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Inspection- A Few Post Election Day Hangover Observations

by Ken Carman

 After a bad night, when you had a bit too much, you know the next day you want nothing of it. You certainly don’t want to jump Inspectionright back into that political assumption tub you had been bathing in, wishing it was all over for many days. Once everything goes south the hangover can be really nasty…
 I started typing this before I heard what all the pundits and talking heads said. It’s midday, after election day, and I still won’t listen. I don’t want their claims to cloud my own perceptions, at least not yet. Am I utterly surprised in a country where “news” and entertainment have been mixed into one mess of news-less, partisan speculation… where entertainment that humiliates fellow citizens… where humorless programming tries to for me to laugh with annoying laugh tracks… that today is what it is? Read more

Inspection- Political Correctness Cuts Both Ways


by Ken Carman

 We have lived near the unincorporated village of Scottsboro since 1980. At the intersection of Ashland City Highway and Old Hickory there was not much more than a very small grocery store when we first moved here. Then Bradford Lewis built Lewis Country Store; combination truck stop and InspectionCracker Barrel-like. We’ve enjoyed the to go breakfast sandwiches and the gun collection, which included a Colt revolver rifle: one of my collection goals. The gas prices compete well with local Nashville prices, and there’s often music being played on the front porch.
 Mr. Lewis is, apparently, more the right side of the political scale. He also just lost his contract with Shell. The reason why says a lot about how we argue politics these days, and attitudes. Read more

Inspection- Hulk Smash v. Status Quo

by Ken Carman

 I think it started during the Johnson/Goldwater campaign, and I am absolutely willing to admit it was the Democratic side who started it on a national level with the little girl, the bomb and fear mongering. But there must be a caveat here: Inspection I wasn’t as politically cognizant during the 60 Kennedy/Nixon campaigns.
 Previous to that was such a different time we know less than we should about those campaigns. History teachers rarely cover the fact that Eisenhower ran on a peace platform and why he did that compared to more current Republican campaigns, or why Franklin went from the far more conservative Democrat that he had been as governor to the far more liberal president he became. Then we have how we went from less than pro-corporate Roosevelt to Clinton and Obama who were all about “free” trade and enabling corporate power. Read more

Inspection- That $#@! Political On/Off, Either/Or, Switch

 This edition has been written in as non-partisan way as possible because I believe having an actual, decent, representative form of governance should go far beyond party or political skew.

by Ken Carman

 Let’s start here: I am not trying to “shame” anybody into voting for anyone. Do whatever the hell you want: that’s the freedom we’re supposed to have.
 Our forefathers were wise… in some ways. Arguably not as much on others? (3/5ths?) Inspection They were not all that fond of political parties, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find most of them being strongly in favor of as much of a pure two party system as we have these days.
 What our close to pure two party system has developed into, essentially, is an on off switch, or if you prefer, “an either/or switch.” I willingly admit, sometimes, there’s not a hell of a lot of difference between “either,” or “or.”
 Stare as hard as you want, refuse to use it, an on/off switch will still be an on/off switch. Try to force it to be something else and the results could be even worse. And, these days, it’s intentionally set at either “stupid” or more “stupid:” as in using base emotions like fear, hate to win via smearing the other side. It really not able to to work well via respect, love, or honest debate and discussion. Like any switch it’s generally thoughtless, brainless and only “works,” if one can call it that, via manipulation.
 It’s convenient in the sense that the switch does only one thing: the job those who belong to those two clubs of exclusivity desire. But it doesn’t work all that well for those who have to live with the results. Read more

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