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Inspection- Selective Outrage and Selective Silence Will Be Our Undoing

An enraged blonde teenage girl shouts angrily into her pink mobile phone. Courtesy Getty Images

 All of the following are signs of the times, I suppose… as the cliche goes. Collectively a dark one, for sure: and I’m sure the darkness is intentional.

by Ken Carman

 Where are all the Bernie people, so outraged at how Democratic leadership screws them over? Biden supporters who find less than adequate coverage? And where, oh, where has our not so little media gone: those who dare call themselves “journalists?”
 Since you so often write and/or appeal to the lowest of low brows, write down to (at best) an 8th grade level, maybe you’ll get this, “Yous guys DO know theres bes Republicans challenging Trump, right?”
 The outrage at how they’re being shut out should peg the plethora side to the public pissed off and journalist curiosity meter. Talk about snubbing candidates while obeying the wishes of the new party elites. Read more

Inspection- Helping Others with Their Otherwise Idiotic Talking Point (“Playing the Race Card”)

by Ken Carman

 I used to be a member of a great debate site called Volconvo where ad hominems and other illegitimate debating tactics could get you kicked off the site. Unfortunately the site Inspectionbecame burdensome to the owner (I’m guessing financially) and was placed on Reddit along with many former independent sites. Now it’s really not much of a debate site at all.
 I wish we could Volconvo-ize America.
 Like Volconvo, what passes for debate these days is also really no debate at all. It’s called “framing:” an overly kind euphemism for “bullying,” “name calling” and ad hominem.”
 But I repeat myself.
 Repeat myself.
 Repeat… Read more

Inspection- Guilt by Accusation

by Ken Carman

 Benghazi, E-mails, even Fast and Furious are politically inconvenient.
 Russia, the Ukraine, Emolument -gate are politically inconvenient.
 There are certainly many differences among the sextet, but the major one is guilt by accusation. Russia connections ended up in The Mueller Report. If you have read that immense document; which is really two documents, it is a meticulous report very evidence-ary in nature. I can imagine Perry Mason and lawyers helped by Bull doing battle in court pulling out cherry picked excerpts, even if just from the heavily redacted version of Mueller’s document, to prove their case.
 If you read memes the right posts, hear their rants, the approach is different. How many years did we have of hearings, testimony? Where are our damning Inspectioninnocence, proving reports that Perry or Bull’s lawyer could use? Instead we go straight from accusation to guilt, but guilt only borne out of political convenience. It is an assumed ‘known fact’ that Hillary and Barack “did nothing.” That they sat back and watched Benghazi happen, even laughed at the carnage. Fast is a ‘proven’ fact: even though it was started under the Bush administration and stopped during Obama. Took too long, but still “stopped.” Hillary’s E-mails are, perhaps, the best example of this: filled with unproven accusations where they hold up 30,000 plus E-mails deleted…. No they don’t. Have you read one bloody E-mail? Seen any proof of a single: non-reclassified after the fact, E-mail proving this?
 It is an accusation: E-mails of a personal nature were deleted, and those E-mails should not have been mixed in with the business of government. This much we agree on. E-mails were probably deleted by staff, rather than Hillary, it’s the only thing that makes sense. A woman as busy as Hillary Clinton with millions of digital conversations simply wouldn’t have the time to sit there and weed out over 30,000 E-mails… OR some automated software did it. (I tend to prefer the former.) Of course going after staff isn’t all that politically convenient: it’s more convenient to paint Hillary as some fang dripping acid maniac with hellish red hot brimstones for visual portals, gleefully risking national security, cackling as she deleted the evidence. Read more

Inspection- Suicide in the Political Wild West

by Ken Carman

 Up until now Democrats have reminded me of Albert Stark in A Million Ways to Die in the West who tried to avoid a gunfight no matter how cowardly his behavior was. Or maybe just some absurd version of what was always a failed cliché: two gunslingers facing each other off, one with a banana instead of a revolver, the other who delights in making the banana guy dance to the tune of Inspectionbullets.
 Such was the nature of confrontations between Republicans; those who dare call themselves “Conservative,” and most Democrats, even some progressives. And some of the dances are so counterproductive, idiotic, unnecessary that such success on the part of those with the actual gun only encourages them shooting more rhetorical bullets. Yet dance Dem leadership did anyway, thinking not confronting, not making them dance too, is a win. It just gives them more power and emboldens them. Read more

Inspection- I Know Trump Well

Getting rid of Trump won’t be as easy as say removing that shovel. Not only because of court packing and those willing to do violence in his name, but there has always been a certain amount of Trump mindset in America. And some of that is in the business community.


by Ken Carman

 As a kid I lived near NYC and was in and out of the city because my father worked on Park. Back then I heard more about Fred, very little about Donald. Nothing good. After I moved away I heard stories about Donnie from old friends, both in the city and barely outside. But I mostly knew him as a guy who did cameos: bad ones. Honestly. The guy can’t act. He can lie, but he can’t act. Hell, he doesn’t even lie well. I tend to believe what a judge said about him: he doesn’t know truth from fiction. He just says whatever is convenient at the moment.
 I’ve never met him. But still: I know him. Read more

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