Taking the Bath Less Traveled

For•Est Bath•Ing (Noun)
Originating in 1982 at the suggestion of Japan’s forest agency, the concept and exercise of “forest bathing” entails taking a leisurely walk in the woods. Think of this arboreal stroll as a natural form of aromatherapy, with additional visual and cardiovascular curative aspects. The key to maximizing the benefits of the forest bath treatment is to deeply breathe in phytoncides, volatile antimicrobial organic compounds released by essential wood oils.

Usage: “The wife and I were feeling a little stressed; so we took a forest bath together, and now we’re talking about renewing the vows!”  

I love this idea and I can attest to the healing power of a walk in the woods. In my life it is generally a walk with my dog, and or my grandchildren. And though actual bathing is not part of this prescription, if the opportunity presents itself, that is magical too. Even if you don’t have access to a stream or lake, a campers shower is exhilarating.

And for an interesting look at where my e-wandering takes me,

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