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Inspection- Counting My Life in Collie Years

We’ve had so many collies, “collie years” seems apt, though “dog years” would work as well.
For my birthday I would like to honor someone we’ve lost we loved dearly. I started writing this almost a year ago, and then returned to it the day after our collie, Frankincense, died. Looking for my usual commentary? Yes, I’ll be commenting on how we handle death as a society. But there are also a few stories to tell. Each and every dog I have had has had something to teach me, something to say about the times we live in and how we value the lives of others. And, sometimes, they certainly seemed wiser and more understanding than some humans I have known.

by Ken Carman

 Last time we were in this very dark, difficult place, I was on the road and my wife had to make the decision, be there, see life flee from Terhune the collie’s eyes. This time I had to make the difficult decision: watch as they inserted the needle, watch as he faded into nothingness… or wherever dogs go. I’m hoping we all go the same place, if we “go” anywhere at all.
 When I first started to write this, almost a year ago, I was looking at Frankincense, our 14 to 15 year old collie: a true, tri-color collie in the rough, who was laying on the floor next to me, as I typed another column. Frankincense was our fifth collie: one of three from collie rescues. A year ago I knew his time was a lot shorter than it was long, kind of like mine. Only collies rarely even live to 14, and if the vet who assessed him after we picked him up from collie rescue was right he was probably 16, closing in on 17. Read more

Inspection- A Sociopathic Society

by Ken Carman

  I have argued with the defenders of the killers of Trayvon and Jordan: I know their arguments well. I will not counter them, not because I can’t, but because something else needs to be said here: something everyone seems to be missing.
  If these folks really felt threatened and were simply defending themselves, I find it odd they behave the way they do after. If I, and hopefully you, had taken a life we’d be questioning ourselves. Even in the most obvious times when we must decide to end a life, whether it be self defense, abortion, or choosing the end instead of a slightly longer lifetime of horrible pain and the mind going: the final decision is filled with regrets and what ifs. Read more

Inspection- Of Beer and Government Supported Monopolies

 This week’s Inspection was also shared under the title Brew Biz: Werts and All another column I write. Brew Biz can be found here.

by Ken Carman

  Today’s corporate beer adventure courtesy UPS… and also includes a commentary on the increasingly corporate culture of The United States of America.
  I used to work for a record company as a shipping and receiving manager and quality control. At the time the boxes would come in like Godzilla had kicked them around, but the contents were usually OK. My cousin, Joyce, who used to work for UPS told me the old conveyer system would to do that. While I was there our UPS man and I talked a lot. He’d fume about how anal they were: how every little thing had to be just so, despite banged up boxes. Now I believe him more than ever. Read more

Inspection- Go for it, Republicans!

by Ken Carman

 Republicans, please follow the lead of Rand Paul. Please? You have so many “great” examples to follow!
 Indeed I do hope in 2016, if Hillary runs, all the Right’s noise machine is focused on calling Bill Clinton a predator and blaming his wife for his, admittedly problematic, actions, um… how many years ago?
  Please get just as rape-y and “slut” calling as you have been too. Remember; wives can never be raped and if a woman is raped they can’t get pregnant: stick to your, oh, so “great,” talking points. Close down a bridge or two. Go after the gays even more. Scream at those who ask you inconvenient questions and threaten to break them in half, throw them off balconies. In fact I recommend that last one during debates with your Democratic opponent.
 More! More! More! Read more

Inspection- Who Has Less of a Right to Free Speech?

by Ken Carman

 The current case in the Supreme Court has me pondering an important question that seems quite pertinent these days.
  “Who has less of a right to free speech?”
  The case is about buffer zones around abortion clinics. If the Pro-Life side wins: none. If the Pro-Choice side wins: some. I have a different take on this: apparently the oxymoron, “free speech zone,” is perfectly acceptable during political conventions. “Perfectly acceptable” even if that zone is miles away, not just 30 some odd feet. So why do the protesters at Pro-life events have a “right” to be right in the face of those who enter, but during conventions protesters don’t? Read more

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