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Inspection- Of Nashville News and the Nation


2017, Nashville, Tennessee and the Nation– Advocates demanded more guns in more places as a solution to gun violence.

Nashville, Tennessee, March 20th– Following a long national trend the city council Inspection recently announced what is being called ‘incentives’ for Amazon to set up shop in Nashville. These incentives amount to $500 per hired employee. The unasked question: “Exactly how does this qualify as, ‘free’ enterprise, or the wonders of capitalism? Maybe fascism with a capitalistic facade?”

And Now Our Repetitive Feature: “Never in the News!”– Companies like Trump Co put out the cheese and starving, freedom seeking mice cross the border get the blame, have children taken from them, companies get the profit. Of course a wall will ‘solve all.’ Wait, do we see the cheese being put in the trap again? Read more

Inspection- Grave

 One of the reasons I love to write: sometimes I find more fact in fiction than invective and rants supposedly express ‘truth.’

  Once upon a nightmare there was a leader of a country who prepared the biggest Inspectiongrave ever for all who opposed him. He, his associates and his supporters kept making the grave bigger and wider. They even threw some of their former supporters and associates into the grave because they dared to criticize some actions, some behavior. Of course reporters who displeased him were shoved in, as well as inconvenient politicians. He sought help from anyone, any group no matter how vile or villainous, who would encourage those already in the grave to turn on each other. He cheered them on as they marched through the streets insulting all who weren’t them. When they perpetrated horrible acts he was slow, at best, meek and weak at condemning their blood drenched behavior, if he did at all.
 Of course those who mostly agreed with the leader who objected to his methods, or thought they should follow what was left of rule of law, were pushed in too. Read more

Inspection- When Does the Ends Justify the Means End?

 As a teen, before I moved, I lived near New York City and went to a very crowded high school. Because it was during Nam we frequently had discussions during and after school. My favorite place to go was where the revolutionaries sat, smoked dope, I smoked my Raleighs, and we would Inspectionargue Nam and politics in general. I remember Susan; the activist of the group, telling them I was “OK.” “He’s not like those jock conservatives.”
 I think the most heated arguments were about methods of reaction and protest, and some of the excuses were the same today… even though I am now far more on their side than I was back then. I remember when we talked about breaking into defense contractor’s offices and pouring blood over files, or riots, or bombs, some of them felt the ends justified the means, and “we must hit them back because they_____.” (Fill in blank.)
 Not much has changed, except what flavor partisan argues “the ends justifies the means” more. Read more

Inspection- A Suggestion for 2020

 My first 4 years of writing Inspection I had two professors in two different colleges use the same description for my column: Doctor English and Mr. Mocko. Steve Mocko’s comment was phrased slightly different than the following, but pretty much the same as what Doctor English said: “I don’t always agree with you, but I think you do a good job. It manages to rile a lot of people up on all sides, that’s a good thing.”
Inspection This is going to be one of THOSE columns.
 Like most sane people I’m waiting to hear from the nominees. This is just a pre-vision of what might be the best team to take on the Republicans. Let’s start with Bernie Sanders. Yes, I know all the arguments against that, though he has proven to be a youth magnet and to have the ability to bring in progressives. But progressives: don’t be too quick to applaud. My VP choice will most likely seem offensive to some of you. Hold on: there’s a logical reason.
 Oh, yeah, “This is going to be one of THOSE columns.” Read more

Inspection- The Train to Vote Auschwitz

 Like most of us I am willing to wait for the Mueller report. But no matter how much Russians interfered, or not, Donald Trump would not be in office if not for The Train to Vote Auschwitz
The Train to Vote Auschwitz started heading down the tracks long before 2016. By 2016 all those who helped lay the tracks, fuel that train, had taken this vote extermination Inspectiontrain from a time when people like future Justice Rehnquist challenged possible politically incorrect voters in precincts to today when just having a handful of close states affected by election fraud tactics means winning no matter how much the popular vote indicates that’s not what the people want. And that popular vote is only the start: far more voters were kicked off the rolls than Trump’s slim margins in those states that provided a College only victory suggest. These states had been so Crosschecked or Exact Matched, voter purged, polling hours limited, defective machine dominated in select areas it’s doubtful any single challenger would have changed that.
 Meanwhile those whose votes have been targeted to ride The Train to Vote Auschwitz argue and accuse each other of causing the loss instead of working together to do all they can, advocate all they can, to shut the train down. The situation has been dire for a long time, and the more time passes the harder it will be to stop The Train to Vote Auschwitz. Read more

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