It’s Halloween Again

It’s Halloween Again

Written by Jenn Weinshenker

It is Halloween again. For the month of October there will be an endless showing of horror flicks on TV and in the movie theaters. Charming little children will trick or treat with their parents. And some older teens will destroy property in the darkness. People will put on masks, dress in costumes, go to parties and undoubtedly drink too much. It’s all in the name of fun. All in the name of devil’s night and the awakening it is supposed to create that will cause people to cower and crawl to the religious institution of their choice to seek redemption and safety.

But what if you don’t believe in the whole brew-haha? What if you believe that the world will only be a better place when we each begin to take personal responsibility for the choices we make? Couldn’t we celebrate our whimsy by how we dress and the fun we choose to have without all of the other crap that goes along with Halloween?

October, it’s such an amazing month. The leaves are changing. The birds, or what’s left of their numbers, are gathering to make their migration south for the winter. And now and then, as the temperatures cool, there is that wonderful fall chill in the air that some times quickens our step and some times slows it down to take in a deep breath and enjoy the sight of trees ablaze with color against an autumn sky. What could be a more delightful sound than that of leaves crunching under foot? Oh, I have nothing against people putting on masks and costumes and partying. But this whole devil, all saints, ghosts and ghouls dealeo and kids being out too late and destroying property, is lame.
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