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Inspection- Post Election Notes for Bernie and Hillary Supporters

by Ken Carman

 There are some hard lessons to learn in 2016. And Inspectionfew Hillary supporters, or Bernie purists, will really want to read about them. As a community: and I use “community” in the loosest terms possible, we keep wanting to go back to Bernie the spoiler, Hillary was a horrible candidate, dynamic. (And damn near Satan incarnate, if you read some comments on Facecrack.)
 But your humble columnist is here to serve up this plate of, “Get over yourself and face the real problems,” humble pie, anyway.
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It’s Much Harder To Protect Southern Black Voters’ Influence Than It Was 10 Years Ago

There are a few basic rules for the shape of congressional districts. They’re supposed to be contiguous and as compact as possible, for example. They’re supposed to try to preserve other political subdivisions, such as county lines. But the more difficult part is making sure that districts comply with the Voting Rights Act (VRA), which requires that district boundaries be drawn to ensure that black voters have electoral influence, even though the boundaries can’t be drawn primarily based on race.

Putting more minority voters into a district gives those voters more political power, but only in that district. So a map that groups too many minority voters into a few districts limits their electoral power by confining it to a small number of district.


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Inspection- Let’s Talk About It: Elections

As of now the recount has been stopped by a judge who says Stein hasn’t a chance of winning. True, but that shouldn’t be the point. In fact Stein’s recount misses many points that need to be addressed, and “solutions;” like Help America Vote, have only made it worse, added more ways how the vote can be corrupted. After I wrote this I heard about one senator has suggested doing what I am about to recommend, but only regarding Russian hacking. That’s a mistake, and will solve nothing, for the most part because it only addresses one partisan issue with voting and will be seen as such. We need to do far more than this. Far more.

by Ken Carman

 So now, once again, we start to return to our impenetrable fortresses after all sides have made all kinds of claims, accusations and provided little to no proof. The Inspectionmedia’s not going to help. They’re either too afraid to do their jobs, or too invested in supporting one side or another. So, once again, despite both sides having problems with how we vote, there’s a big push to ignore all that and move on. Of course moving on is always temporary. The bitching train will arrive again in 2018, then 2020… each time it may just run over us again. But, meanwhile, eventually the topic of integrity of the vote will be dropped like a stone left in an oven for many days. We won’t talk about it, or do much about it. Read more

Inspection- The Next 9/11

by Ken Carman

 For a number of years I was good friends with Bartcop, internet political barfly, fellow wiseguy and pain in the digital buttskis of right wing cranks. His blog started as a rant about Limbaugh and expanded from Inspectionthere into He would post my columns from time to time, we agreed a lot, and we would also argue from time to time; like about who screwed up more: Gore or Kerry. Not the results of said screw up after the fact, just who should have known better. It was always a respectable exchange, though I seriously doubt either of us changed the other.
 In case you’re curious, my answer was Kerry: he who turned his swift boat around and ran despite his VP pick, Edwards, saying we should take the time necessary to count all the votes. Gore; as bungled as the effort may have been, took it to the Supremes when none of us knew in advance just how bad this damn son of… an ex-president… would be.
 How wrong so many of us were. But who was to predict 9/11, other than all the warnings they got we didn’t know about before the crash?
 Bart had a saying he used often, and rephrased frequently to suit the topic. So I feel no guilt in rephrasing it again for my friend who passed on a few years ago. It kind of goes like this…

“Once a company (or politician) benefits from a ‘mistake,’ you know that ‘mistake’ will be made again.”

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Inspection- Count the Provisional Ballots

by Ken Carman

 Since we are going to do this, why not count the provisional ballots?
Inspection Please don’t just dump them in with the other ballots. It would be best for the nation if we find out the difference between what was counted and what wasn’t. It also would be important to find out why those voters were rejected for regular ballots. Did they have no ID, insufficient ID for whatever the local standard was? What is the “local standard?”
 I understand the job is big enough as it is, but for the good of the nation we need to find out just what the cost of rejecting voters for regular ballots is. And, of course, if they were counted, we need to know that too. Read more

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