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Inspection- Boo!

Lucky you! Next week’s Inspection arrives early with a truly frightening big Halloween boo!

by Ken Carman

 While ghouls, goblins and kids in Ebola costumes gather their riches, could gas companies, politicians and religious fanatics be plotting to gather even bigger “heavenly” rewards?
 Maybe, but hey! Joy of all joys! Gas prices have plummeted! Yet shouldn’t this raise as many questions as the higher prices?
 Look, I get enjoying lower gas prices. As the Bush II era progressed my business started to enter the danger zone due to rising gas prices. Luckily it survived due to a local contract, but I know all too well how high priced gas can devastate small business. I’ve heard, and never really believed, all the lame excuses, the most current and frequent being “speculators.”
 OK, if so, and I have my doubts, wouldn’t out of control speculators make a damn good case for regulations and enforcement? Want to bet if pols actually pushed that (fat chance) prices would drop? Read more

Inspection- “What Do You Think?”

  You may be surprised if you have never met me. Despite writing an opinion column since 1972, in real life I tend to listen and observe, and rarely rant at others: especially those I don’t know. I often seek points of agreement: especially if I think we disagree a lot.
  And if you think I believe anything I ever write here is “gospel,” well, I don’t. Never have.
  Anyone who believes that of anything they say or write is an arrogant idiot and a dangerous fool.
  Hey, I tend to be a relativist: that’s probably the best I can do, with the emphasis on “probably.”
  To me how we interact, if we meet in person, on the phone, or even if you respond to one of my columns, is usually far more important than anything I believe. Though, like anyone, I won’t take abuse or false accusations.
  Hence this edition of Inspection

by Ken Carman

  Does “free speech” mean “free to offend?”
  Does “free speech” mean “free to say anything without consequences?”
  Hell, no. While it may mean, most of the time, the government shouldn’t do anything… though try to tell the cop that the day you make an obscene gesture at him as you call him a “^%$#@ pig…” Free speech doesn’t protect you from being kicked out of a family, losing friends, a lifetime of angst regarding all you lost due to attitude, or loneliness. Nor does it prevent you from losing job after job due to that attitude, or from being the kind of idiot who blames everyone who dares to disagree with you.
  For the rest of us I have an idea that may help. It’s actually not a “new” idea. Indeed it used to be quite common. Such a small thing, but if we brought it back I believe a lot “bad” could change for the better.
  Here it is… Read more

Inspection- Most Economic Talking Points are a Load of…

by Ken Carman

Talking Point #1: The rich and big business owners are the job creators.
Talking Point #2: The poor are job creators.
Talking Point #3: The market regulates itself.
Talking Point #4: Government regulation will solve it.

 …the rest I will deal with as I type
 Instead of these talking points pushed by left, right, and the vast 4 dimensional space rarely talked about between, I will offer two simple words:… Read more

Ricki Scott, Scumbag, Dumps Dog After Election?


As one of two editors here at OEN I can get stubborn, though my cousin Joyce probably doesn’t know that.



This is one of those cases. I just heard a news story about Rick Scott who, in a previous election, adopted a dog. He even called it “Reagan,” after you know who. As soon as the election was over he un-adopted the dog, dumping it right back where he got it. This is as much as I know. Why? Because I PLANNED on providing a short fair usage-based blurb, a link and letting the reader decide. Unfortunately EVERY site I tried to source via Google made my computer crash. These were not weird, obscure, sites: more like politico, NYDaily News, etc.

Every site?



This will be Facebooked. Make up your own mind regarding any of this. As I said: I get stubborn.

I am well aware of hacking of web sites and Wiki by partisan trolls who don’t want anything that puts their candidates in a bad light, and I can’t think of any reason why every site with only THIS story would cause a crash. These trolls are a loathsome breed who are freedom hating, hate-filled, traitors: no matter what their partisan skew. They belong in prison.

This isn’t a left/right thing. This is a response I feel is necessary “just in case” no matter who might do these kinds of things. So feel free to research it yourself, decide for yourself as to the story and/or my suspicions: just be cautious.


If what I suspect is true, here’s my response to Rick and his fascist trolls…


Inspection- I am NOT Afraid, I AM Afraid

by Ken Carman

 I am no more afraid of Muslims than I am of Christians or Atheists.
  I am NOT afraid.
  I AM afraid of extreme fundamentalists: Muslim, Christian or other. When you’re so damn sure you’re right so you’re willing to commit murder via planes or…
  …public: via on camera, beheadings or…
  …bomb gay clubs or clinics, a day care in a public building or…
  …shoot medical personnel or…
  …murder someone you believe might be “possessed,” or a witch, or Unitarians or other faiths which offend you in some way…
  Hell, yes, I’m “afraid.”
  And… Read more

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