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Inspection- New Administration Initiative Limitations

 Every once in a while I like to propose something and see what my readers think…

by Ken Carman

Proposed: for the first two years of any new administration we limit Congress voting on new initiatives, and this includes executive orders. No Inspectionlimitations if reelected, except whatever Congress may impose by not considering or no funding.
 Is this unconstitutional? If so, if it makes sense, we would need that very imposing cliff climb called amending the Constitution.
 Right off the bat I’m going to admit to at least three things… Read more

Inspection- President Bernie, President Hillary

by Ken Carman

 It’s 2020 and Hillary has been president for almost four years. We are on to yet another Benghazi hearing, another E-mail hearing, plus other supposed Inspection‘scandals’ being investigated right up until Election Day. Little has been accomplished because the tactic of blocking everything Obama tried to do has continued; put on steroids. Congress is, and remains, in Republican hands; even more so after 2018. We also didn’t count on was just how much election fraud was out there, how much interference; even from foreign sources.
 Some of those who supported Bernie say, “Bernie would have known how to handle this. You wouldn’t have had this if Bernie had become president. He not only would have won with more votes, known how to handle the Republicans, but he would have had long coattails.” Read more

Inspection- No, Guns Did NOT “Tame the West”

by Ken Carman

 Yes, that’s right: guns did not tame the West. Guns made the West a more dangerous place. Guns made it so gunslingers could terrorize towns. Guns made it so many establishments had Inspectionpatrons check their guns at the door. Guns made it so sheriffs had to be replaced again and again, gangs could kill many people just to rob a bank, a train. Guns made it so such marauders had to be hunted down by other deputized gangs.
  Guns did not make the West safer. And during the days of Bonnie and Clyde a lack of regulations made bank guards and tellers lives short and not so sweet.
  What tamed the West, stopped the plentiful numbers of machine gun toting bank robbers from toting machine gons? Read more

Inspection- Absence Makes the Mind…

by Ken Carman

 The old cliché’ about absence making the heart grow fonder is, of course, nonsense. It can, or absence can make things far worse: depends on the relationship, depends on the Inspectionindividuals; depends on those who consider themselves ‘friends.’ “Friends” may not offer the best advice or the best examples. And I suspect absence sometimes makes the metaphorical heart, and not so metaphorical mind, shrink.
 There’s an absence these days of actual conversations, in depth discussion, complex thought, and an ability to even read communications, that helps all strive towards a mutual goal. I should have realized back in my old Communications classes when the profs said the ways we connect are becoming faster and shorter they were also becoming more simplistic… sometimes idiotically so. This is why politics and debate have often come down to the kind of framing that mimics cavemen’s “UGH”‘s and “GLOOG”‘S. They all translate into “You is stupid.” “No, YOU be stupid.” Read more

Inspection- Circumventing Lady Justice Out of Political Convenience

by Ken Carman

 This started with an E-mail discussion with Dean Obeidallah regarding Bill Clinton and perjury. Dean forwarded me the portion of the The Starr Report that recounted Inspectionseveral examples of perjury that were supposed to be in Monica Lewinsky’s testimony. It was pretty damning.
 The skeptic in me asked why the judge avoided citing Bill Clinton for perjury when she sanctioned him. Was the judge a skeptic too, and why? Did she have doubts, like I did? Did something about Starr’s tactics make her hesitant?
 As I reviewed the origins of the 1990s fiasco, how Starr’s office behaved and Monica’s testimony according to the Report, the skeptic in me rallied. But if, dear reader, you think I’m going to re-litigate the impeachment, no, I’m not. Instead it’s more about how I realized I was reacting a lot like supporters of Donald Trump will probably react to Mueller’s report… which may be at least as damning as Starr’s. Read more

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