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Inspection- Trump Can’t Take It

by Ken Carman

 As my radio pukes out more Trump threats to have Hillary investigated again I realize how easy Trump makes it to Inspectionrecognize that classic bully distraction tactic: “Look over there!” Of course, being Trump, the tactic is delivered via his trademark mob mentality, flavored with threats bordering on, “You will stop or we’ll put cement shoes on someone in your family.” Of course that ignores that there are many demanding the investigation continue who might even welcome Clinton in handcuffs at the same time Donnie also heads to prison: even some Republicans. Not everyone fed up with Trump and wanting all this investigated consider her “family.” In fact I’m guessing most don’t.
 Typical black and white thinking from someone who seems paranoid and delusional. And just another sloppy, thoughtless Trump threat that fell flatter than an immigrant tossed out of a plane. Read more

Inspection- The Blessing That COULD Be Donald Trump

by Ken Carman

 I know, “blessing,” right?
Inspection Packing for a long trip I had the news on. I use it mostly as background noise and tend to go to Science, Discovery or if I must that weird alien programming, if the news gets too annoying. I’d rather listen to the supposed nutso claims of “alien theorists.” Yes, even the guy whose hair looks like he was on Babylon 5. I’d rather watch him than another second of the orange man squirrel up his face into contortions worthy of a cranky, spoiled toddler. I rather hear one more stupid theory about how aliens “invented” the moon using paper mache’ than listen to Trump. His repetitive simplistic words that he spews out his mental rhetoric dumpster bother me that much. I don’t care how wonderful he thinks he is, if he thinks something “sad,” or someone is a “loser.”
 I quickly turned the channel on him long ago. Now I have to keep turning because; like that bad nursery school I went to 60 years ago, the College decided that Hillary and the nation had to be punished for supposedly doing all that the little bully had been doing. Classic blame others for what you do. Read more

Inspection- What Their Silence Says

by Ken Carman

 Like many people on the left I certainly have had my Facebook debates. I hate them, to be honest, because Facebook is a lousy venue for rational, thoughtful, discussion. You have to explain and that makes the post long, complicated and Inspection worse than anything else: intellectual and well thought out. Exactly the kind of post many Facebook users won’t: maybe even aren’t able to, read.
 Facebook does well with short, snippet, posts. It’s like a slightly more complex version of tweeting, which is also an insult. Facebook is a platform that serves bullies well, and enables them like stagnant water breeds mosquitoes under a hot sun.
 The most active partisans posters rarely hesitate to respond with mocking, insults and idiocy when confronted with an opinion they don’t like, except… Read more

Inspection- Of Republicons and Republocrats

by Ken Carman

 I have been an advocate for run off voting since I first looked into it after the 2000 election. But sans run off…
Inspection My father was a dedicated Conservative back when there was a difference between Conservative and Republican, and I used to help the party with elections in the 60s. I think we are a weaker nation now than then because we really have only two parties of any consequence, that have any true chance of winning, and both parties like it that way, are determined to keep it that way.
 The 4 major parties were Liberal, Democratic, Republican and Conservative. Now to get the party’s support these days a Republican has to be a Conservative, or what they call “Conservative” these days: most often a mix of the Fundamentalist Party, the NRA Party, the Libertarian Limited Party, the Anti-Worker Party and the War for Profit Party. But let’s call them the Republocons. Read more

Inspection- Here Comes One Party Rule

by Ken Carman

 The danger behind the The Nation‘s overdue article on the plan to end representative governance is not any mistake, or error… unless you include a lack of deeper analysis. Inspection While the MSM has been, at best, whistling past Kris Kolbach’s graveyard for the votes of groups who dare to not vote the politically correct way: otherwise known as Crosscheck, not even The Nation comes close to asking serious questions that must be asked. Read more

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