The Cop Shooting So Horrific It Cost $5 Million to Hide

judge has ruled that police must release dashcam video showing the violent death of 17-year-old old Laquan McDonald, shot 16 times by officer Jason Van Dyke last October.

Thanks to a lawsuit filed by journalist Brandon Smith, the video that many have been clamoring–and that police have been withholding–since McDonald’s death has been ordered to be shown on Nov. 25. The city and the department are expected to appeal the decision, Smith told The Daily Beast, a move that could tie up the release of the footage for months.

Today’s decision is in line with a ruling issued by the Illinois Attorney General’s office in early November requesting Chicago police to release the video.

The video reportedly shows McDonald carrying a knife on the southwest side of the city on Oct. 20 last year, walking as far as the width of two car lanes away from police before an officer shoots him 16 times.

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