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Inspection- John McCain Proves There IS No “Liberal Media”

by Ken Carman

 Let’s start with some former Dem candidates who lost: Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis, John Kerry; and then ask… how many of these folks have gotten anywhere near the coverage John McCain has?
  Answer: not one.
  Every time there’s a debatable issue the media needs to get expert opinion on, let’s say military related before Kerry replaced Hillary, do they go with the guy who was shot down and spent most of his time in prison, or the other war “hero?”
  Nope, they go with John McCain: damn near every time.
  Do they attempt to balance him out with someone from the left?
  Damn near never.
  Issues of State, do they go with the recently retired lady from the Obama administration?
  Nope, or anyone else for the most part. It’s like were stuck on some retirement home-only episode trashed by Matt Groening as unworthy to air, starring who? John McCain. Read more

Inspection- Making Things Worse: Intentionally

True patriotism means advocating what’s best for the country. It means working with those who disagree even though you may not get what you want. On this 4th I wonder if those who wrap themselves in the flag might be the opposite by wishing more ill on their country for profit and political gain.-kwc

by Ken Carman

 I’ve come to the conclusion the long term goal of much of the right is to make things worse, then offer “solutions” that make matters even worse than worse.

 ”Don’t bother rinsing. We want all that fecal matter all over everyone. In fact there’s not enough. Stand still while we repeat.”

 And the black water hose, under increasing pressure, opens up again.
 Example: guns. OK, you believe, of all the amendments, that this one, you know: the one that has this clause with the modifying words, “well regulated?” …that this amendment actually means “no regulation whatsoever.” But who in the hell in their right mind would suggest that if an entire theater had been filled with gun packing citizens, with no mandatory training, that this armor wearing, terrorist would have been taken down, and no other lives lost? Who in their right (sic) mind would be crazy enough to believe that a dark, noisy, theater would be better off with citizens taking pot shots at where they thought the danger was coming from?
 Yes, “terrorist.” I know the right doesn’t like that applied to anyone other than Muslims, or oddly: environmentalists who might hug a tree or two in protest. We’ll get to that in a second. Read more

Inspection- Our Media is Driving Us Mad

by Ken Carman

 Our media is literally driving us mad.
  I can hear it now…
  “You mean the liberal media? …the right wing media? …media owned by big biz?”
  No, just “the media.”
  The fact I even have to go where I have to go next shows the sickness our media has infected society with. But if I had to blame one side or the other, yes, I would blame the right: but not for the reason you might think, or as much as some on the left would demand. And not “blame” because there’s any specific skew: you can’t have media without at least some skew because humans have opinions, prejudices, points of views and directions they prefer to look. Reporters have editors and program directors, editors and program directors have bosses, bosses have owners and influences, and demands, don’t stop there.
  Yes: there always will be some “skew.”
  No, the reason a lot of the blame is pointed at the right is their insistence, years ago, on dismantling objectivity. I remember the arguments I had quite well, on debating sites, in the classroom: everywhere. Mostly “arguments” with folks on the right, but some on the left bought this “all or nothing” nonsense.
  I remember the blank stares I’d get when I’d respond to a supposed “logical” debating point… Read more

Inspection- A Turn-er for the Worse?

by Ken Carman

  The raw sore that is the recent shooting in Las Vegas reminded me of a column I wrote a while back. I tied together what I keep getting told not to tie together, but I shall continue to do so. We need, at a bare minimum, to be aware there may be a bigger picture we’re missing in the recent mini-massacre.
 The only reason it didn’t turn into less than “mini” is authorities arrived too soon for plans, and were too clever: Jerad and Amanda Miller had had hundreds of rounds of ammunition with them. Imagine if all it really did take was “a good guy with a gun.” But this proves it often takes more than that. This time we had two of them.
 With a very sad emphasis on “had.”
  To review, after a couple dropped off their cats at a friend’s so they would be taken care of they went into a restaurant and murdered two cops: armed professionals. Unlike too many armed Americans, the two policemen had training: but to no avail. Their training with weapons still didn’t save them. Then the couple ran to a WalMart and murdered a bystander. Eventually the couple committed suicide. They had obviously been anti-government types who, rumor has it, spent some time with the crew “defending” Bundy’s “right” not to pay taxes, and his “right” to not recognize the federal government. They also added a swastika and a Don’t Tread flag to the murder scene: flag draped over a murdered policeman.
 Meanwhile Indiana seems interested in making it easier for citizens to kill cops. More on that later.
  Once again we will be told this is just two people and that certainly other anti-government groups, or anti-government talking heads, had “nothing” to do with any of this no matter how suggestive, how encouraging, or aggressive their rhetoric may have been. We will be lectured that this is a case of personal responsibility and asked why we insist on blaming others… disregarding the fact that “personal responsibility” is exactly what many of those who use these talking points are trying to avoid like the plague.
 To address them directly, if you’re so damn sure words mean nothing, have no affect, then why don’t you shut the hell up?
 Of course you won’t. I don’t expect you to. I wouldn’t insist you do. But your own insistence on mouthing off all the time, trying to influence others, means you don’t mean this crappy talking point that what you spew can’t translate into something you might be partially responsible for. Words have affect, and people should be held responsible for what they say. Otherwise some of the worst, most evil, humans in history would mostly blameless.
 However leaving those who talk up hate blameless is certainly a talking point that can encourage others to go on the rampage, much like any cheerleader encourages others…
 Hmm… Sean, Rush and Bill in skimpy cheerleader outfits. There’s a picture I wish I won’t have trouble getting out of my head.
  But, you know, maybe they have a point if part of what they really mean there’s a bigger picture here… Read more

Inspection-A Smart Person’s Guide to a Few of the Latest Idiotic Talking Points

Coal and Carbon

by Ken Carman

 The talk show topic: the new EPA rules, carbon and coal.
 The talking point: “Well it won’t make a difference. The Chinese will just buy the coal and the pollution will be just as bad.”
 OK, there’s an element of truth here for sure. China is certainly not the best neighbor on the globe, and pollutants do travel on distant winds. But let’s take the specifics out of the mix for the moment…
 Why does this remind me of some kid saying to his parents, “But my friend Dean doesn’t have to eat his spinach!”
 Maybe Dean should be eating his spinach, but that’s beside the point. If eating spinach is good for junior, then he should be eating it. How permissive Dean’s parents are is beside the point.
 And if cutting down on carbon is good, no matter what China is doing, we should be doing that.

At the Point of a Rhetorically Empty Gun
Read more

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