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Inspection- Common Ground: Fundamentalists and Trump

 I hear it all the time: one of THE questions when it comes to Donald Trump, “How can Christians support him?” Well, if you’re asking about mainstream Christians like Methodists, Congregationalists, northern Baptists and other moderate to Inspectionliberal branches of a tree one could call called “Christian:” good question. I suspect “not many” applies. But once we get into fundamentalists; especially the most extreme, the answer is easy. Trump is their Constantine.
 Constantine was responsible for handing the Roman Empire over to those who were once considered just a heretical movement within Judaism, and were viewed as a threat to Roman rule because they preached a message Romans authorities thought meant a violent overthrow of the Empire. It was a serious misreading of his ministry and the movement called Christianity. The conversion to Christianity of the Empire was enabled by Edict of Milan which declared tolerance as the new policy. Constantine helped with that. But Constantine really deserves almost all the credit for the “handing over.” Yet for most of his life Constantine was no devoted follower of Jesus. Constantine was a pagan. Eventually he did ‘study,’ somewhat like an apprentice, the faith as what they called a “catechumen.” Constantine converted on his death bed.
 So I understand my analogy here isn’t going to be perfect. No analogy ever is. Read more

Inspection- Of MF Comments and Right Wing PC Lectures

 One thing Trump v. the harshness of Rashida Tlaib’s MF language proves is the right has no exclusive right to not being offended by what they deem to be political incorrectness. I agree with Nancy Pelosi: while I wouldn’t used the language she used if I had her position; probably generational-based reluctance, the MF impeachment comment isn’t any worse than many of the things Trump has said. For example we have Trump while he was running inspiring his base to use second amendment solution if he loses, and then as president encouraging the same base to get violent if he’s held accountable for anything. I don’t know about you but encouraging mass murder via his supporters is a LOT more offensive than “impeach the MF.” Inspection
 This is all part of the way social and political discourse has been headed since at least when Cheney openly told others in public to F off and shot a fellow Republican then tried to force him to apologize. (“Free speech, yeah!!!!”) And considering the past 30 plus years the right isn’t just living in a glass house prone to thrown rocks: they are naked in front of a big firing squad with a giant target they painted on themselves.
 No, that comment is threat to no one. It’s a METAPHOR. DUH! Read more

Inspection- New Years’ Wish 2018

 This isn’t a wish to return to the 50s or the 60s. We had more than a few nightmares back then. It’s about an economic model gone awry.
 If there were such a thing as a real magic wand I might wave it and return the whole country to when most business was small, family and/or locally owned. While I am not anti-all chains, especially not small ones, in my vision I see all across the country many Walmarts following the demise of K-Mart. Mega business shrinks, Main Street comes alive again.
 Before Walmart, K-Mart, malls, somewhat before EJ Korvettes, I used to go with my father to Havermale’s: a Inspection hardware in downtown Nyack, NY. Just a few doors down was a butcher, police department, Florsheim Shoes, Pickwick Bookstore where I would buy another Albert Payson Terhune book or SciFi like Silverberg, Ellison or Heinlein.
 Everything you might want that would have been in a mall or Walmart store if they had been around at the time was within walking distance. On the way, between shops you might meet friends and chat. Each store had its own character. Read more

Inspection- Christmas Don Quixote (2018)

This Christmas time I offer words that will do nothing to solve a problem. Since this Quixote’s word-sword has battled so many ‘windmills’ to a standstill: world hunger, Inspection poverty, terrorism, plus cleared up all teenage acne in this here US of A, I am willing to accept this singular failure.
 Sarcasm pointed inward aside, here’s my 2018 Christmas edition…

  “That Santa, what a loser,” tweeteth our Lord immediately after he was born.
 Of course, since Santa the myth, Santa the Madison Avenue creation, nor tweeting had been ‘born’ yet, Mary and Joseph immediately recognized his first miracle, although the lamb: always a skeptic, thought the babe might just have had promise as a fortuneteller. Read more

Inspection- THIS is why an Inexperienced Businessperson as President is a BAD Idea

 For at least 20 years the right has been trying to sell the “CEO president” scam. I have always found the idea of a CEO president an incredibly BAD idea. Government isn’t business, nor should it be. Considering the frequent use of our bankruptcy laws, and high numbers of yearly business failures, business isn’t a great model for governance, not to mention too many businesses survive because they’re basically scams.Inspection
 Donald Trump is the perfect “I told you so,” for all of us who have been warning others for so long.
 A CEO’s job is more like Saddam, or Pinochet, or Stalin than one who heads one of three branches of the government but is the servant of ALL the people: not just those who agree with him. A sole proprietor is even more like a dictator: king over his own kingdom. Trump isn’t really a CEO. He just plays off that fav right wing concept: a CEO president. He’s more like the role he played for so long: a really bad sole proprietor. Read more

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