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Seeding the Future of Our Food

by Ana Grarian

Ana has been away attending an Agriculture Law and Policy conference at the Vermont Law School.

Pollinate & Cultivate: Seeding the Future of Our Food

a student-organized conference designed to

inspire creative solutions to the many challenges facing our current food systems.

Ana wishes that more students had been required to attend the panels as part of their course work, as it hosted an impressive roster of speakers including Lynn Henning the 2010 Goldman Environmental Prize winner, Chris Petersen former president of the Iowa Farmer’s Union, Jack Lazor owner of Butterworks Farm, an organic Jersey dairy in VT., and a host of other folks interested in farming sustainably, the ethical treatment of farm laborers, and the environment.
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Today’s Quote-to-Quote on Ayn Rand’s Opinion of Democracy

I wonder if the House ‘Budget Czar,’ Rep. Paul Ryan, who provided the Republican response to Obama’s SOTU January 23rd, understands his idol Ayn Rand wasn’t exactly enthralled with democracy? Maybe some member of our MSM will ask Ryan why he holds an anti-democratic elitist like Rand in such high regard?

“Democracy, in short, is a form of collectivism, which denies individual rights: the majority can do whatever it wants with no restrictions. In principle, the democratic government is all-powerful. Democracy is a totalitarian manifestation; it is not a form of freedom.”
— Ayn Rand, as quoted by Mark Ames.

“The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.” […]
“Rand makes the best case for the morality of democratic capitalism.”
— Rep. Paul Ryan, praising Ayn Rand on two separate occasions, as quoted by Joshua Holland.

Clarence Thomas and the Sound of Crickets

Remember all of the Right-wing outrage over Charlie Rangel’s failure to report income on a house in the Dominican Republic?  Drawing and Quartering him before running him through a blender wasn’t enough of a punishment for him — they wanted more.  And More.

But here we have Supreme Court Clown,  Clarence Thomas who has lied on every financial disclosure statement for the last six years stating that his wife, was unemployed.  Yet it has to be awful hard for him to have missed the $686,589 she made while working for the Heritage Foundation and Hillsdale College during that time.

Thomas, in his response has stated that his wife’s income was “inadvertently omitted due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions.”

Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause, said he found Justice Thomas’s explanation about the omission to be “implausible.”

As a Supreme Court justice who regularly hears complex legal cases, “it is hard to see how he could have misunderstood the simple directions of a federal disclosure form.”

… or Thomas just deliberately left it out.  Either way, it is time that this clown needs to either step down or be removed.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Congress isn’t going to bust a grape.  Holder isn’t going to either, and Thomas isn’t going to leave on his own.  The “Liberal Lame Stream Media” isn’t talking much about it either.

Look!  There are the Kardashians!

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