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Herd About It?

by Ana Grarian

This past week has proved very interesting.

At a house party last week I met an elderly woman who used to farm in the area Virgil NY. We briefly discussed what has happened to farming and farmers in our area. She is a neighbor I hadn’t met yet and we plan to get together to talk some more.

I listened to some area farmers ask good questions on nationally aired talk show broadcast from one of our local colleges.

I spent a lot of time in our local hospital ER while my daughter battled a MRSA abscess. Read more

Thom Hartmann @ Ithaca College

On Friday September 25th I went to see Thom Hartmann broadcast his radio show live from Ithaca College in beautiful Ithaca NY. As always it was a masterful program. Thom is so calm and professional dealing with dropped signals, misbehaving audio, feedback screeching in his ear, in the midst of live broadcasts. Perhaps his composure is why he is also able to converse with and debate staunch conservatives like Mark Finkelstein host of “Right Angle”. Read more

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