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The Good LIfe

The Good LIfe

Toon courtesy Black Lake courtesy

Written by Ken Carman

What do we really know of life?
Shooting down the chute
A slippery slide
Into living
Giving us a slap on the ass
Time starts

Endless hours
Watching classroom clocks tick
Sometimes block

Work robs more minutes: the second hand
A cruel master
Til time goes a bit faster
We run
As waves batter
Winds beat
And occasional pleasure
Otherwise impossible situations

Just when comfort settles in
Our Flintstone feet
Refuse to brake
As we head unto that black lake
Not knowing for sure
What lies at the bottom

Eventual acceptance
Fewer fears
As speeding years
Flash past photons
Tho we’d love to go on
There’s some final bliss
Sinking into the kiss
of the black abyss

A life well lived
©Copyright 2012
Ken Carman
all rights reserved