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Inspection-A Smart Person’s Guide to a Few of the Latest Idiotic Talking Points

Coal and Carbon

by Ken Carman

 The talk show topic: the new EPA rules, carbon and coal.
 The talking point: “Well it won’t make a difference. The Chinese will just buy the coal and the pollution will be just as bad.”
 OK, there’s an element of truth here for sure. China is certainly not the best neighbor on the globe, and pollutants do travel on distant winds. But let’s take the specifics out of the mix for the moment…
 Why does this remind me of some kid saying to his parents, “But my friend Dean doesn’t have to eat his spinach!”
 Maybe Dean should be eating his spinach, but that’s beside the point. If eating spinach is good for junior, then he should be eating it. How permissive Dean’s parents are is beside the point.
 And if cutting down on carbon is good, no matter what China is doing, we should be doing that.

At the Point of a Rhetorically Empty Gun
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Inspection- Getting a Charge Out of the Sun

 This column was inspired by a Thom Hartmann program that featured a spokesperson from SAE Group talking about solar power

by Ken Carman

 I am a supporter of solar, and having a house off the grid in the Adirondacks I know it’s not as “far in the future” as some would like to insist. Indeed we should have more of it now by now in this country, at least as supplemental power.
 It’s not just some “tree hugger’s” radical left wing fantasy. And those who just say solar is far ahead in the future always make me suspicious: for that is the best way to make damn sure it’s far in the future, if not kill it entirely.
 Yet, when it comes to solar I find discussions that are less cynical of solar often equally disappointing and bothersome. Read more

Inspection- Memorial Day

 The lyrics at the end are one verse from a song I wrote for my mother who died when I was young. But it very well could be used by those who have lost love ones in war, serving the country, or trying to make it better. Their spirits will always be with us, inside and how we see the world around us. Though few may remember, they made a difference.

by Ken Carman

 I never went to Nam. I was draft-able for a year, but my number never came up. I probably would have had a desk job at best: due to an accident when I was a kid. I’m missing part of my left foot. But, considering my politics at the time I would have gone.
 Yes, people change, and they don’t necessarily become more conservative, or liberal, or more anything. Life just changes us. I have always felt those who claim they haven’t changed are either lying to themselves, or are missing something in the maturity department. For pretty much by definition life is a learning process. You don’t learn, you don’t mature.
 I used to perform Memorial Days at some campground when I was on the road and I was touring more. When the show was over I would often go to a graveyard and sing songs I’d written over the years to the veterans, and other folks who were there. They’re a great audience, and having worked part way through school in cemeteries I still find cemeteries peaceful places. There’s one specifically I used to enjoy in the Berkshires near Chester that overlooks the mountains off of a very curvy filled part of route 20. Below that: Walker Family Campground. I performed there many, many times.
 Memorial Day, of course, is for honoring our vets, alive and gone. Read more

Inspection- Brain Damage Served Up ala’ Rove

“OK, we’ll have a side order of bipolar, a big heaping pile of paranoia slathered with Obsessive-Compulsive behavior sauce, and for desert… schizophrenia with extra anxiety nuts.”

by Ken Carman

  Immediately I heard some folks on the left respond to Mr. Rove’s comments about Hillary with the typical come back both sides use, which in this case amounted to, “Yeah, well you’re ‘brain damaged.’”
 Such comebacks usually translate into, “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.”
  Karl Rove, in my unprofessional opinion, is not mentally ill, or “damaged” in the same sense he insinuated Hillary was. And let’s be honest here: he insinuated. There is a difference: much of what Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy said and did can be classified as racism, or the opposite of being a true patriot. What Rove said, and does: far more insidious. But let’s be honest again: the job Rove does sort of requires such of political operatives, Karl’s just quite talented in that regard. This time, however, he screwed up… almost as bad as he screwed up insisting the tide was going to turn after the second time votes were supposed to be funneled out of state to a server, like 04 and Tennessee.
 Three cheers for Anonymous. Having been involved in that campaign and when the votes came back “washed” after being funneled off to Tennessee, it was obvious what had happened. And Karl’s surprise, his insistence that the tide would turn, was damn near a guilty plea, in my opinion.
 Brain damaged? Nah, I doubt it. But if we’re talking about Karl being a sociopath, well, that’s another conversation. Rove’s main sociopath-like talents are at starting such whisper campaigns, smearing folks and destroying their reputations. Kind of like Don Siegelman, or Valerie Plame. Read more

Inspection- Joe McCarthy Lives! Re: Darrell Issa

by Ken Carman

 Am I being unfair to Joe? I mean Joe used to at least ask leading questions like, “Are you now, or have you ever been…” The target was expected to trip themselves up and that provided the “proof” of their crimes, or pleading the 5th.
  Except doing all he could to make sure Lois Lerner pleaded the 5th: accepting no compromise, the recent report issued by Issa proves he believes he doesn’t have to bother with all that. In fact: coward that he is, this King of Investigating anything Obama, or Clinton, goes out of his way to issue the type of “report” that doesn’t have to be vetted by anyone, especially not members of the other party on his committee. He has to provide no proof before he issues his paper-based fatwah. The King also goes out of his way to demand only the information that he can use to falsely charge the IRS: and by proxy the administration, with targeting only right wing, tea bag, groups… intentionally avoiding the fact that other groups were “targeted,” and that “targeted” is itself a loaded term.
  I’m waiting for the convoluted reasoning that makes the point Hillary will be to blame too. Read more

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