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For the Media Bernie is the MOST Dangerous Candidate

Written by Mike Gardner

It’s been suggested by Peter Sage and others that the corporate media would cover Bernie wall-to-wall the way they did Trump if Bernie drew as many viewers. I disagree with that statement.

Joe Biden gets loving and affectionate coverage from the corporate media and lots of it. Trump gets massive coverage as well, not as fawning as Joe’s, but very effective, like the attention the bad guy in a pro wrestling match gets (excellent hype). The attention that the two of them together get, sells tickets. Bernie’s coverage by the corporate media is angry and negative. Bernie Sanders is covered like he’s the guy who might wreck their big show. The corporate media has a product to sell and they sure as hell aren’t going to allow Bernie Sanders to take the shine off that.

Sanders really has star quality and millions of voters participate in his rallies. Back in 2015/16 folks just never saw Sanders on TV and he wasn’t given time in the last debate either. The corporate media has other reasons for doing what we call “The Bernie Blackout”. Read more

Inspection- ‘News’ Clown Car in SPACE!

by Ken Carman

 CliffNotes for on the hour ‘news…’
 Shooting in Seattle… 30 seconds at best.
Inspection Debate…. 30 seconds at best.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 3-4 minutes, minimum. Probably more.
 To be more accurate I needed to type ‘Felicity’ many more times but those microscopic carps in my tunnels started to protest. One of God’s tiniest miracles he gives to us old folks: itsy bitsy inside our fingers fish.
 Old man jokes aside, there really is very little that qualifies as ‘news media’ these days, thanks to the deregulation of the media so long ago. CNN maybe, occasionally, but Trump hates them so I’d better obey or he and his cultists will start calling me a names. I’m SO scccccccccccccaaaarrreeedddddd! Read more

Inspection- Don’t Blame Trump

Sic semper tyrannis,” Booth cried.

by Ken Carman

 I should have entitled this, “Don’t JUST Blame Trump,” but got your attention, eh? Chuckle.
Inspection Trump…
 Horrific? Yes. Out of control? Yes. Guilty of crimes beyond impeachable? Yes. The singular sole source of this evil? NO. Not even close.
 Donald Trump and Bill Barr may seem like an evil comedy routine to some: the Laurel and Hardy of politics, only Hardy, played by Barr, was never that smart and duplicitous legally, therefore so evil. Laurel was funny in his cluelessness, never like a spoiled, arrogant brat who must have everything HIS way.
 Barr is probably the ‘best’ hire Trump has done in his pathetic, self centered life: when it comes to letting political criminals escape consequences Barr has experience plus. But Barr, Trump and Republicans couldn’t have become this wrecking ball without all that went before.
 How dare I type any of that? Read more

Inspection- Belaboring Labor Day

Militia (Pinkerton) hired by Andrew Carnegie’s man Henry Frick to do battle with striking workers

P. J. McGuire, Vice President of the American Federation of Labor: often credited as the father of U.S. Labor Day.

by Ken Carman

 The true American tradition is to take holidays and turn them into something they’re not. Christmas is about making money for businesses via Madison Avenue icon Santa Claus. Yes, Santa existed before that, and there is a historical edge to the character, but Santa as we know him now is a Inspectionmarketing tool used by parents to show love via newly acquired possessions known as gifts and hopefully encouraging better behavior.
 Why am I tempted to type, “How’s that working out for ya?” …fully aware my parents might have uttered the same words.
 Easter has some mutant Energizer Bunny who lays eggs, barfs up candy, and then spews them into baskets, or into the grass, behind bushes: all to create such a stampede some parents may wish to be in front of a bull wearing red instead. Here come the kiddos! Parents cry out “Ole!” …or run like a clown in a rodeo.
 And this has to do with rolled rocks, a tomb, and… oh, never mind.
 Labor Day may be one of the most ill-appropriated. Read more

Inspection- Dear Never Trumpers

Dear Never Trumpers,


by Ken Carman

 I think you and the left might agree on one thing, other than “never.” Trump is right: our country has an infestation, but it’s not immigrants. It’s the worst appointments ever, it’s Trump worshipers attending Hitler-like rallies, even wearing shirts asking for his holy touch to lady’s private parts, it’s former Republican critics who now goosestep in time to idiotic barfed up talk points. It’s like they’re part of that alternate, opposite Trek universe where even the tribbles are vicious and evil, and multiplying way too fast.
 Recently I read and wrote about Never Trumper Rick Wilson’s book Everything Trump Touches Dies. Then, listening to Morning Joe, when? Oh, that’s right MORNING! …I realized Never Trumpers are a constituency that may be in for a bigger shock than even the left the morning after the 2020 election.
 I beg whatever God, or gods, there may be: prove me wrong. PLEASE. Read more

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