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Lev Parnas Should Be Afraid of Bill Barr

Lev Parnas recently told Rachel Maddow that he’s more afraid of Attorney General Bill Barr than he is of the mobbed-up foreign oligarchs he has betrayed. Barr, after all, can weaponize our prisons to punish Parnas.

“Am I scared?” he said. “Yes, because I think I’m more scared of our own Justice Department than these criminals right now.”

An attorney general willing to bend or even break the law—and certainly willing to conceal crimes and lie to the American people—can be a corrupt president’s last line of defense.

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Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group

Using encrypted apps, members of the highly organized group planned terror campaigns; vandalized synagogues; established armed training camps and recruited new members.

The US attorney for Maryland, Robert K Hur, speaking after the recent arrest of three members of the Base, said that they “did more than talk – they took steps to act and act violently on their racist views”.

Few traces of him exist anywhere

Rinaldo Nazzaro has maintained a decidedly low profile: he has no visible presence on any major social media platforms, no published writings under his own name, and no profile in local or national media.

Few traces of him exist anywhere, except where a name is required in official business – such as real estate purchases and the registration of companies.

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Inspection- Starr of a TRUE Presidential Immorality Play: 2020

by Ken Carman

 The appointment of Trump’s defense team is telling. Pam Bondi who could have, and should have, pursued Trump for Floridian’s outrage over Trump U and many other things, traded legal ethics for political favor and an appointment. Trump got what he wanted to: not to be prosecuted, Bondi got more power and influence. Then we have defender of the infamous and headline chaser Alan InspectionDershowitz. He gives ambulance chasing lawyers a good name. And, of course we have the subject of this edition: flash from the past Mr. “I’m More Moral Than Everyone Else” in the 90s, Ken Starr. Or should I have typed “flasher?” He always did seem to me to be like the legalistic version of the guy in the park, “Look what a big high morals %$#! I have!”
 I feel shame for sharing a first name with a legal partisan hack like Ken Starr. Many of you may remember him coming out weekly and framing himself as a defender of higher presidential morality: the prosecutor for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Every week the head inquisitor came out trying to fake sincerity and humbleness: constantly falling flat on his own overly self righteous sword. Most of the country saw him for the empty moral suit he really was, at best. By accepting this position he’s proving that judgement.
 If the trial were to go beyond the backseat quickie rape with Lady Justice Moscow Mitch wants: and it certainly looks like it won’t…
 If his plan to immediately bury the whole thing fails…
 Once again Starr will be slipping and sliding out in front of cameras like the maggot at the bottom of the legal garbage can he is; slip out to parade his sliminess in front of the camera just like he did during the Clinton impeachment. Read more

The Trump Coup to Come

America’s political authoritarianism comes in different, yet combined, mutually reinforcing forms. We have the neofascist authoritarianism of the white nationalist Republican Party, its Great Dog-Wagging God in the White House and his cultish, white-Amerikaner base.

Donald Trump may well not leave the White House without a dangerous fight if he is bested in the Electoral College in November. In his book titled “A Warning,” the senior Trump administration official known only as “Anonymous” cites a “worry for our republic … if Trump is removed from office—by impeachment or a narrow defeat in the ballot box … Trump will not exit quietly—or easily.” The author continues: “It is why at many turns he suggests ‘coups’ are afoot and a ‘civil war’ is in the offing. He is already seeding the narrative for his followers – a narrative that could end tragically.”

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