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Inspection- Count the Votes

 With so many different voting systems…
 With so many different secretary of states, governors, appointees responsible for the integrity of the vote Inspectionwho are too often beyond irresponsible…
 All this, and more, make presidential elections a mess, though if you have control of enough states and can implement election fraud tactics the popular vote may be lost, but not the College.
 Otherwise counting every vote is hard. So many fires to fight with those who don’t want some people to vote, don’t want every vote counted. If the midterm taught us anything; on a state by state basis, corruption is still a problem but fighting to get every vote counted has more of a chance.
 Not that it’s “easy.” Those who know if every vote is counted their side will lose will do all they can to get in the way, including demanding machines be confiscated, refuse to step down when they are in charge of election integrity when they’ve proven they’re actually there to skew the system their way anyway possible.
 I previously wrote that 2018 was no big blue wave, just a substantial ripple. One of those times I love being wrong. My only defense is that was with the vote as it stood just post election night. OK, yes, it was a wave. I still resist “big,” but we shall see, hopefully. More than “hopefully:” WE HAVE TO. Read more

Inspection- A Riple-y Election

 Anyone remember Ripley in Alien, and all the sequels?

 I must admit in my last column I hedged my bets between no blue wave, a ripple and expressed my doubts about a big blue wave. My suspicion was “ripple.” OK, I was right: it was a ripple. Not a horrible, weak one, but maybe not one of as much consequence as we might assume. We have the House… sort of. The new House will be checked by the new Senate and, of course, Trump. Pelosi will be an Inspectioneven bigger foil. The less than un-creative, overly simplistic, 12 year old bully-based name calling will increase. Republicans will fall in line, especially now most of the Republicans who tried to show they had an ounce of ethics are gone. How brave. Don’t run for reelection then stand up for what’s right against one who obviously has no ethics.
 Not surprising. Please remember there’s a long history of disciplined Republican loyalty to the point of goosestepping and going over to the dark side when it’s politically convenient. And it’s almost ALWAYS “politically convenient.” Read more

Inspection- Poll Dancing, Poll Taxing

I have read and heard so many explanations for why the polls never quite come up to snuff, an odd phrase at best that dates back to tobacco usage. And perhaps that’s apt: we keep relying on old models and ignore how they have been corrupted. Intentionally corrupted. Intentionally corrupted: poisoned if you wish like a tobacco addict poisons himself.
Inspection This is important, especially if the blue wave is a mere ripple after Tuesday, or the undertow takes us away to drown us in the depths of autocracy, plutocracy, oligarchy, and/or fascism. For without a strong check on the one party pushing for a one party system: with the mere facade of two, that is what we will surely have… abandoning what little freedom that came from what our forefathers gave us. Read more

Inspection- Taking a Turner for the Worse

The bad news is I have had to write using this theme many times. The worse news is I am sure I will use it again. For those unfamiliar; The Turner Diaries were basically Timothy McVeigh’s bible. The set up for what was once were mostly just dangerous fictional musings regarding a revolution; led by those who made Hitler look kind, seem to be becoming all too real.Inspection
 Skipping to the end of Turner tells you all you need to know about the goals of the revolutionaries: once they have won their very right wing revolution the infirm, those considered “diseased,” every black, Hispanic, non-white, non-fundamentalist Christian and their ‘damaged’ children are lined up and hanged, shot, butchered to make the country pure ‘again.’ The means of winning is small revolutionary cells that break into tiny cells of one or two that bomb, commit murder by any means, and terrorize. Sometimes it’s like the current pipe bombs used (Suspect: Cesar Jr.), sometimes it’s destroying infrastructure, creating division by any means; but always the intent is to clear the path for the new order, to conquer, to rule the nation. And while the movement is expressly White Nationalist, like all extreme fascists I have no doubt it would go way beyond the book and seek world domination. Read more

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