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Inspection- Setting Us Up for the Another 9/11

Ken  The alarm goes off, Barack Obama looks at the clock radio, and realizes it’s Groundhog Day again…
  Each day, every week, month after month, the character assassination continues. Anything he does serves that purpose. The topic hardly matters anymore. Whether Benghazi, the Affordable Care Act, or even saluting with a cup of coffee in the other hand; the singular intent here is to distract the nation: distract so nothing important gets done. Everything couched in Watergate rhetoric: what did he know, when did he know it…
  But this isn’t unusual. This isn’t Barack Obama specific, though both the left and the right act like it is. We’ve been here before. Read more

Inspection- “Hulk SMASH!”

Ken  I have been reading Blackwater, and Jeremy Scahill’s book: perhaps without intent, confirms a view I have been developing ever since I left the right in the mid-70s.
  Listening, again, to Thom Hartmann on his Thursday show I heard him repeat over and over the meme’ that the right’s wretched behavior is due to them, “hating Obama so much.” Now Thom and I have traded E-mails a few times over the years, so I’m sure he knows I don’t always completely agree with him, and this is one of those cases. I think this very publicly expressed hate is a very thin, first, layer resting on top of what’s really going on here.
  Indeed, I think if Hillary had won the presidency in 2008 we would be talking even more about how much they hate women, how much they hate Hillary and the Clintons. So they hate Obama, the Clintons, blacks and women? Well, I still believe, when it comes to the actual movers and shakers on the right for the past 20 years, this is as shallow as a small rain puddle in a desert. Read more

Inspection- Are You Anti-Vaccine?

Ken This past week had a personal Facebook landmark, and an unfortunate one. I “unfriended” someone. Worse: it was a relative.
  Understand; I have theists, atheists, conservatives, liberals: just about anyone imaginable on my feed. I like it that way: that’s why I had never “unfriended” someone…until now. But there are somethings one shouldn’t tolerate. And the irony was I was actually agreeing with the “friend.” He wouldn’t take “yes, I agree” for an answer, but insisted on lecturing me.
  Now there’s a family history here I’d rather not get into. If it had been this one incident I would probably have shrugged it off. Suffice it to say that any relationship requires a modicum of respect, an ability to listen and willingness to not treat someone as an inferior who must be lectured like a child for no damn good reason. Then there’s making promises and not keeping them, but that’s another, less related, story.
  Rather than a rant regarding any specific person, my main point is how we talk to each other, and what affect it has. To be clear: I claim no perfect moral high ground here.
  So let’s take a topic. Indeed let’s take the topic that served as the frame for this recent de-friend-ing.
  I am a big believer in vaccines. Read more

Toto’s Turn

 I have noticed a number of Facebook friends have lost their friends recently: dogs, cats, our pets are so much part of our families. A year ago, this month, we lost our collie. While thinking about all this today, I discovered an old manuscript for an old unpublished book of mine.
  Occasionally when I write I do a bounce off a more famous writer’s story. That’s what “Toto’s Turn” is. I shared this with many folks back when I first wrote it and have had requests for it over the years. I hope it has as much meaning to you as it has for us…

Written by Ken Carman

The_Wonderful_Wizard_of_Oz,_013 It was a windy day in Kansas. The blue had escaped the sky, as it so often did on Auntie Em’s old farm, when all that was left were high, dingy, grey clouds. The early November snow had whipped around so much the flakes had turned almost a light shade of black. Combined with leafless trees Kansas seemed to be a black and white world. In its own way… it was.
 Dorothy tapped her pencil on the desk inside the farmhouse… indecision. It tapped like the wind on her door. It tapped like falling tears. Read more

Inspection- To Drone, or NOT to Drone, That’s NOT the Only Question

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important deadline date. So, this week, two Inspection columns grace your digital domain…

by Ken Carman

 Listening to all the, pun intended, “buzz” about “drone warfare,” why is no one talking about the fact no new form of warfare remains exclusively “our” form of warfare? If I’ve missed it, shouldn’t it be at the top of the of our list of topics to discuss; especially since such an impersonal form of warfare could become a very personal event like 9/11?
  You really think terrorists: internal, external, Islamic; or far off the Jesus-cliff Christians, or Putin, or those fighting against his wishes, for that matter, would never, ever, attain, and use the tech? They’d simply keep it on their home turf? After 9/11, how delusional are you, if so?
 Hell, we should at least be talking security codes, isolated secure frequencies and refining tracking methods for any such attack.
  By ignoring this you think you’re safe in your home, your church, synagogue, PTA meeting?
 I ask again: “delusional?” Read more

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