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White House: U.S. Can’t Afford Veterans’ Health Care Without Cuts

Last year, the Trump administration insisted that its regressive tax cuts were so important, it was worth adding $1.5 trillion to the national debt to ensure their passage. Now, the White House is warning Congress that the United States cannot afford to add $1.6 billion to the deficit to expand health-care options for veterans.

In a letter Monday, the Trump administration demanded that lawmakers fund a popular veterans’ health-care program — which allows former troops to spend public funds on private doctors and hospitals — with cuts to other parts of the budget. Democrats, and some top Senate Republicans, prefer to raise the current caps on discretionary spending instead.

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Trump to Discontinue Obama-Era Practice of Using Lowercase Letters

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Charting a sharply different course from that of his predecessor in the White House, Donald J. Trump announced on Monday that he would discontinue the Obama-era practice of using lowercase letters.

In a series of early-morning tweets, Trump announced the ban on lowercase letters, calling them “SMALL” and “WEAK.”



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Pence’s Anti-Abortion Law Could Upend Roe v. Wade

The Indiana law could let a newly configured Supreme Court reassess abortion rights.


n anti-abortion law Vice President Mike Pence signed as governor of Indiana could become the case that lets the Supreme Court reshape abortion rights as soon as next year.

The Indiana law — which prohibited abortion because of the gender, race or disability of the fetus, such as Down syndrome — was blocked by lower courts and is one of three significant anti-abortion state statutes that are sitting one level below the Supreme Court. If Indiana appeals this fall, and the justices accept the case, it could be the opening for a broader ruling on Roe v. Wade that could redefine abortion rights nationwide.

Pence could then take double credit for the anti-abortion movement’s ascendancy: The politician whose evangelical credentials helped carry conservative religious voters to President Donald Trump also helped deliver the high court case that could scale back access to abortion 45 years after Roe.


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The NRA Is Awfully Quiet About Maria Butina

t typically takes a mass shooting to keep the National Rifle Association this quiet.

As of this writing, the NRA has issued no public comment about this week’s arrest and indictment of Maria Butina, a 29-year-old Russian gun rights activist who had spent years ingratiating herself with the NRA, as well as Republican politicians and conservative notables. Butina is suspected of conspiracy to act as an unauthorized agent of the Russian Federation within the United States without the authorization of the Attorney General.

And yet all we hear from the notoriously outspoken group is crickets.


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Inspection- PC GOP

by Ken Carman

 No matter what you think about the Russia kerfuffle one thing is obvious: before the election pretty much all Republicans running; Conservatives and Republicans in general, were no Inspectionway this Russia friendly, this interested in skewing foreign relations away from and insulting traditional allies, all while cuddling up to Putin. Yes, there was a subset that claimed to be right wingers and swooned like sex addicts at a gay night club over the world’s top oligarch, especially when his shirt was off. Not really all that many.
 Imagine the reaction from them if Barack Obama went behind closed doors with Putin like he was a married man having an illicit affair? I suppose some of this could be explained by “trust,” even if just the slogan “Trust Trump” wasn’t such a laughable, provable, oxymoron. (Trump Steaks, Trump U., not paying employees, constant shifting of talking points, bonking Russian porcupines… wait, I kind of made that last one up. Maybe. Who knows for sure? Quill… never know for sure.)
 But this isn’t about Russia, nor Putin. Read more

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