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The News Pauper: On the Unfortunate Evolution of Corporate Personhood

By W.B. Dunne

Once upon a time, a person that made something of his life in this country was made to feel compelled to give something back. When a robber baron would endow a library, or form a foundation to benefit some cause, his name would be attached to said cause and down the ages that name would take on the philanthropic association and the nature of the man who made the thing would be forgotten.

The great corporations that now plaster their logos and company names all over our stadiums and charities never seem to garner the same graces the old regime got. In spite of the groveling of the team players theyve populated their offices with, human beings at large will never identify with a brand as they do with a name.

CEOs do not and cannot understand that they are humans like the rest of us. Leaders of all ilk’s have tried to elevate themselves to the status of deities since before written history. They all have one thing in common: ultimately they fail.

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Positive Ad vs. Negative Ad. Which shows more hope?

While Grumpy McCain continues to pull out all stops on his negative ads, Barack Obama puts out a message of hope — a “Defining Moment”. Not once does he mention Grumpy or his policies. Instead of asking if we are better off today than we were four years ago or even four weeks ago, he looks towards the future, and tells us what he plans to do over the next four years.

Forward thinking. A message of hope, and things to come.