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Inspection- DEEP STATE of Denial

by Ken Carman

 As a former Kucinich supporter: shame on you, Dennis. Your little FOX rant will do little good except provide cover for who may go down in history as the most corrupt, misogynist, racist, traitorous president ever. If you succeed in Inspection helping Trump and company mislead the public it could enable far more damage to that much damaged institution. Future presidents may go more into tyrant territory with even more corruption.
 I can only conclude, when it comes to the true nature of Trump, Dennis Kucinich is in a state: one of denial. And how I “love” this esoteric, oh so convenient, concept; “The Deep State.”
 Tinfoil hat time! Oggie, boogie, fear, fear, fear, monsters under your bed, ignore the very obvious monsters who did so poorly in an election they had to rely on gaming the Electoral College through massive voter suppression.
 Are there anonymous unelected whistleblowers in gov leaking stuff? Yes, but the key here is, “anonymous.” That means it could be anyone and therefore only deserves as much credibility as we wish to give. As far as we know the original source could be some low level employee who wishes to gain attention, or even someone Pence-sively pining for the presidency. Read more

Inspection- Neutering the American Voter

by Ken Carman

 While progressives, dems and trolls on Facebook keep up the blame game the arguments and invective maybe be not just past tense, but beyond any point worth arguing… at least for now. Trump is appointing the king of election fraud to “fix” our Inspectionelections. I have this image in my mind of Americans spread out on an operating table, senses deadened by inner conflict, and Doc Chris Kobach finalizing the snip, snip, snip he has been doing with his Crosscheck scissors. The object: neuter politically incorrect portions of the American electorate. If you’re not their kind of voter the chances you’ll even get to the voting booth will be lessened, and chances are, if you do, that your vote will be counted will be severely curtailed.
 Here’s the final last game winning kick over the one party seeking rule goalpost: we may never know. Read more

Inspection- All the Trump Propaganda That’s NOT Fit to Print (Is There ANY Other Kind?)

by Ken Carman

 The headline at the checkout counter read…
World War III (is coming) and Donald Trump Has a Plan That Will Crush All 8 of Our Enemies
 And the biggest suck up award to the Orange One goes to… the National Enquirer!
Inspection the National Enquirer!
 Well, considering the path Trump is dragging an unwilling nation down; “dragging” because a larger percentage didn’t vote for him, I suspect the first part about WWIII may be right, but all 8? Are we talking president or Superman? (Stuporman???) Some all powerful deity? Damn, I never knew Trump was the father, the Son and the Holy Spook come back to… reek… vengeance. (The Spook having been known to eat too much raw cabbage, well, the reason for the smell is self explanatory.) Read more

Inspection- Worshiping the Bully

by Ken Carman

 We have had bullying spewing forth from the highest office before, though rarely as much as with the Orange Turd. “Orange Turd?” I have never gone ‘there’ with any president before, not even W. who I loathed. But I am going there with Trump. It’s quite obvious he has the intellectual level of the playground wedgie giving clod, and I had that opinion of him long before he got all political.
Inspection Bullies aren’t smart. In fact the opposite is true. One of the biggest reasons bullies bully is they know they’re mentally inferior and socially inept, so they use the only weapon available to them to push smarter, more civilized and civil people out of the way, marginalize them or make them more submissive. And it works too: like the bully who picks a fight on the playground who other schoolmates cheer on, even though they have nothing against the kid being bullied, maybe even don’t know.
 Other goals are silencing the victim, making them their bitch, encouraging others to kill those who won’t submit and, of course… humiliation. Essentially bullies are social terrorists.
 We enable them, like moms who tell their progeny to just ignore them, try to be their friend. In a bully’s world any of those tactics makes you look weak and more deserving of being terrorized. In a bully’s world you are either part of his gang, agree with him, or you’re the enemy. A bully’s weapon works because society tolerates it, insists on claiming the terrorized must have done something wrong to deserve being bullied. And so few people want to challenge them when they accuse the victim of doing exactly what they are so obviously doing. Read more

Inspection- Easter: 2017

by Ken Carman

 Each year we relive the story of old, translated in various ways by believers and all the denominations to mean what is convenient, inconvenient, and sometimes odd, like some of the Gnostics who believed the real InspectionJesus separated himself from the crucified one and was above the cross, laughing.
 Odd translations and odd takes on his ministry probably go back to the moments after he died. They’ve made movies where the ministry was clown-like; a hippie’s take on it all in some ways. (In Godspell John the Baptist, after being beheaded, seems to become Judas, then rejoins the disciples after the betrayal.) Then we have Mel Gibson’s take. Mel seemed to delight in the torment as if that was the main message. In Ruling Class one could argue: metaphorically, a delightfully mad Jesus finally ‘cured’ becomes Jack the Ripper. Another movie moment has Jesus getting married and living out a lifetime with Mary Magdalene: a final vision before blood loss did what blood loss does.
 But I’d like to offer a wider perspective this Easter time. Read more

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