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The Tattlesnake More Randomized Odds and Ends Edition

Or, Once Around the Poop Deck

Rumor Du Jour: Word is, the Big Money Boys are holding back from dumping any more kale into the GOP, especially since new RNC Chair Michael “Hip-Hopper” Steele has inspired about as much confidence as Jim Cramer’s investment advice. With ex-Bush speechwriter David Frum and former Republican contractor Newt Gingrich both taking swipes at the Mighty-Mite Talk Radio Leader of the Rabid Right, how long before the schism between the more-or-less sane Party Insiders and the Christopublican-Conservative Brown Shirts, flopping around crazily to Rush’s goose-step? Place your bets now the money to put the chug in the GOP is drying up nobody wants to back a loser, and the GOP is the bob-tail nag running last these days and 2010 doesn’t look rosy.

Besides, even some of the faithful Christopublican ground troops are backing off after 30 years of getting out the vote for the GOP, they’ve noticed the Republicans, even when in the majority in Congress and holding the WH under Junior, didn’t ‘get ‘er done’ on outlawing abortion and hanging atheists and Unitarians in Lafayette Park. And where’s the Armageddon they were promised? Plus, they aren’t thrilled with Limbaugh he’s not pious enough for their taste.

Without the Christo vote, no GOP seat is safe in 2010. Folks, grab your popcorn and settle back: we’re watching the self-immolation of the GOP on a scale not seen since the Whigs bickered themselves to death. Something will take its place, probably led by more moderate conservatives like Susan Collins and Dick Lugar, while the Christopublican crazies and demented Dittoheads spin out of orbit, lost forever babbling baloney somewhere out near Uranus.

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The Tattlesnake It’s Time For Obama to Fire Petraeus Edition

GOP Candidate-in-Waiting Petraeus’ Machinations Are a Threat to the President’s Civilian Authority

Lincoln had his George McClellan; Truman had his Douglas MacArthur; there’s a history of politically ambitious generals undermining their elected Commander-in-Chief to bolster their own prospects at the presidency. In McClellan’s case, he dragged his feet and lost battles that he should have won, setting the stage for his promise to negotiate an end to the conflict with the Confederacy in his 1864 run for the presidency against Lincoln, a man he privately loathed and irrationally blamed for the Civil War. Fortunately, the self-styled ‘American Napoleon’ lost that election. Dugout Doug MacArthur openly flouted Truman’s orders and tried to widen the Korean War into a war with China, including the use of nuclear weapons, hoping to capitalize on his war hero status to glide to victory over Truman as a Republican in 1952. In both cases, the generals were appropriately fired: McClellan was quietly relieved of his command of the Army of the Potomac in 1862; MacArthur publicly axed by ‘Give ’em hell Harry’ in 1951.

It’s an open secret that CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus lusts to be the GOP presidential candidate in 2012, and thinks he can ride to the White House as an Eisenhower-like hero who ‘won’ the war in Iraq, thanks to his Surge plan, which mostly amounts to bribing warlords with US taxpayer money. However, his CinC President Obama, elected on a promise to end the unpopular Iraq War and concentrate on our collapsing economy, has ordered Petraeus and his deputy, chief US commander in Iraq Gen. Ray Odierno, to have US combat forces out of Iraq within 16 months. Petraeus’ reaction, according to Gareth Porter of the Inter Press Service, was to put pressure on Obama to change his policy, offer to disguise our continued presence in Iraq by calling combat troops ‘support troops,’ and enlist the aid of military brass to push for a continuation of our occupation of Iraq. As Porter notes:

“A network of senior military officers is also reported to be preparing to support Petraeus and Odierno by mobilising public opinion against Obama’s decision.”
— Gareth Porter, “Generals Seek to Reverse Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Decision,” Feb. 2, 2009.

It is not up to Petraeus nor any of his deputies to ‘mobilize public opinion’ against a presidential decision, to find ways to keep troops in Iraq contrary to a presidential directive, nor to use their command to enhance their future in politics. (The CENTCOM commander himself would hardly countenance such scheming by a member of his staff.) Petraeus’ only two options, according to the oath he took when he joined the US Army, is to either follow a legal order from the president, or resign his commission; anything else smacks of insubordination. Since it’s unlikely Petraeus will resign, that leaves only one choice for Obama, the same one exercised by Lincoln and Truman before him fire his insubordinate subordinate and replace him with someone who will follow orders.

The Tattlesnake The True Meaning of Powell’s Obama Endorsement Edition

On Meet the Press October 19th, Colin Powell took out a very thin, very sharp stiletto and carved up John McCain without ever raising his voice or uttering an angry or blatantly demeaning word, culminating with his endorsement of Barack Obama for president.

Powell has been on a crusade to resurrect his lost integrity and honor since he submitted a noxious pack of lies to the United Nations Security Council in support of Bush’s invasion of Iraq. He knows his performance was the clincher that ended the debate for many Americans if the reasonable and straightforward Powell was behind it, it must be true.

This is the final stage of Powell’s reclamation of his character and veracity rejecting the aggression and insanity of McCain’s more-war stance in favor of the kind of diplomacy he advocated before he served the interests of BushCo at the UN in 2003.

While his endorsement is unlikely to move many civilian voters, former Joint Chiefs of Staff head Powell is still respected in the military and his nod to Obama will signal to many in the armed forces, including the top brass, that it’s safe to support the Democrat this election.

Beyond that, it’s also a sign of the deep fissure in the Republican Party between the Old Guard secular conservatives, such as Powell’s former boss George H.W. Bush, James Baker and Brent Scowcroft, and the emergent power of the Christopublicans, embodied by the elevation of the inexperienced but devout Sarah Palin to vice presidential nominee.

The Old Guard, of course, were happy to use the Christopublicans to get elected, as Reagan and Bush the Elder did, but, once in office, they were put in the corner and ignored.

After Junior Bush’s installment in 2000, the Christopublicans became a much stronger force in the GOP, often calling the shots in various campaigns, although the party wasn’t willing to commit suicide by attempting to legislate such things as abortion and prayer in schools on a national basis. The Old Guard were watching closely at the blowback from the GOP’s interference in the Terri Schiavo fiasco, and the massive public rejection of such meddling it was the ultimate proof that the Christopublicans were destroying the secular conservative Republican Party of small government, deregulation and low taxes in pursuit of their mad idea of a Christian theocracy.

Powell, who rightfully credits his advancement to Bush 41, cooperated with Junior out of loyalty to the family and, out of the same loyalty, might have kept his endorsement to himself this year but, it seems plain, he was given the green light by the Old Guard, including Bush the Elder, to support Obama over McCain.

The doddering McCain himself is a marginalized figure here; the real focus is Sarah Palin, the pious End Times cipher forced upon McCain by the Christopublicans in return for their support. With an illness-prone and elderly President McCain not likely to finish out his first term, the prospect of a Rapture-Ready Palin presidency makes the Jim Dobson’s and Pat Robertson’s giddy in anticipation and causes old Cold War warriors such as Powell, who spent his military career trying to keep the nuclear fuse from being lit, shivers up the spine.

Already we have seen Old Guard Reaganauts from George F. Will to Peggy Noonan and Ken Adelman abandon the GOP for Obama; setting the stage to blame Palin and the Christopublicans for what is shaping up to be a Democratic landslide in November.

They will willingly endure four or eight years of an Obama administration in order to drive the Christopublican menace back to the fringe of the party and assert the power of the Old Guard once more.

Make no mistake, Powell’s strong endorsement of Obama shows that the secular conservatives are ready to step in and retake the GOP from the forces of Christian theocracy bent on touching off a nuclear Armageddon to fulfill their fanatical fantasies.

The Tattlesnake McCain Says Listen to Bin Laden Edition

“Ill speak for the man, or against him, whichever will do the most good.”
— Richard M. Nixon

On March 25th, MSNBC’s First Read reported John McCain’s delusional comment, “We’re succeeding [in Iraq], I don’t care what anybody says.” True to form, McCain’s Big Media Fondlers cast this bit of insouciant ‘unsinkable Titanic’ stupidity as their War Hero’s steadfast refusal to back down after the marking of the 4,000th American death in Bush’s Bust in the Dust.

What was more interesting about the story, though, was McCain’s embrace of Osama bin Laden’s position on Iraq, and how the Big Media mavens covered it.

Bin Laden, as he’s wont to do to influence US politics, apparently echoed George Bush’s and John McCain’s contention that Iraq is the central front in the war on terrorism and McCain, incredibly, accused those that didn’t believe bin Laden of ‘naivete’.

Who’s being na, Senator?

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