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Inspection- Dear Never Trumpers

Dear Never Trumpers,


by Ken Carman

 I think you and the left might agree on one thing, other than “never.” Trump is right: our country has an infestation, but it’s not immigrants. It’s the worst appointments ever, it’s Trump worshipers attending Hitler-like rallies, even wearing shirts asking for his holy touch to lady’s private parts, it’s former Republican critics who now goosestep in time to idiotic barfed up talk points. It’s like they’re part of that alternate, opposite Trek universe where even the tribbles are vicious and evil, and multiplying way too fast.
 Recently I read and wrote about Never Trumper Rick Wilson’s book Everything Trump Touches Dies. Then, listening to Morning Joe, when? Oh, that’s right MORNING! …I realized Never Trumpers are a constituency that may be in for a bigger shock than even the left the morning after the 2020 election.
 I beg whatever God, or gods, there may be: prove me wrong. PLEASE. Read more

Trump’s State-by-State Approval Ratings Should Scare the MAGA Out of Him

here has been a lot of discussion in political circles about Donald Trump’s job-approval ratings, what they portend, and Trump’s Electoral College strategy for 2020, which doesn’t necessarily require a popular-vote plurality. But in the end, of course, the conjunction of the Electoral College with Trump’s state-by-state popularity is where the deal will go down.

The online polling firm Civiqs has published a new set of state-by-state job-approval ratings for Trump as of August 11, and it shows how the president’s overall standing (a 43 percent approval rating nationally, which happens to match the current RealClearPolitics polling average) might translate into electorate votes. It’s not a pretty picture for the president, to put it mildly.

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The FBI Could Fight Far-Right Violence if They Wanted To

…recent reporting… revealed the active participation of police officers in white supremacist groups and racist social media activity by a small but significant number of police officers and border patrol officials makes clear that overt and organized racism continues to fester within agencies sworn to protect the public safety as well. The FBI has repeatedly warned its agents about white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement, urging caution about sharing sensitive intelligence about domestic terrorism cases. But it has taken few concrete actions to protect communities of color from these racist officers. Given this disturbing reality, giving law enforcement greater domestic terrorism powers may not be the safest or most effective solution.

So what is Congress to do?

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