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Inspection- The Dean of Talk

by Ken Carman

 While there are those who know far more, it’s not like I know nothing about radio…
 My Liberal Arts/Communications/Mass Media degree, when it comes to experience, has more of a radio focus than anything but newspaper Inspectionbecause I knew I’d never have the figure for TV, but certainly had the voice. In the 70s I was in sales, briefly. By the 80s I was on the commercial radio, and in programming. But I actually started doing radio in college: 73. My persona as a DJ at the time was being Howard Stern before Howard. I too would have ladies in the control room to talk sex, perversely mock certain students and push administration’s patience with beyond edgy sex jokes. Read more

Inspection- The Art of Deception

by Ken Carman

  In his book, The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump talked about repeating a lie to close a deal. Now we’re not even a year into his presidency I think the major problem with what he claimed is: unlike Inspectiontypical Trump, he minimized what he actually does. It’s not 3 times, or 4, or 10. It’s perpetual. He just shifts from one lie to another. I think any truth he may tell: IF ANY, may be 3 times, though that may be a vast over estimation.
 His book shouldn’t have been called Deal, it should have been The Art of Deception, though “art” when it comes to Trump is about as accurate as his claim he uses the “best words.” And it’s all about deception that may fool fools, but must of us know him as a conman in a party of conmen and women. Read more

Inspection- Trump Can’t Take It

by Ken Carman

 As my radio pukes out more Trump threats to have Hillary investigated again I realize how easy Trump makes it to Inspectionrecognize that classic bully distraction tactic: “Look over there!” Of course, being Trump, the tactic is delivered via his trademark mob mentality, flavored with threats bordering on, “You will stop or we’ll put cement shoes on someone in your family.” Of course that ignores that there are many demanding the investigation continue who might even welcome Clinton in handcuffs at the same time Donnie also heads to prison: even some Republicans. Not everyone fed up with Trump and wanting all this investigated consider her “family.” In fact I’m guessing most don’t.
 Typical black and white thinking from someone who seems paranoid and delusional. And just another sloppy, thoughtless Trump threat that fell flatter than an immigrant tossed out of a plane. Read more

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