Here We Go Again

When will Dem leaders start taking this seriously, and stop waiting until election time to even say anything about it? On Tom Hartmann this morning, Thom mentioned that there are reports out of Florida that “Democrats” are calling registered Democrats offering to pick up their ballots. You call back the number they called from and find out you’re calling the Republican Party headquarters. None of the ballots picked up so far have been accounted for. (Surprised?) Here is the only thing I could find on the web so far…

“Failure to deliver absentee ballots. Volunteers in Florida are picking up absentee ballots from Democrats and not delivering them.”


Why is it every election they wait until the last moment to even mention these efforts, and after the election they do little to nothing. The claim I have heard is people will stop voting, but if all this goes on: vote flipping, easily hackable: proprietary software owned by electronic vote machine companies connected to one party, Florida ballots that list what party you are registered to so they know which ones to throw away, robocall threats and lies with the direct intent of keeping another party from voting, caging, small numbers of ballot boxes in Democratic areas: more than needed in Republican, “Democrats vote the next day” circular… what the hell difference does it make if people don’t vote? You can’t “swamp” any system that corrupt, especially when the media will buy any excuse made for why results aren’t what was predicted.

There’s no polite way to type this: this is corrupt bullshit of the worst kind perpetrated by traitors who should be hung in public until the vultures pick their carcass clean.