Sat. Apr 20th, 2024


Liberaltopia was started by a guy named Grouchy in 2002. He had been involved on sites like MyDD and other forum-style sites doing combat chatting about political stories of the day.

He found a website called Political Pulpit run by DJ Allyn and Marty Lawson and he started participating in the discussions there.  When Political Pulpit became The Political Puzzle, he became a regular writer and contributor.

Grouchy liked writing on a regular basis and decided that he needed to have a website of his very own.  So he had DJ Allyn set him up with his own blog on DJ’s server and let things go on from there.

The Political Puzzle shut down a couple of years ago, and DJ started focusing his full attention here at Liberaltopia.  Grouchy started having some health issues that kept him from being a regular contributor here, so DJ Allyn, RS Janes, Ken Carman, and others have been picking up the slack for him ever since.

As of April 2009, Liberaltopia has started to branch out into some new directions.  Our name was changed to LT Saloon.  We had a new look, with some new features.  We still discuss political issues, but we also discuss other topics.

In April of 2011, some differences in direction came about and some of the participants decided to leave.  Those who stayed behind felt that since there had been a major change on the site, perhaps it was time to make another change in name and looks.  So we became,

The End of the ‘Net!