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Inspection- The Next 9/11

by Ken Carman

 For a number of years I was good friends with Bartcop, internet political barfly, fellow wiseguy and pain in the digital buttskis of right wing cranks. His blog started as a rant about Limbaugh and expanded from Inspectionthere into He would post my columns from time to time, we agreed a lot, and we would also argue from time to time; like about who screwed up more: Gore or Kerry. Not the results of said screw up after the fact, just who should have known better. It was always a respectable exchange, though I seriously doubt either of us changed the other.
 In case you’re curious, my answer was Kerry: he who turned his swift boat around and ran despite his VP pick, Edwards, saying we should take the time necessary to count all the votes. Gore; as bungled as the effort may have been, took it to the Supremes when none of us knew in advance just how bad this damn son of… an ex-president… would be.
 How wrong so many of us were. But who was to predict 9/11, other than all the warnings they got we didn’t know about before the crash?
 Bart had a saying he used often, and rephrased frequently to suit the topic. So I feel no guilt in rephrasing it again for my friend who passed on a few years ago. It kind of goes like this…

“Once a company (or politician) benefits from a ‘mistake,’ you know that ‘mistake’ will be made again.”

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Inspection- Count the Provisional Ballots

by Ken Carman

 Since we are going to do this, why not count the provisional ballots?
Inspection Please don’t just dump them in with the other ballots. It would be best for the nation if we find out the difference between what was counted and what wasn’t. It also would be important to find out why those voters were rejected for regular ballots. Did they have no ID, insufficient ID for whatever the local standard was? What is the “local standard?”
 I understand the job is big enough as it is, but for the good of the nation we need to find out just what the cost of rejecting voters for regular ballots is. And, of course, if they were counted, we need to know that too. Read more

Inspection- No One Has to “Get Over It”

by Ken Carman

 I am blessed with a friend who enjoys my writing and quotes me more than most on social media. After writing a column for over 40 years I suppose it’s not that unusual. He’s been with me since the early days and we argued a lot. Over time Inspectionmy politics; like a gentle slide on ice skates, have slowly glided more his way; though it had little to do with anything he said to me.
 I posted a meme he had made that referred to the nastiness of the campaign this year. He used a picture of both Hillary and Donald and my quote. Under it another friend posted the comment, “Get over it, Ken. Hillary has.”
 Of course I pointed out to him the meme feature pictures of both of them and it was meant as an overall comment about the nastiness of campaigns, not some piss-off-ed-ness over the election. Then I also pointed out I don’t let Hillary decide how I feel and that I don’t take orders from him, nor should he take orders from me.
 But, since he brought up the topic, let’s examine it fairly, OK? Read more

Inspection- An Open Letter to Trumpsters

Dear Trumpsters,

by Ken Carman

 Let’s say roles were reversed, what would you support from the left? Would you get on Facebook and say everybody should be nice now? Funny, most of you didn’t before, and certainly weren’t “nice.” What if the Senate and/or the House had gone the other way? Or Hillary had won. Or…
Inspection Shall we play role reversal? Yup, we shall! For 500, let’s have Caucus Room Conspiracy!
 Let’s say on inauguration day Dem leaders meet and promise to block everything, and anything, President Trump tries to do: even if it’s for the good of the nation and both sides want it. Promise not to allow any of it to even come up for a vote. Would you support their right to do that? You wouldn’t call them traitors, take no action against them? Say, “Well, are they supposed to just bend over and take it?” like several cons have said to me regarding damn near anything Obama tried to achieve? Read more

Inspection- A Few Post Election Day Hangover Observations

by Ken Carman

 After a bad night, when you had a bit too much, you know the next day you want nothing of it. You certainly don’t want to jump Inspectionright back into that political assumption tub you had been bathing in, wishing it was all over for many days. Once everything goes south the hangover can be really nasty…
 I started typing this before I heard what all the pundits and talking heads said. It’s midday, after election day, and I still won’t listen. I don’t want their claims to cloud my own perceptions, at least not yet. Am I utterly surprised in a country where “news” and entertainment have been mixed into one mess of news-less, partisan speculation… where entertainment that humiliates fellow citizens… where humorless programming tries to for me to laugh with annoying laugh tracks… that today is what it is? Read more

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