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Inspection-Of Hillary, Hyperbole and Melodrama

by Ken Carman

 The election carnival was over, the eight year presidential carnival was about to start. It’s closing in on 16 years since Bush II got up on the platform and the ritual, yet limited, dunking began…
  It has to be as pleasurable conundrum. After 8 years mostly in power and some very limited dunkings, now almost 8 somewhat out, they’ve been having so much more fun! Despite the Affordable Care Act… OK: “Obamacare” or “Romneycare…” whatever way we wish to spin it… they absolutely have managed, for the most part, to do exactly what they have always wanted: make damn sure government does nothing. Read more

Inspection- GAG

Ken  Who do some “free enterprise” folks think they’re kidding? Of course the constant spin is if that damn gov-vern-ment would just get out of the way the market would regulate itself so well puppies would never die, Jesus would be uncrucified, rain, snow, sleet would turn into peaches and cream that conveniently plops into single serve bowls.
  Yeah, that was sarcasm. Read more

The Bank of Canada is warning people to stop drawing Spock on their money

spocknote-1Canadians are paying a strange sort of tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy — they’re drawing his most famous character, Spock from “Star Trek,” over a 19th-century politician on their banknotes.

Nimoy died on Friday, and he got a variety of tributes, not least from US President Barack Obama. But few are weirder than the drawings of Spock on Canadian banknotes. It has become known as “Spocking.”

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Inspection- Big Brother and The Hound: 2015

Ken  I’ve been sidelined for a while due to an operation: unable to walk, or move much. So, TV and internet it is. I keep waking up, after sleeping in one chair, my feet propped up in front of late night TV. At one point I couldn’t sleep and the only thing on was NewsMax and what was supposed to be archival clips of Hitler.
  Yes, I know what “NewsMax” is. But it was very, very early morning: about 3am, and I figured this was filler programming. Besides, what could one do to archive footage?
  How wrong I was.
  Having worked with sound as much as I have I readily recognized someone had used different programs in an attempt to make the voiceovers sound authentic for the era: mic modeling essentially combined with probable EQ adjust and environment simulation… except they skipped an all important point. Logically, the voiceovers should have included a script written in the present tense, not as if they’re narrating something that happened long ago. And referencing conservative talking points being used now, as if they were phrased exactly that way back then, or even in the 60s when I was a conservative? Bad idea. Very revealing.
ῸIt was, essentially, a con job. Both meanings intended. A con job that failed because it was trying to frame the past using present rhetorical talking points. But I understand: after the Clinton nonsense it’s been pretty damn obvious too many partisans suffer from a horrible affliction called, “Is-itis,” where they have no idea what tense “is is:” or pretend not to understand when it serves their political narrative.
  There are many controversies we can present to show just how broken our national narrative is. Here are two… Read more

Inspection- Setting Us Up for the Another 9/11

Ken  The alarm goes off, Barack Obama looks at the clock radio, and realizes it’s Groundhog Day again…
  Each day, every week, month after month, the character assassination continues. Anything he does serves that purpose. The topic hardly matters anymore. Whether Benghazi, the Affordable Care Act, or even saluting with a cup of coffee in the other hand; the singular intent here is to distract the nation: distract so nothing important gets done. Everything couched in Watergate rhetoric: what did he know, when did he know it…
  But this isn’t unusual. This isn’t Barack Obama specific, though both the left and the right act like it is. We’ve been here before. Read more

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