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What Now FB?

“When you’re on a site like Facebook, you get lots of posts about what people are doing. That sets up social comparison — you maybe feel your life is not as full and rich as those people you see on Facebook,” John Jonidas. read the article here

Let me tell you what about FB makes me sad.

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Warts and All

pumpkin 13This is the time of year when everyone writes about squash. The grotesquely large zucchini have begun to show up at workplaces and country churches, as folks ‘share the bounty’ of their garden. This is why I don’t plant zucchini. If I want some, I only have to leave my car door unlocked.
My tale is the odyssey of what is that growing in my garden and how did it get there?

Last year I planted acorn squash. I got some attractive vines, and finally two fruits, that the squirrels promptly ate into. This year I planted orange, warty, pumpkins. I thought they would be interesting Halloween decorations, and that my grand-kids might get a kick out of them.
My vines were spectacular. I had to cut them back from taking over the sidewalk. One headed across the length of the garden, up the fence, and started over the gate to the neighbors house. It is definitely not a pumpkin. One headed for the front lawn and has launched itself up and out the top of my Lilac bush. I have one warty pumpkin growing deep in the bowels of the bush. I am hoping it will get enough sun to ripen and turn orange. There is at least one other vine growing into the bush, because the other specimens are not pumpkin. They are also eight to ten feet off the ground. Read more

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