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The Real Reason The Elites Keep Killing Single-Payer

A bill to establish single-payer healthcare in the state of California, SB 562, has been killed. The man who officially stuck the knife in it, Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, has assured Californians in a statement that the bill is not dead but merely sleeping while further “discussion and debate” is had over the bill and its merits. He is lying. Possibly to himself, and certainly to the people of California, but on one level or another Anthony Rendon is aware that SB 562 has been deliberately killed, and is choosing to lie about it.

How can I be so certain that Rendon is lying? Easy: he’s taken a tremendous amount of money from powerful corporate entities that officially and unofficially oppose the bill. He killed the bill on purpose, and he will do everything within his power to make sure it stays dead. He will do so while tooting the horn of progressivism, he will do so while pretending to support universal health care, but when it comes down to actually making it happen he’ll act like a keyboard warrior on a martial arts forum who suddenly finds himself challenged to a fight in real life. In a nation where money fully dictates government policy and congressional candidates who outspend their opponents almost always win, you only need to follow the money.

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Jay Sekulow, Christian Right’s Legal Go-To Guy, Vaults Onto Trump’s Legal Team

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As Right Wing Watch’s Peter Montgomery pointed out, over the years, Sekulow’s ACLJ has floated a number of “bogus right-wing charges”, including: “that secular humanists and ‘Satan’s legions’ are persecuting Christians in America; “that a Department of Homeland Security report on the threat of radicalization and domestic terrorism in the U.S. was ‘a blatant attack on conservative America’; “that gay people are out to ‘destroy’ families and communities”; “that President Obama tried to suppress the votes of Ohio military service members serving overseas”; “that Sharia law is a threat to the U.S. Constitution and Muslims cannot be loyal Americans because ‘devout Muslims cannot truthfully swear the oath to become citizens of the Unites States of America.'”
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Law Professor Warns Trump Has Already Begun Unraveling Our Democracy

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Since assuming office in January, Donald Trump has been called a fascist, an authoritarian and a would-be autocrat, but what are the precise dangers his presidency poses?

“The problem with calling Trump a threat to democracy is that we have a really narrow idea of what it looks like when democracies fail,” explains Vox correspondent Carlos Maza. “We imagine democratic failure as being some spectacular event — a military coup or an illegal power grab or the declaration of martial law.”

He continues, “In a country like the U.S., the death of democracy is going to start off looking kind of normal. So normal you might not even notice it’s happening, until it’s too late.”

Last Wednesday, the Washington Post revealed that President Trump is being investigated for possible obstruction of justice by special counsel Robert Mueller.

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Inspection- Do Not E-mail Me Again, Democratic Party, and STOP CALLING!

by Ken Carman

 There comes a time when the you realize the person who have been seeing isn’t taking the relationship seriously. Worse than that not only do they ignore your concerns, but they keep making promises, asking for money, and never fulfill those promises.
Inspection You really don’t want to break their heart, but sometimes you wonder if they have any heart left to break.
 This is how I feel about the Democratic Party.
 Democratic Party, you know I would never date the one I used to be with so many years ago. He’s become a bully and I swear he’s out to kill you. The party I left for him: my first, was useless. In the state where I lived I couldn’t even vote in a primary unless I joined some major party. Now my first party has been corrupted to the point they’re the bully’s puppy dog. The Conscience of a Conservative has turned into having no “conscience” at all.
 The second party, well I wasn’t with him very long. It became obvious he was becoming abusive. This should have been obvious for many years when he does anything to get in the way of those who disagree with him, no matter how dishonest, how cruel, how many lives are ruined. He treats those who dare to disagree with him like roaches he must exterminate. Still you let him take advantage of you over and over again. You ignore constant warnings from your friends. Read more

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