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The Uptown Hillbillies: 40 Years of Trump Skeeviness

This is a straight copy ‘n’ paste from my Facebook page but I thought it should be said here, too…

Written by Steve Body

I may not know much but I KNOW Donald Trump.

I started studying him after seeing his first major interview, with NBC’s Tom Brokaw on the Today Show on August 21, 1980. I was fascinated and repelled. He was the exact distillation of American greed and and corruption was brazenly unapologetic about it. He was, even then, smarmy and ingratiating to anyone he perceived as a step on his ladder up and completely dismissive to those below him…and oblivious and openly, if subtly, contemptuous of anyone brown or black.

I also know this post was prompted by a FB friend, just this morning. In watching Trump’s family grow, I’ve seen increasingly that the Trumps have become The Beverly Hillbillies, albeit with dumber accents. That is not a casual comparison. Donald as Jed, Don Jr. as Jethro, Ivanka as Ellie May, Eric as…I dunno, Jethro’s idiot brother, Cletus, and a succession of Grannies, most notably Kelly Ann Conway or her male doppleganger, Jeff Sessions, who even looks like a (slightly) younger Granny. All this, of course, minus 100% of the charm and humor and personal appeal of the originals. Read more

My Suggestions for Election and DC Reforms: Civility…with a Vengeance

1. Remove tax-exempt status from all churches with congregations over 200.

Written by Steve Body

2. Do away with the Electoral College. Land doesn’t vote, people do.

3. Establish filing rules that REQUIRE a complete psychological evaluation before anyone is allowed to run. NO exceptions.

4. Make it possible to investigate and prosecute a sitting president who is credibly indicted for a crime or sedition or treason.

5. Rewrite Article 25 of the Constitution to make it easier and faster to remove an office holder who exhibits mental instability or is convicted of a crime.

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A Confederacy of Brats: The Great American Tantrum

Written by Steve Body


Written by Steve Body

I recently wrote another post here explaining what I have become convinced is behind the stunning wave of irrationality and virtual insanity of that portion of American society loosely affiliated with Donald Trump, radical conservatism, and de facto white supremacist resurgence.

In a nutshell, I traced the roots of the mass break with reality back to several successive generations of children raised without the traditional message that Life Is Not Fair and that no one is entitled to anything out of daily life in the USA. They have come to their majorities – many of then over 50, by now – with the idea that whatever they believe is true just because they say it is, whether it is based on any sort of facts or logic or simply made up to refute facts that find objectionable or inconvenient. They feel entitled to have America Their Way, and the rest of us be damned. Read more

Why America is Broken: The Dark Age of Entitlement

Written by Steve Body

I’ve read all sorts of learned and faux-authoritative essays on why and how America, as we have come to know it in the past four years, has become a new age of Denial; of selective truths and alt-reality and lies unchallenged and facts denied. People far more intelligent and with it than I have proffered theories ranging from basic economic inequities and systematic rabble-rousing to active plots to unsettle democracy and subvert American principles.

I think all of these may be factors. I think that the basic motivators may be something else altogether…

Starting in the early 1960s, a fundamentally new and different way of raising children began to take root in the American psyche. Much of it traces back to one of the most revered child-rearing tomes ever published, Dr. Benjamin Spock’s Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care. It first came out in 1946 but took over a decade to gain near-universal acceptance and, when it did, it changed attitudes about who and what your children were and could be forever. This is not to blame Dr. Spock for any of this. As happens with so many great ideas, once placed in the hands of average humans, they’re misinterpreted, perverted, and run straight into the ground.

Children raised roughly before 1960 were given the Conventional Wisdom: Life isn’t fair, you make your own luck, you have to work to get ahead, you respect your elders, you don’t talk back, and you work HARD in school and then in whatever job you get and don’t get too ambitious. In my native South, there is an old axion which I came to heartily despise: “Don’t Rise Above Your Raising”; basically a reminder not to become arrogant and superior if and when you succeed at life and always honor your origins. Both great sentiments. But – see ‘running into the ground’ dynamic – far too many more ignorant types took this to mean that no children should EVER try to do better than their parents, no matter what sort of human jetsam they may be.

But the vast majority of younger American parents adopted Spock’s philosophy: build children UP instead of tearing them down. Give them a sense of self-worth. Give then a voice in their own upbringing. Let them know that, whatever they decide, you’ll be behind them. Again, ideas that are hard to argue with…and few people did. Read more

The American Dream and The Waking Nightmare

Written by Stephan Body

I’ve said this for many years and written it at least a dozen times, for publications and on my own dime, and I’ve seen no reason to alter a letter:

Most of us, me included, have lived our entire lives with this rosy certainty that America, at heart, is a moderate and decent nation, more concerned with What’s Right than with domination. It used to be an article of faith that the American voter was fundamentally moderate. Whole presidential races were predicated on this belief; two men struggling mightily to scramble right to Dead Center and viciously suppressing any of their personal impulses or attitudes that even smelled extreme. Remember Howard Dean?


Dean ran for president in 2004, not all that long ago. Lost in the Iowa primary and had what has come to be called a meltdown but was then called the “I Have A Scream” speech. In an excess of frustration, Dean ended a concession speech with a lusty, red-faced bellow of stubborn persistence and freaked out an entire country. It ended his candidacy because people thought he was unhinged.

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