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Inspection- Rewarding Royal Screw Ups

by Ken Carman

 A few months ago I walked into my doctor’s office looking to renew a few medications. When asked about how I was doing I told him I had an occasional, slight, tingling in my neck. Off to the neurologist who ordered an MRI.
 Despite having none but one of the symptoms they thought I should have, the MRI clearly showed, due to ongoing stenosis, my spine had collapsed in on the nerves. There was a blockage about an inch or so below the brain. According to the doctor who did the original diagnosis the situation was dire: fix it or there was a high probability I’d become like Christopher Reeves.
 More than a month after the procedure I have all the symptoms I didn’t have before and little use of my right arm. I’m told it will get better. I hope so. Had a steroid shot last week and motion hasn’t improved, pain went away briefly… then came back gangbusters: worse than it was before the shot, and obviously far, far worse than the pain I didn’t have before the operation.
  My right arm is crucial to my career, my life’s work. We are working on it. But this “adventure” did provide me with one of those Inspection inspiring mental flights that have me considering the way things are, or should be. Read more

Inspection- The Abortion Police

by Ken Carman

 In the mid 60s I lived near NYC. I can still remember the weekly news reports: at least one dead women found, mostly in Central Park: botched abortion. The daily blood drenched, coffin filled, Nam news kind of marginalized the impact of the coat hanger, back alley, abortion news.
 Let’s be clear, while “coat hanger” abortions did happen, I’m sure 99.9% of these were done, not with coat hangers, or in “back alleys,” but in unsanitary, ill-equipped, rooms by people who far too often had less than adequate knowledge about how to safely do an abortion, or an interest in safety.
 ”But, Ken, it’s not safe for the baby!” Read more

Inspection- Easter, 2016

by Ken Carman

 Easter arrived this morning with the usual flair: Easter eggs, bunnies, Easter lilies, sermons about resurrection, parents and their sometimes squirming children sitting through pageantry… all to the tune of events that happened about two thousand years ago.
 Meanwhile, here in the South, lawns, leaves, redbud are all born again, to the tune of birds and the munching of does in our small, 28 acre, valley we named Emerald Dawn when we moved here from Joelton, Tennessee, in 1980. Read more

Inspection- Yes, That’s Still Trump

Does Donald prove corporate money is no longer… “trump?” (If you listen to some pundits you might think so.)

by Ken Carman

 My family raised me on 500 rummy, so when I first visited my wife’s childhood home on Oxford Road in New Hartford, NY, I had no idea how to play pinochle. But I think I was pretty much a quick study, for soon I was participating in nightly bouts of playing trump, seeking trump, winning, losing and having a hell of a lot of fun doing all even when I was “out trumped.”
 I still prefer pinochle over all other card games.
 In several decisions, over the years, the Supremes have also decided what “trump” is politically, and socially. Money is speech, corporations are people: superior God-like people who can’t get the death penalty, no matter how many are killed by decisions, need not pay the taxes the rest of us must pay, and how many can’t be legally sued. This is only the very, very short list of all the exceptions inspired by the Supreme fascist 5, now down to four. Read more

Inspection- Stop Rewarding Bad Behavior


by Ken Carman

  About a week after I started writing this “news” twits were all a twit-ing about the DOJ giving immunity to an ex-Clinton staffer as if it was a foregone conclusion dirt and guilt had been found. Yet all I could think of was Wile E. Coyote. This investigation, like Benghazi, has been going on how long? How many ACME like moments where it either backfires, or nothing happens? How many times has the media been complicit? How many times has the MSM not reported how this has been stretched out with the obvious intent to go up to election time?
 Remember how well that “absolute” “gotcha” Benghazi testimony moment went as she was under fire for… how long? Not so well, eh?
 Maybe we start by quoting a former president from the other party the MSM refused to hold responsible for a damn thing…

“Is we learning yet?”

 It’s Tuesday: Super Tuesday, as I start to type this. As channel 4 (NBC in Nashville) reports the upcoming election, they also announce that another batch of Hillary Clinton E-mails has been released. You know for a fact the committee has already dissected these, passed the information on to Republicans: including any candidates who might run against Hillary, or Bernie. They know what’s in those E-mails. But all they said was some of them were NOW considered “classified;” not when the information was typed into her E-mails: NOW. Read more

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