Ricki Scott, Scumbag, Dumps Dog After Election?

Courtesy nydailynews.com

As one of two editors here at OEN I can get stubborn, though my cousin Joyce probably doesn’t know that.

Courtesy sherv.net

Courtesy sherv.net

This is one of those cases. I just heard a news story about Rick Scott who, in a previous election, adopted a dog. He even called it “Reagan,” after you know who. As soon as the election was over he un-adopted the dog, dumping it right back where he got it. This is as much as I know. Why? Because I PLANNED on providing a short fair usage-based blurb, a link and letting the reader decide. Unfortunately EVERY site I tried to source via Google made my computer crash. These were not weird, obscure, sites: more like politico, NYDaily News, etc.

Every site?



This will be Facebooked. Make up your own mind regarding any of this. As I said: I get stubborn.

I am well aware of hacking of web sites and Wiki by partisan trolls who don’t want anything that puts their candidates in a bad light, and I can’t think of any reason why every site with only THIS story would cause a crash. These trolls are a loathsome breed who are freedom hating, hate-filled, traitors: no matter what their partisan skew. They belong in prison.

This isn’t a left/right thing. This is a response I feel is necessary “just in case” no matter who might do these kinds of things. So feel free to research it yourself, decide for yourself as to the story and/or my suspicions: just be cautious.


If what I suspect is true, here’s my response to Rick and his fascist trolls…

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