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Inspection- The Base Based Politics of Ugly

by Ken Carman

 Old Forge, NY, library… I sit type… type… typing… this column, and then a gentleman strikes up a conversation with me: apparently one of our more extroverted neighborhood conspiracy theorists. Inspection We dive deep into Rothschild conspiracies, well… he does. I offer patience and a listening ear. Contradiction will get me nowhere. According to him if that… curse word deleted… Hillary… is elected the Rothschilds will rule the country, eventually the world. I’ve heard all this before: the Bilderberg conspiracy, how Obama/Bush will never leave office and become dictator for life, Birther claims and that alien cattle anal probes are actually the work of creatures from planet Ericcartman…
 Conspiracy theories always seem to flare up election time. Read more

Inspection- Giving the Finger to Bernie Supporters

by Ken Carman

  Hillary, what the hell were you, or your advisors thinking? Or were you thinking at all? It’s not like you’ve never had to apologize, or say “it was a mistake” before. If this was a mistake it’s a giant one.
Inspection  I’m not all that convinced just some mistake. Sure seems an intentional obscene gesture to me.
 Some of us who voted Bernie have been in a very difficult position. At times I’m sure purists have claimed I was a Hillary supporter in bad true believer clothing because I don’t think buying into every stupid, or half assed, Hillary conspiracy theory is wise. I don’t believe villain-ization serves Democrats well, or Bernie well. Who it does serve is a party that has continued to skew into more torture, less personal rights: except for those with a lot of money or part of big corporations whose interest is to oppress small ones.
 I could go one; but not my main point here. Read more

Inspection- The Political Cult-fication of America

  There’s a caveat I must begin with. “Cult” isn’t necessarily bad. For the times, Jesus was the leader of what would have been considered a “cult.” That “cult” was wrongfully considered by Roman and Jewish authorities to be dangerous.
 But I do believe our two party-based system has become too cult-like in the worst ways…

by Ken Carman

 Compared to, let’s say, the Gnostic gospels, there’s a fairly recent alternative view of the events leading up to the crucifixion. Jesus was supposed to survive after being treated with healing herbs. In one thousands of years old Gnostic gospel Judas was a hero: doing what Jesus wanted, what needed to be done. Of course, after that, Jesus would return and offer up God’s wrath like some vengeful waitress at the Final Judgement Cafe. Locusts and brimstone would be available in the Serves You Right souvenir shop.Inspection
 Politics and religion were pretty much inseparable back then, though the Romans tried to keep them somewhat separate by cruelly punishing believers perceived to be challenging Roman rule. The cult-ish concept that made sacrificing even the truest of believers for the cause remains, and has become part of politics.
 I suppose some political cults we have today might be relatively tame, but I do consider the very concept of political movements turned cult rotten to the core: one that can undermine and destroy a free; truly representative, society. Sometimes a society has so many forceful special interests, demanding movements, that over reaction becomes the standard. For example: much like those who challenged Rome, or those who deposed Julius Caesar, we go beyond destroying the leader, but also family members and those politically incorrect souls who don’t go out of their way to demonize them. This has become common sport… destroying at all costs: even the common good. Anything that president proposes is also opposed, demonized. If we were Pompeii Republicans and Dems would be found at each others throats in the ashes rather than considering a common held desire to evacuate when proposed by only one side.
 People back then didn’t know better when it came to such predicable disasters and problems. We do, but so often would rather go down in flames than give a centimeter.
 I know in the days of Limbaugh and Surandon this may seem “quaint,” but having a system where politicians had to appeal to a wider base than “us vs. them” might help, I suppose.
 Are you becoming part of a political cult rather than a movement, or a party? The following 10 suggestions might help you tell the difference. Apologies if sometimes it’s a tad too Jeff Foxworthy-ish… Read more

Inspection- Misdirecting the Masses

by Ken Carman

  Lately Senator Sanders has been slammed with scandals, like his “glaring neglect” of veteran concerns during the 2014 VA scandal. Or his corrupt misuse of campaign funds InspectionAnd we have the never ending saga of Sanders’ cabbage doll fetish where he bankrupted Vermont treasury saving these long past their prime toys from being tossed in the fireplaces, flushed down toilets and crucified for having no souls.
  These, among the never ending list of…
 OK, I have to stop typing crap now, because I’m overwhelmed by an odd mix of mirth and what seems to be my all too common, never ending, feeling of being annoyed at how we carry on public discourse these days. Read more

Inspection- The Independent Convention: A Proposal

by Ken Carman

 Every four years we suffer from the same #%$! two party primaries, the same two party caucuses, the same two party conventions.
Inspection I am no fan of conventions. My wife’s parents were on the other side of the political equation. The first time we visited during convention time we were warned not to watch “our” convention. But after I stated I would never watch either convention; likening them both to big, silly, parties for big kids who never grew up, it was no longer an issue. I didn’t add that they’re pointless: who wins; no matter which party, has pretty much been fixed before each convention since before I was born.
 But, if we must have them… Read more

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