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Inspection- Captain Kirk and Direct TV’s Mind Sucking Machine

By Ken Carman

 The past 4 plus years remind me of an episode of classic Trek called Dagger of the Mind. America has been locked in a room where the nation is forced to listen to repeating claims, like one that started in 2015 and never ended: if Trump loses it always MUST be rigged.
 Keep repeating claims as if they are proven facts and weak minds believe.
Inspection Was there ANY way he and his enablers would have accepted losing? A rhetorical question like, “Is water wet?” You KNOW the answer.
 Early AM, can’t sleep: the TV is my lullaby with New Age music on 856: Direct TV. Or one of the exploratory channels featuring shows like, How the Universe Works or Unearthed. Shows interesting, but not interesting enough to keep me awake.
 Hey, I found 3 channels I never noticed before: Idea, SALE and Xtra. Let’s see what’s on them! Infomercial. Infomercial. Infomercial… god, doesn’t Direct TV have enough infomercial channels? Like far more than half of their channels? Read more

Inspection- Fair is Fair: Of “Antifa,” “BLM,” Occupy and Domestic Terrorists

By Ken Carman

 Happens too often. I carefully edit several possible new editions of Inspection and events demand I write something else.
 I have an idea for the people laughingly called “protesters” in DC, and we probably don’t even have to pretend one is carrying a weapon. Find one, order him to put it down, then shoot him rapid fire in the back: 7 times. Find another and Inspection“pacify” him by kneeing him to death. Enter the offices they have occupied and break the door down. Anyone even levels a weapon shoot whomever is with them.
 I think you know the rest. The point being, in case you missed it, if the tactics used to murder people because they MIGHT be carrying a weapon they’re pointing at no one, MIGHT be involved in drug dealing, needed to be pacified, are to be fairly applied, such tactics certainly apply to domestic terrorists who actually break into and occupy public buildings in our capital on a crucial day. Some of them armed. Hey, even if they just sit down, to be fair, pepper spray the whole bunch like Occupy.
 And in none of these other cases were the dead, the abused, the beaten, the brutalized, occupying DC in an attempt to overthrow an election, trying to threaten Congressmen and women. Not one so endangered our Congressmen and women that those public servants had to go into hiding, lockdown. Read more

Inspection- 2020 Leaves with a BOOM

    Second Avenue Nashville: before.       Second Avenue Nashville: after.

By Ken Carman

 We have 3 homes: one in Nashville, and the other two are in the Adirondacks where my family hails from since the late 1800’s. Earlier than that if you count a family history of Adirondack guides.
Inspection Currently we are in Nashville. The leaves near our Adirondack homes left a long time ago in their usual brilliant blaze of colors. The leaves here drop slower, casually, and the last left a few weeks ago. Then a good portion of something very Nashville left on the 25th. The day we celebrate the birth of Jesus something died; sad and unfortunately too fitting for the year 2020.
 We woke up late Christmas Day and I made breakfast. I am the chef in the family. We had agreed long ago to just buy a mutual gift, sometime after Christmas. So, instead, I had set up a family Zoom meeting for Millie’s side of the family. But first breakfast. You think the breakfast was just for us? HA! Of course there was the presence of our ever present pet vultures: Payson the collie, Hodge Podge and Willow the sister cats, hovered around both of us. Hodge tends to hover around Millie. She knows if she tries to swat me: demanding food, I swat back.
Zoom time came faster than we thought it would. Mid call Zoom dropped out faster than a heavy boulder heaved over the local Shelby Street Bridge. Then the internet and all phone service disappeared. Read more

Inspection- Ho, Ho… Ho???

By Ken Carman

My 2020 seasonal gift to you, Dear Reader..

Inspection Little person Rex climbed over the side of the sleigh to make sure the sleigh’s Bombay doors were secure, then climbed back into the backseat for Santa’s yearly gift giving tour.

  “On Donner! On Smitten! Soon your hooves will be as frozen as Rex’s mittens!”

 Rex grumbled at Santa’s ‘joke.’ Santa ignored his little person’s curses, he knew if he complained they’d get worse. The elves had insisted on being called that. They considered ‘elf’ insulting. And NO ONE wants to piss off Santa’s little people.

“Santa, what is inside the Bombay doors?”
 ”It’s a secret.”
 ”I know it’s a secret for little boys and girls, Santa, but really… what’s in there?”
 ”It’s a secret.”
 ”Well that’s annoying.”

 Santa chuckled, but didn’t press his luck again. Read more

Inspection- A Little Assassination

By Ken Carman

 My, my, my, how “violent the radical left is!!!” HA! Former peaceful protests turned violent by infiltration? OK, let’s be fair and credit where credit is due: Boogaloo, Prouds, militia-types and brat teen driven by their mother across the border with a high powered rifle. Certainly you remember the attempt to kidnap, murder Whitmer. Charlottesville; running over protesters and claiming they had a right to do that because “they got in my way.”
 You’re talking about a movement where not an insignificant portion finds running over protesters ‘funny.’ I have argued with them before: they defend murder and attempted murder by motor vehicle because, “They were in the way.” Should I have taken that as an excuse to run over the child who ran out in front of me a few months ago? His mother was too busy texting to pay attention. He was in my way. Never knew knew I had that “right!” Gee, golly, whiz: why would I slammed on my brakes? MAYBE because doing the right thing and civility are part of my emotional makeup AND…
 Murder or attempted murder are STILL murder or attempted murder. No matter how smug the excuses. Read more

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