Drowning the Middle Class

I’m supposed to be writing about water. I’ve been researching the problem of water mining in the US and elsewhere by big ag, monster chemical, and foolish industry, but I can’t concentrate because of the huge potential for wildfires in the Upper Midwest.
No I’m not talking about the protesters. I’m talking about the Repugnicants. I’ve been trying not to use that word in the spirit of polite discourse, but now I think it is essential to use that word to separate the good, honest Republicans, from the festering abscess in their party, of politicians who will resort to anything, including illegal, unconstitutional actions to do the bidding of their big money bosses.
Can you even believe the extant they will go to to get their way? Thank goodness for timely, news videos. If someone had simply told me about the shenanigans… No, time to stop using down homey words to describe criminal actions against the people, and our country. If someone had told me that a state legislature voted to allow a person, one person, a single partisan person, to dismantle a town, or a school district, and fire the elected officials, or that a state used an illegal action, with full knowledge that the state’s Attorney General had declared it illegal, to strip people of their union rights, I would have thought they were quoting the National Inquirer. Or maybe even the Onion ( a fake satirical “news” paper). I feel like I’ve woken up into a nightmare. Did Mubarak move here? 

If you are angry that union folks get better pay or benefits than you do. If  your angry at the unions for that. Your anger is directed in the wrong direction. The problem is not that unions have the power to get a group of people better wages, terms of employment or benefits. The problem is that more of us are no longer represented by unions. Unions raise the standards for everyone, but there have to be enough jobs represented by unions to reach that tipping point.

The Repugnicants want all, ALL, the power. They want to be able to dissolve your democratically elected town government or school board. They want to not have to bother negotiating contracts.

Quite a stance from people who vote their own pay raises.

The problem is not the unions. IF, and I do mean IF, the problem is that contract employees are paid too well or have too many benefits, the problem is NOT the union. The problem is that the negotiators for the state didn’t do a good enough job. And in WI that was not true as the unions had already agreed to the financial cutbacks the state wanted. WI repugnicants just don’t want to have to put in any effort to get concessions. They want to rule by fiat, and so does MI.

I’ve been on both sides of the union within the same company. I know unions aren’t perfect. I know that to try to make things better for full time employees they often end up stepping on part time employees. I know there is corruption within unions. I also know how an industry craps on the workers who aren’t represented by the union, including the management staff. We need unions.

I’ve also worked non-union. For the average worker, you don’t get to negotiate. If you want a job, and need that job, you take what you’re offered, cause there are bills to pay. The overwhelming majority of us are in that position, college degree or no. I’ve worked where I’ve been told, the owner knows that what he’s asking is illegal, and if you complain, you will be fired.

What’s going on in MI and WI and elsewhere, is and should be, met with an overwhelming deluge of protestors on those state houses. Those are the people’s houses and the Repugnicants (those Republicans who are committing these crimes against their citizenry) should be dragged out and sent packing.

And if you are a Republican who has your head on straight, who knows this is wrong. You need to stand up and defend your people loud and clear. If you want your party to have any kind of legitimacy,


Even if you want some of the measures that are being proposed, but you KNOW THE PROCESS has been ILLEGAL, STAND UP AND SAY SO!

It’s time for honest Republicans to acknowledge the rotting abcess and lance it.

The American people are being steamrolled by a few VERY wealthy sociopaths, via their purse strings tied to unscrupulous politicians. It’s time for those public representatives with a conscience to find their voice.

Here’s an easy way to start – go downstairs and