The News Pauper: On Responding to Idiots

On Responding to Idiots

By W.B. Dunne

I love Barack Obama. If for nothing else, then for the wonderful range of complete wingnuttery that his rise to glory has unleashed. It was necessary for me to lay out for a few days after my last post, I wanted to keep from becoming a one note singer with my focus on the piddling stylings of Glenn Beck. In that small space of time a few things have occurred to me that I thought Id share:

The owners of the media, which are capitalizing through the ratings, are really the ones responsible for the tone of their toadies. They are the bosses in a huge money machine, and they endorse in blood every word the crazies in their shows spit out. We are going to see more of the chaos they need to survive the coming retribution.

These same parties think they are now the ones which will be caught in the same trap they thought was only meant for the rest of us, specifically, the privacy invading apparatus the Republicans of the last administration created to intimidate and control the government of the United States permanently. They took part in dividing the country into with us or against us. Now, they cant believe that they lost control. They are looking down the barrel of their own cannon in the form of a popular president with the backing of the country.

Sedition in the form of the rabble-rousing hatespeech is the last resort of desperation for these moguls of greed and corruption. They have no idea that they have seen their last big score. These titans of yesterday think they can control the outcome by steering the conversation through the many outlets under their sway; they use the gullibility of the zombies they created like the pin in a grenade.

I am by far the lowest in my ability to comprehend the great machinations of powerful men in high places. I am fortunate to come out on top in a dispute over the smallest tavern controversy, let alone effect the outcome of a great debacle such as the one I saw coming with the advent of infotainmentbut I am a lucky one compared to my truth-starved, brainwashed peers. Theres a tea party today that will consist of book burners and people who think that Obama isnt an Americansucceed or fail, the way it has been positioned will benefit the message makers more than any man or woman that attends. When it fails, they will say that the lefties infiltrated and undermined. Theyll say it was ACORN, or, that made it fail. This kind of event makes perfect sense to those that will plant violence in order to claim oppression. It seems to me that it is intended to fail, and to be a laughingstock, to galvanize the reactionary elements into a good old-time bloody terror. In the smoke and fire, the guilty scurry and hide, deflect and obstruct, and ultimately get away. When it succeeds, the country fails, and cannot prosecute them, then, they will return to the business of destroying every living thing on this earth with their thirst for more, and more, and more

I suppose my point is that it is easy to spot an idiot being used by someone smarter to commit acts the smarter person would never consider doing. The lions share of the responsibility naturally lies with the one who masterminded the deed. This situation we find ourselves in, having been manipulated into this Catch-22 of needing to know and knowing what is being told is all spin, is exactly that.

Youd have to be an idiot if you think you can get away with thatyet, this is precisely what happened. What we are witnessing now are the distractions that the kingpins of all the disasters we face today hope will help them get away with it.

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