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Inspection- The Independent Convention: A Proposal

by Ken Carman

 Every four years we suffer from the same #%$! two party primaries, the same two party caucuses, the same two party conventions.
Inspection I am no fan of conventions. My wife’s parents were on the other side of the political equation. The first time we visited during convention time we were warned not to watch “our” convention. But after I stated I would never watch either convention; likening them both to big, silly, parties for big kids who never grew up, it was no longer an issue. I didn’t add that they’re pointless: who wins; no matter which party, has pretty much been fixed before each convention since before I was born.
 But, if we must have them… Read more

Inspection- If/Then and Now

Orlando, Trump, Hillary, Bernie… anyone else overwhelmed, while also being more than a tad tired of it all? It’s all so predictable: radicalized anti-gay loner shoots up club, Obama speaks, “He’s going to take our guns!” Trump tweets how right he was. Another guy caught with guns heading towards a club is stopped… little said about who he is, or why.
 Let’s take a break! Hey, as with most editions of Inspection, I will still touch upon, “What’s Goin On,” to quote Marvin.

by Ken Carman

  Last Sunday, on the way the InspectionNashville off Broadway performance of If/Then, Millie and I had a flat tire. Hot, scorching sun, thick humidity; luckily we found some shade.
 Me; with my right arm damaged by surgery and barely workable…
 Her; without the strength to jack…
 Together, somehow, we managed to change the tire, take quick showers at the gym, and arrive on time.
 So many minor decisions led up to that sequence of events. Read more

Inspection- Ms. Hillary

by Ken Carman

 As she spread her arms to welcome the Tuesday’s results I must admit, I kept thinking, “What the hell are you wearing and why would anyone keep choosing this look?” If someone chooses for her they need to be assigned Inspectionanother task.
 I understand how that comment may seem sexist, but this Chairman Mao look just undercuts all she says. It would be like Bernie sporting a Hitler mustache: a visual oxymoron. And she seems to have so many blouses, overcoats or… whatever the heck they are, like that. Read more

Inspection- The Dangerous State of the Body Politic

by Ken Carman

 Facebook posters on the Hartmann and Miller pages are probably familiar with my occasional use of the terms “sock puppets” Inspectionand “troll.” Generally I try to never actually call any specific person either term because, well, I don’t live in their heads. I have no real idea if they are, or aren’t.
 That’s a lot more respect than too many posters seem to have these days, and I’m not referring to just posters on the right.
 Ad hominem attacks are far too plentiful. Too many Facebook threads have become more dick offs than anything approaching actual discussion. The worst among these posters often remind me of Trump, even when the poster claims to be a “progressive.” Read more

Inspection- Not So Ancient Trump Theorists

by Ken Carman

 Are there “Ancient Alien Theorist” college degrees? Is one of the courses “Alien Speculation 101?” Would your degree be a BA, or more likely… BS?
 If you’ve spent any time watching what some dare call “The History Channel,” along with guys searching for antiques and other programs even less history oriented, you may have caught all the programs about aliens. Now how any of that qualifies as history I have no idea. Speculation; especially wild speculation, isn’t history any more than adding up dots on tossed dice is advanced math, or a statue of Adam and Eve riding a dinosaur in some biblical park qualifies as “science.”
 It’s like that other specialty channel so bereft of actual SciFi they decided to both neuter it, lobotomize it, then rebrand it “Syfy.”
 And why does all this remind me of a possible Donald Trump presidency? Read more

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