Food Media Beauty

Faked Beauty

Faked Beauty

Herd About It?

by Ana Agrarian

Isn’t it interesting that the same media that brings us hours of images of processed food, full of excess salt, high fructose corn syrup, additives we can’t even pronounce and calories galore w/zero nutritional value (despite the hype on the package), also brings us this kind of fictionalized, photo-shopped ideal of womanly beauty. The industry pushes food with hormones that cause early puberty and disruption of normal female reproductive cycles, asks us to become so thin as to not be able to bear children anyway. The industry that sings the praises of other corporate interests that cause mother’s milk to be tainted with chemicals harmful to their infants, uses this as an example of womanliness.

Certainly a woman is more than her ability to bear or nurse children, but she is also more than an object to be pulled, through ridiculous imagery, into a battle against biological norms.

If this is beauty, then concentration camps are beauty spas. I would hope this woman had not agreed to have her image used in this way.

The fashion industry and the media that promote it need to be taken to task for portraying people in abusive set ups as sexy. A simple glance through the Sunday Times style section should bring more than enough examples.

It’s all about money people. If they can sell us products to keep us fat and unhealthy, we will always need to buy products to try and reach the goal of their image of beauty. They’ve gone to such extremes that they now have to grossly photo-shop skinny models into shape because it is impossible to get there naturally.

I guess just photo- shopping their clothes onto pictures of women from Darfur would be just too obvious.