NYC Gets Theirs


by Ana Grarian

NYC has managed to bring a major gas drilling company to its knees. Chesapeake Energy won’t drill for natural gas in the NYC watershed.

In case that has you taking a big breath of relief – hold it a minute. That’s the New York CITY watershed. The rest of us NY bumpkins (who live over and around most of the Marcellus shale), are not so fortunate. But hey – if fracking is dangerous to the NYC watershed – isn’t it dangerous to ours? And doesn’t our water flow out of our region into others? Or am I just showing quaint, country folk lore reasoning here

If I was caught dumping dangerous chemicals like toluene onto my neighbors lawn I’d be put in jail. If I was caught near our town wells I would probably be jailed under Homeland Security provisions. But somehow if a big company wants to pump them for miles UNDER my community, it’s progress?

No way, no how! My little corner of the earth is still for the most part a Garden of Eden and I think we know what part the Gas Drilling Co. representative is playing. Hisssssss!