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Inspection- Teaching to the Over Reaction

by Ken Carman

 Amazing how some videos speed across the country at warp speed.
 A few thoughts on the in school officer, Deputy Ben Fields, and his actions in the classroom. Let it be typed up front that some sources claim she was punching the officer. I saw none of that.
 Not knowing his history, and especially not having seen what led up to this, or heard the rather bad audio, I was with the officer at first while watching. I was a sub for quite a while and there’s not much you can do when someone becomes a extreme distraction in the classroom. So when he put the hold on her, OK, keeping someone from reacting is important. The bring down to the floor may have been necessary, though the violence used… maybe not. Hard to know without knowing what happened before, or being there. But I lost it when he literally picked her up and threw her quite a few feet. Read more

Inspection: NOT “Debate,” CNN

by Ken Carman

 And in this corner…
 With all the class, all the seriousness, all the importance of a WWE fight, it all started with the moderators, on air pundits really, speculating what the weaknesses of Hillary the Loser were, how insignificant Bernie the Insignificant was, and how much less each candidates the Lesser were. The bars they had to get over were, of course, impossible. Prepare for the chair smashings, the body slams, to begin, guys and gals.
 Ready, set, BARF!
  My wife and I listened to, perhaps, half an hour, shut it off and went to bed.
 This was not a “debate,” CNN. Read more

Inspection- Limiting the Imagination

by Ken Carman

 Having done some amazing things in my life, and attempted far mediocre to poor things… or at least with fair results, I have come to the conclusion we are often limited merely by our lack of imagination. And “limited” by our insistence that we follow dogma around like Fido would follow around the rear of some imaginary bitch’s butt.
 That last paragraph may be a great example. Some would miss the comparison I just used because they are offended by the “b” word, even though it’s truly non-offensive and very appropriate in that context… as in that’s the term we use for a lady dog, imaginary, or not. Beyond that: some simply can’t take the leap I offered via comparison. Read more

Inspection- Shooting Off My Digital Mouth About Shootings

by Ken Carman

 Another week, another shooting, and more useless suggestions that will never, ever, happen. May I offer one more? Of course you can, Ken! Are you sure? Sure, but no one will listen, everyone will poo poo it. That’s OK. OK? Yes, OK. OK
 Aren’t you glad we (?) settled that?
 Registrations not going to happen. Confiscation certainly won’t happen. Increased mental health care won’t happen, if for no other reason than a lot of people against gun regulations are also against any public spending, usually decorated with the frequent “socialist, nanny state, we can’t afford this but we can do endless war,” stink cake frosting.
 Certainly you’ve heard the suggestion we have gun and bullet insurance? Read more

Inspection- The Golden Apple Tree

Seems, with political correctness from ALL sides, and the search for political purity, rather than diversity and consensus, we are like the one apple tree cider, or one hop beer: it all may be an interesting study in one hop, or one source of apples, but often less complex so less interesting, and B… O… R… I… N… G.
 So, yes, there is a political, social skew to this. I am a believer everything in life is connected; metaphors and similes are our bridges between all that may seem unconnected. Hence, The Golden Apple Tree.

by Ken Carman

  For years after we bought our place in Beaver River, to be honest, I ignored the apple trees that had been planted by railroad workers in this part of the Adirondacks. Now I’m beginning to think they too are a source of wisdom, passed down from previous generations.
 One day, as Rusty Thompson and I were walking somewhere, he reached down, and scooped up an apple from the ground. He brushed a little sand off from the dirt road and said, “Have you tried these?” Then he took a bite.
 Perhaps I had seen one of the worst Star Trek episodes from the 60s one to many times? You know, the one where space hippies finally reach the planet Eden and find it to be one huge, extremely acidic, poisonous, apple. Read more

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