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Inspection- Is Castro’s Cuba Convertible?

A brief, early, edition before the holiday break…

by Ken Carman

 So Mr. FOX, and before that some of his past tense rightward pre-curse-ors, have been cursing Cuba while slamming our heads into this same damn wall year after year. This has been going on since I was a kid in the early 60s. So when Barack Obama walks out of what some of their more racist commentators might sneer and say would be “the hood,” and says “what big lies we have been living, maybe we should try something else,…” they just show their fangs and say, “Better to eat you with.”
 I’m sure some might even emphasize the “red” in this Red Riding Hood allegory I am using.
  OK, I understand political one upmanship, but exactly what do they think would change if we kept the embargo in place, continued to treat them as a pariah? Why should we continue to do what hasn’t been working?
 As if on cue one right wing pundit claims it’s all the fault of the Democrats that it hasn’t. And how many years have we had of Republican presidents since Ike and John? How many Republican Houses, Senates? Do they sincerely want us to believe that the Dems have been so highly organized, goosesteppy and effective that they have thwarted republicans time and again? Read more

Inspection- Drones v. Torture

by Ken Carman

  How is this even considered a “rational” discussion we must have?
  After the torture report was released, all this was pushed even more forward onto the national stage by Cheney’s own personal drone: his gravelly ominous baritone that goes on, and on, and on, and on… pretty much defining the term “monotone.” Once upon a more sane Cheney time some may have considered it soothing. It certainly sounded far more rational. These days sometimes I wonder if it’s all just an attempt to make the irrational sound rational to those who have poor listening skills. To sooth those who can’t comprehending the usual content that’s a mix of crazy, blood drippings, sneer and hated for anyone who dares challenge anything and everything that pours forth from his smirk laden piehole.
  Didn’t he once argue that there were so many factions in Iraq that taking it apart was irrational?
  Made sense to me then. Read more

Inspection- How Can We Find Our Way Out of Ferguson?

by Ken Carman

  A clown from Hell welcomes us to the latest town the carnival is visiting and says, “This way to the Ferguson Follies.”
  It has become a circus of nightmares traveling across America, truly worthy of Bradbury’s Something Wicked this Way Comes. Actually it makes Bradbury’s book seem more comedy, in comparison.
  Perhaps it’s more like Dean Koontz’s goblins in Twilight Eyes: evil creations of our own design determined to exterminate humanity. Racists and gang bangers come out of their slimy pits and use it all to magnify their nastiness. Officials more interested in serving their own agendas skew it all their way however they can. And pundits, well, do what pundits have been doing for too damn long: making it worse.
  But I’m not here just to write of looters, the over or under reaction by police, or even all the blood spilling, horrific-ness, that surrounds Ferguson. I’m also writing about humanity’s intentional attempt to devour itself in hate and pure partisanship.
  The results were predictable. The royal screw ups, and I’m being generous when it comes to intent here, of leaving a body out to rot, having a prosecutor who also helps raise funds to defend the object of his supposed “prosecution,” a claim of orbital eye socket damage where there was none, going after protestors because someone claims to have seen someone on a roof with a gun instead of going after the guy with the gun, a police chief contradicting his own officer as to whether he heard about the theft… Read more

Inspection- The “Something from Nothing” Strawman

by Ken Carman

 Once again the fundamentalist guest tossed the old strawman argument that atheists, and non-theists, believe, “Something came from nothing.” at Thom Hartmann. This canard bothers me, mostly because the response to this bogus argument has pretty much been to ignore it.
  No one believes, “Something came from nothing,”
  It was an argument about evolution, true, but it had the Big Bang connotations. And,of course, how life started. Let’s start with that and move backward in time, shall we? Read more

Inspection- On the Blackest Nights the Brightest Light Shines

Some thoughts about the recent, and past, elections…

by Ken Carman

  Heading home, down Briley Parkway in West Nashville, I noticed some of leaves had reached peak, some had fallen, but many were still green. I thought back to my recent months in Beaver River and remembered that collective gasp when, driving down to the lake, I noticed all the leaves had changed at the same time. This is why fall is so much more beautiful in the Adirondacks than in much of the South. In the South this tree changes, then that tree changes, but by that time the previous tree had relaxed and dropped its colorful laden load; leaving little but moody winter grey.
  I love that too, but prefer to be faced with solid sullen grey: also inspiring… in an Edgar Allen Poe-ish way.
  I usually find myself wondering where the fall went in the South. That collective gasp that comes before snow places the softest pillow over much of nature’s wildlife. The leaves, of course, are now dead. For fall, in reality, is death in color. The most colorful deaths punctuate life with meaning: making those left behind question, wonder and appreciate what they had, what they still have and who, or what, is no longer with us. Seems those who just fade away, unfortunately, often simply just fade away.
 People are often like leaves: when they shine bright they are remembered, dull fades.
  I also miss my Adirondack nights. Unlike the frequently misty, hazy, half moonlit middle Tennessee nights, Adirondack nights can be very black. House lights pierce through the obsidian darkness. Through those windows you might catch a glimpse of life going on: family gathering for a game of rummy, or pinochle, children playing, or an old man living alone finding meaning in a SciFi book midst the blackest nights. For on the blackest nights the bright light truly shines bright.
  I was thinking about Democrats scrambling to do what, essentially, Republicans said they would do after the previous election. What went wrong? How should we change? Yet one must note the Republicans changed little after the “autopsy” and still they won. So maybe all this angst is unnecessary. But, on second thought: with a more rational, less angst driven, perspective: I really find that assessment a bit shallow. Read more

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