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Inspection- N… P? …R

by Ken Carman

  I’ve been unhappy with NPR for many years now. It’s not just the necessary, yet tedious, day long, outright abusive, fund drives… or even the fact they now have corporate sponsorships. Might as well just take ads, and I really believe the sponsorships are one of many reasons, like partisan drive appointments to head NPR, that NPR has lost its way.
  So if my major beef with NPR isn’t the fund raising, or the sponsoring, what is it? Read more

Inspection- Of Voting Rights, Guns and an Old Friend

by Ken Carman

 A friend from back in the dinosaur days and I were yakking on FaceCrack, debating to a certain extent, about gun rights and how intrusive the state can, or should, be. More specifically: the left v. the right, who is intrusive, and who isn’t. Dean’s position was that it was pretty much always the left, or “the ‘extreme’ left.”
 Of course, knowing me so well, dear readers, you know I didn’t counter with examples from the “extreme” right, right?
  I always love that phrase, “extreme left,” Ken writes with a sardonic flare, having grown up as a conservative in the 60s and seen, and argued with, real “extreme” leftists, like one named Susan who did a coup d’etat in History class one day, or far more to the point: the bombings, the massive marches, robberies, so many flag burnings, Kent State…
  OK, I admit: the Susan example was more what an “extreme” leftist might do, if Susan had had something more dangerous than a water pistol, though these days we wonder if she might have been shot, or dragged away by Homeland to some place portrayed by supporters of such as no worse than a Tickle Feather Torture Chamber.
 Still, to my point: the use of “extreme left” these days sometimes seems, if nothing else, quantitatively blind, historically hyperbolic and all too convenient for those wishing to frighten others with some mostly mythical, always evil, army predominately made of straw.
  No, Dean, I’m not specifically referring to you, he who is approximately as old as moi’. Read more

Inspection- Playing the “Political Correctness” Card

by Ken Carman

Mr. Hitler, in the past you have called Jews ‘vermin’ and other nasty…”

Mr. Stalin, in the past you have called Christians…”

Mr. Pot, those you had killed in Cambodia, you have called them…”

  So, would the following, ala’ Trump, have been an acceptable response?

The number one problem… is political correctness.

  You know, Donald? While not “number one,” I kind of agree, but I’m sure not in a way you would approve…
  The politically correct defense; more an attack, essentially is often people saying, “Shut the #@!& up, you can’t criticize me and I don’t have to defend myself.” Read more

Inspection- The Circus Has Come to Town

by Ken Carman

  …and, to be clear, I’ve never been a circus person.
  Maybe it has something to do with the fact I’ve never found slapstick “funny.” People hurting themselves is unfortunate and sad. People who we used to call freaks and geeks, before all that became unfashionable and fashionable at the same time… kind of weird for us old fogies… are neither funny nor all that interesting to me.
 I do find it ironic that circuses used to have the tattoo lady, or man, now I see them walking down the street every day. No problem with it, but nothing I ever had an interest in.
  Someone who can write a poignant, beautiful, song?
  Yes, that’s interesting.
  Do incredible dives or jumps while skiing?
  Yes. Read more

Inspection- Tough Talk about Guns

by Ken Carman

  As a gun owner, but not always in tune with some defenders of gun rights, after another theater shooting I braced myself for the obvious. And the obvious happened.
  Same old, same old talking points.
  We will never shoot our way, or psychiatric care, our way out of these things. Obviously regulating as much as some want is like closing the barn door centuries after the barn door was not only left open, but torn off the hinges and burned. But all limitations and regulations aren’t necessarily ill-advised, and if you can’t admit that, as I shall soon show, you’re being intellectually dishonest. Unless you’re ready to push for prisoners having loaded submachine guns, eight-year-olds having hidden, loaded, 357s in their classrooms.
 I expect little will change in our gun debates, but I do think we can change our attitudes, that’s for damn sure. Read more

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