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Call On ABC News to Drop Breitbart

Incredibly, ABC News is planning to use fringe-right pathological political smear merchant Andrew Breitbart to comment on Tuesday night’s elections. This is the man behind Shirley Sherrod’s firing due to a heavily-edited video, and the main supporter of race-baiter James O’Keefe’s also heavily-edited ‘fake pimp’ videos that closed ACORN’s doors based on lies. Color of Change is trying to stop this insult to the intelligence of the American people — add your name to the petition below:

Call on ABC News to drop Andrew Breitbart

Color of Change.org

Andrew Breitbart is a liar and race-baiter with a long history of pushing false stories to achieve his political ends. He was most recently exposed as a fraud after promoting selectively-edited video in an attempt to paint the USDA’s Shirley Sherrod as a racist, smear the NAACP, and accuse the Obama administration of reverse racism.

For some reason, ABC News invited Breitbart to participate in their Election Day programming. It’s a slap in the face to Shirley Sherrod, to Black America, and to everyone who believes in the value of telling the truth. Please join us in calling on ABC to drop Breitbart from their Election Day programming, now.

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The News Pauper: All in a Days Work

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper has again been lying low, awaiting a suitable subject to expound upon. The waves are overflowing with things to pass by. The week of Obama-vision we just went through helped to bolster the opinion I have had that the genius of this president is allowing his opponents to exhaust themselves.

I predict that we will see a solid health care reform bill, complete with a public option. In bringing this about, the president will quell the winger multitudes and their owners for a good stretch. The following successes, bringing the Olympics to Chicago, stalling the freefall in the economy, and subduing the corporate forces that fund the astroturfers, will further his reputation. This should all lead to the redress of the issues of the last administrations rape of the Constitution, torture, and war crimes.

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The News Pauper: Patience, Prudence

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper returns to you after a long holiday weekend doing what he does to make the bills go away; namely propping up aging rockstars or coddling new ones. The blame for the light numbers attendance-wise falls on the shoulders of the talent buyers. If the promoters of these things allowed for the slightest unorthodoxy, it would bring a fresh tinge to any event. Ive seen three decades of cover sluts and has-beens and wannabes pollute the pond of public gatherings. What amazes me is that it took so long for the rubes to figure out that they were gonna get gouged by the same promoter year after year to see the same old set of songs done by the cookie-cutter cover bands. I dont believe that there is a lack of talent or innovation, I just think that there are too many talent buyers that have been too lazy to develop relationships with real talent that makes people talk for days about what they saw. The question remains, how will we regain the trust of the entertainment-starved masses?

It is good to get away from the realities of the current hoodoo over the presidents speech to the children of our nation. Honestly, there is a concerted effort to react negatively to every last move the president makes by the same cadre that gives us Birthers, Deathers, and Teabaggers. As I have stated in the past, it is a joy to watch the political jujitsu employed by the brilliant Obama. I am not among those who think that the president is failing in his strategy. Those that are already, in eight months, throwing up their arms in disgust over what they perceive to be shortcomings are not taking into account the true seriousness of our situation. We have just emerged from eight years of the worst threat we have ever faced as a nation. It will take generations to recover from the damage our America has sustained at the hands of those that continue to operate freely as we speak.

Anyone who has been exposed to a toddler in frenzy knows that the tempest will soon pass. It is the only analogy I can make for the holdouts on the right that Fox News spends so much effort to sensationalize. The epitome of the squeaky wheels, Glenn Beck, apparently in his last throes, if you will, claimed the head of Van Jones and the left is claiming that Glenn has the ear of the president and they dont. People dont see too far in front of their faces if they cant see that Color of Change isnt going away. Glenns show is losing real sponsors and no business that relies on its’ income can ignore the loss of revenue.

So, I congratulate Obama on letting the tyrannical toddlers exhaust themselves over the summer. Well see how Van Jones makes out in the private sector, as we will surely see Glenn Becks demise. We all must bear in mind at all times that the ship of state maneuvers slowly. It helps to remember that even the most virulent nutter doesnt ever mention the name of the last president, and Karl Rove claimed in his WSJ column that Obama is in deep doo-doo. We all know how great he is at predicting things, now dont we?

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2009 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.

The Tattlesnake Obama Must Stand Up, Van Goes Down, and Comedy King Beck Edition

“If you tell the same story five times, it’s true.”
— Larry Speakes, Ronald Reagan’s White House Press Secretary.

It’s a Given: President Obama must strongly stick up for a public option in his health care speech tonight or the game’s over. The Dems will lose big in 2010, maybe even a majority in the Senate, while Obama himself will be marginalized by the right, abandoned by his progressive base, and become a one-term president, battered into a cartoonish wimp by right-wing lies and smears. We’re begging you BHO bring out your inner FDR; boil the corporate moonshiners in some salty Truman oil. Even if you don’t manage to pass a health care reform bill, at least stand up for yourself and those who supported you!

Camp Whiggy-Watchee: Howsomever, knees are knocking at Republican HQ these days at the idea that the GOP will be heading into the 2010 election without a solid trusted leader of the party and dragging the chock-full-o-nuts baggage of the screwy-squirrel teabaggers with them. While the shouters and doubters are good public theater for astroturf airtime to dilute health care reform, independent and MOR voters most of us, in other words are put off by these nattering ninnies yelling ‘Nazi’ at anybody who dares disagree with them. The TV shots of men armed with rifles and handguns at the various ‘protests’ didn’t help improve the GOP image of maturity and stability either. (White Ex-Republican Soccer Mom: “How can you trust Republicans when they cater to people like that?”) Outside of Old Dixie, how do you get Congress-Creatures and other GOP detritus elected without the moderates tossing in some votes? The Repos, to their distress, are about to find out the answer you can’t, at least not without the help of quivering Democrats.

(Speaking of Teabaggers, Here’s Some Free Advice: Dip yourselves in boiling water for ten minutes, then add sugar or lemon to taste.)

Bell Curve to Hell-Care Reform: The Dems will also feel the pain in 2010 if they don’t smarten up their act on health care reform. The unions, as well as many progressive groups, have already said ‘nada’ to putting the ‘GO’ in GOTV in the next election, if a public option isn’t in the final bill. Some (alleged) Dems central to the health care issue Max Baucus, Harry Reid and their mealy-mouthed, corporate cash compadres may also feel the heat from the left as real progressives challenge their nominations. Sure, they might still win, but it would cost them a bundle and leave a residue of ill-will, making them easy pickings for the GOP. If somebody like a Gov. Brian Schweitzer challenged Baucus for the Dem nomination, I think Montana primary voters would dump Max in a mixed-cliche New York heartbeat.

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Glenn Beck’s Last Sponsor

Cartoon Beck Sham Wow

More companies pull Beck ads: Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy
— Michael Calderone, Politico.com, Aug. 17, 2009

Glenn Beck losing advertising dollars
— Michael Stone, Portland Progressive Examiner, Aug. 12, 2009

To sign a petition asking the remaining Beck advertisers to pull their ads, go to Color of Change here.