody and Sherman’s parade at the end of their marvelous toon during The Bullwinkle Show. Sweeping up you know what.
 In the past 3 years there certainly has been a lot of you know what.
 Limited to just the right?
 Are you kidding?
 Progressives and ‘moderates’ act as if only the other shut up, gave up, victory will be ours and afterwards everything will be ice cream and candy. Read more

Inspection- STOP Helping Them


by Ken Carman

 So it’s post election, November 2020. Trump has been reelected, despite not just 3 million more votes: despite 5 million more votes. (Pick another amount if that’s not your prediction.) Once again it comes down to the Electoral InspectionCollege and states under Republican control that have purged voters, shut down polls. Basically what has become ‘the usual.’
 Bernie was the candidate. Morning Joe is broadcasting how they knew this would happen because “so far left,” “socialist,” blah, blah, blah. It’s a given that some Bernie supporters will be screaming how Bernie didn’t get enough support from the party: they had been plotting against him from the beginning. We need to abandon the party and go third party, because obviously that has worked… so well… in the past??? Those who supported Joe Biden, or Pete, or… chime in on the, “This is what we get for supporting someone known as a Socialist” mantra.
 Republicans will gleefully join in on the bashing.
 Reset… Read more

Inspection-And Then We Have Trumpy Bear

by Ken Carman

  There’s a lot of things I do get. I “get” that some company every presidential election year makes money off of stupid stuff that actually doesn’t represent the election: like an expensive chess set with political figures from an election year where who the major players on one side isn’t even clear yet. 5-10 years from now it will be Inspectionabsurdly dated, but a collectible. I understand what happened in Iowa. While we had most of the count in less than 24 hours, all the blame rocks being thrown should target the very concept that computers and apps should count ANYTHING election year-related.
 What’s wrong with paper, and a slow; accurate, count? Speed isn’t important. Apps and computers are fine as long as we can trust all those doing the programming, doing the apps. Of course NO ONE would ever mess with that, would they? Would they?
 Anyone with an ounce of skepticism knows better than that.
 I understand we live in a time of alternate realities where ‘our team’ can do little to no wrong, their team do nothing right. We live in, to paraphrase Spamalot; “a very dark and expensive forest” of newsfotainment that poses as news, but is more propaganda for one side or the other. “Expensive,” if for no other reason, because of what it has done to national discourse both on the net and in our homes, among relatives, friends. Yes, the old 3 network model had its problems, but nothing like the various alternate reality sources we have now posing as “news.” When our side does something preemptive it’s righteous: to prevent the other side from doing what we knew they were going to do. Regardless of there being a lack of any REAL evidence. When the other side does even close to the same thing they’re evil, doing what we knew they were going to do: they’re cheaters, traitors. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…
 I get all that. But Trumpie Bear? I don’t get Trumpie Bear. Read more

Inspection- How Bernie and Democrats Lose

by Ken Carman

 Sometimes it amazes me how shortsighted and, perhaps, intentionally clueless Democrats and the left can be.
 Re: Biden. The more I listen and watch the more convinced I become that having Hunter and Joe testify could be a GOOD thing, YES, this really has nothing to do with the case. YES, this is an all an after the fact spin that the king of corruption: long before he became president, wanted to stop corruption. YES, it COULD hurt the Bidens. But it only can if Dems and the left just sit back and let the bad spin happen: as they too often do. They’ve already stated they have no intent on lobbying the senators. Good going guys! Let Trump lobby all. The logical thing would be to take that testimony and make it boomerang back on Trump, his lawyers, his defenders. Show how the Trump family makes the Biden claims look like NOTHING. How Trump and company only wanted the appearance of an investigation. There’s so much low hanging fruit to have here for the taking.
 Am I surprised Dems are angling towards losing, acting as if they’re too good to take those golden, very ripe, peaches?
 UH…. NO.
 Of course that brings up Bernie. Read more

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