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Inspection- Standing on the Edge of Oblivion

by Ken Carman

 Will we ever learn? Standing on the edge of yet another possible war we mostly talk about what might drag us further down the war path, and almost never about the effectiveness of this blood drenched “solution” we have used since those who were to become us crawled out of the slime.
Inspection  Yes, we have argued about the validity of each war, yet how much do we discuss the very concept of war as some supposed “solution?” And what arguments we do have are so shallow, like when someone claims war is “good for absolutely nothing,” as the song says, WWII is brought up.
 We will return to the assumption WWII is the ultimate, undeniable, defense for more war briefly.
  The right likes to argue our conflicts were under control until Obama became president, despite continued bombings, attacks on the populace, the infrastructure collapsing, terrorists Saddam had mostly kept from pouring into Iraq. Yet, once Saddam was gone, they not only poured in like roaches once the light is off, but essentially morphed into super concentrated form, like sink soap. ISIS was like extremely toxic bottle of Dawn 2X. Keep trying to make them go away by killing more soon we have 3X, 4X… Read more

Inspection- No More Russia-ing to Acceptance

by Ken Carman

 And the push for normalization is on, even from that former bastion for news and honest analysis: NPR. Now the analysis is…
 ”This is nothing new. There’s little evidence it had much affect; we just need to be aware what it looks like. InspectionRussia has been trying to affect elections everywhere and have been doing it for a long time…”
 Equally countered with, “Officer, can’t you let me go? I didn’t get any money when I robbed that convenience store. I have been trying to successfully rob them for a long time. Since I’m not all that successful…”
 And an equally fictional, and quite impossible, “Putin and his cronies tried to get Hillary elected? Oh, so what? They’ve been doing this for a long time with little effect…” As we all know, the right wing would have been so forgiving if the situation had been flipped. After all, we should just get over it, they would say to their fellow partisans. Hillary’s president now…
  And, if you believe that, you’re deranged, clueless, stupid or… lying almost as much as Donald Trump. Read more

Inspection- The Checkmate Equation

 When you play chess, or Stratego if you wish, how you move each piece is crucial. Just refusing to play, or objecting to how the opponent is deceiving you, only turns you into a loser. You have to use your wits, and not just use how they are deceiving you, but use what truths they may unintentionally reveal against them.
 That’s the checkmate equation.

by Ken Carman

 Yes, even when Donnie tells the truth they’re half truths. But the true part should be Inspectioncarefully listened to, assessed and used against him in this nasty game of political chess we’ve been forced to play due to Republicans using the Electoral College scam: get enough states under their thumb that election fraud tactics pull the rug out from the citizenry’s wishes.
 A while ago Trump stated, basically, 2016 may be the last election. Oh, maybe he doesn’t mean literally, though I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. Maybe he means no more elections that’s aren’t like what they call “elections” in brutal dictatorships: rigged from the start. You know, the “elections” where a tyrant gets 99%, any 1% afterwards might be hunted down, tortured. More than likely, though, there is no actual 1%.
 To quote Twit-ler during his few electioneering truth-telling moments, “Rigged!!!” Read more

Inspection- Trump Was Right

One of the biggest mistakes the left makes, in my opinion, is letting the right define terms like “political correctness.”

by Ken Carman

 Yes, political correctness is one of our biggest problems.
 No, it isn’t about using words like “n***ger,” putting down someone’s race, ethnicity, sex or religion. Just like InspectionNazis calling Jews “vermin,” that kind of usage is about personal responsibility: something the right claims to want from everyone. “Wants” from everyone but themselves, apparently. “Wants” from everyone but themselves, apparently. Instead of “political correctness” it’s about how we should treat each other, how we shouldn’t vilify vast groups, like Muslims, and demonize all of them in politically conveniently abusive ways. In the mildest cases it’s all about common decency, and not bringing conversations down to nothing more than back and forth, personal, insults. In the worst cases it’s called attempting to encourage others to commit murder on a massive scale.
 Problem is Trump, and much of the right, don’t want an end to political correctness. They want to have exclusive rights to political correctness.
 We are responsible for what we say to each other. Generally what we say can’t be banned, or made illegal to say, but that freedom doesn’t mean you are immune to criticism for saying it. That would be you are demanding political correctness from those who might criticize you.
 And, yes, there are limits to what you can say. I can’t tell you to murder someone during a bank heist and only you get prosecuted for that murder.
 To go further into political correctness… Read more

Inspection- A Thousand Channels of NOTHING

 We each have our stories about how regulations and over regulation has affect us. This is mine.

by Ken Carman

 Almost straight out of college, with my almost English Education degree magically turned into a Liberal Arts/Communications/Mass Media degree, I went into radio sales. Not too long after radio sales I was a DJ, wrote and produced ads, bumpers and involved in programming at both large and small markets.
 English to Communications in a year? It’s a long story involving a glut of teachers, an English department I was at odds with and one semester alone of almost Inspection 30 credits because I couldn’t afford any more than four years. What’s weird is my GPA actually went up. Enough said. Maybe another time, another column?
 Meanwhile, in the 80s, the waves of deregulation started slopping onto American shores, and sometimes over regulation slopped back. I use “slopping” deliberately. At first some of it made sense. Radio suffered from a license requirement for the very necessary, yet unstable, part time job: DJ. They were tested for technical information an engineer only needed to know.
 A bit of over regulation in my opinion. Having an engineer on staff is crucial, but a DJ who knows enough electronics to be an engineer: not so much. Station owners had a problem: the kind of wages they could afford to pay, the kind of stability they were able to offer, came nowhere near the proficiency needed to attain what was often merely an entry position: especially at small, low watt, stations. Read more

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