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Inspection- Claims are NOT “Proof”

by Ken Carman

It would seem a simple concept, and I suspect those who push it know that. They just have the mistaken, rather simplistic, idea that those they disagree with must be simpletons.Inspection Which of course is a conceptualization worthy of a simpleton, but now we’ve come around full circle, haven’t we?
 ”Yes, smart people of all ideological flavors too often view those who disagree with them in simplistic ways,” saith the cannibal with a boiling pot full of partisan nuts.
 The show: Thom Hartmann.
 The caller was challenging Thom on his claim about a lack of Iraqi WMDs. He… claimed… to have been to Iraq. He… claimed… to have been there when massive amounts of WMDs were found. When Thom balked at that the caller bounced with a tactic I have encountered many, many times on debate sites and Facebook… Read more

Inspection- The Immense Power of the Asshole

by Ken Carman

Inspection Are we underestimating the asshole factor? In a country started by a lot of brave people running from a-holes, but maybe at least as many people who headed across the Atlantic because they wanted their “God given right” to be the biggest a-holes around, have we underestimated Trump’s drawing power? With a history of lynchings, whippings, burnings of inconvenient women, masters who delighted in the worse aspects of slavery, prison wardens who used used to be slave owners renewing their abusive nature with gusto on former slaves, business owners and clergy who delight in declaring Jesus empowers them to teach, preach and enforce hate, just what exactly is the a-hole factor among Americans. Is it as high as 1 to 10, to 5, to 3? Read more

Inspection- There is No “If Only…”

by Ken Carman

 Anyone claiming that Hillary, and/or her campaign, have made no mistakes would be foolish; not only because even she has admitted she has made Inspection mistakes, but I suspect there has never been a campaign, a war, or any human activity minus a mistake, or two, or three or…
 God knows Donald, and his campaign, have made no mistakes except… do I really have to list them?
 In fact the ease with which Hillary, and her campaign, admit to mistakes could possibly be the biggest mistake being made this election. I guessing the concept here has been to admit and move on, even if there really was no mistake. I don’t think the concept is working, but I do believe that could be the concept.
  One example is her apology for her negative comments regarding some, not all, Trump supporters. Read more

Inspection- Dear President Hillary

by Ken Carman

 OK, Madame Maybe President, I understand I am jumping the gun, the shark, Bullwinkling the Moose, oh, let’s just say, “Getting ahead of myself.” But, despite polls, unless Trump can get a hell of a lot more women, hispanics, blacks; or his minions can cage a one gigunda, billions of garbanzos worth, of non-Trump voters, It Will be AMAZING Man is going down.Inspection
 I could be wrong. I was… once.
 I suggest your first act, like Teddy Roosevelt did in his time for other businesses, should be to do whatever you can to facilitate breaking up the media. Read more

Distrust of 2016’s Hackable Election Is a Media Landslide With Just One Solution: Hand-Counted Paper Ballots

Andre Witcher, of Detroit, casts his ballot at the Wayne County Community College Northwest Campus. (photo: AP)

Reader Supported News is the Publication of Origin for this work. Permission to republish is freely granted with credit and a link back to Reader Supported News.

By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, Reader Supported News

07 September 16


inally, the major for-profit media is approaching consensus that it’s easy to hack U.S. political elections. Even candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are raising unprecedented doubts – from very different directions – about the reliability of the upcoming vote count.

Ultimately, there is just one solution: universal hand-counted paper ballots, with carefully protected voter registration rolls, and a transparent chain of custody.

The corporate media and the Democrats are obsessed with the “Russians.” Donald Trump rants about a mythological army of voters voting multiple times. Read more

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