Who gets to vote?

Last night I voted. No big deal. I stopped in on my way to my book club meeting. The school playground was full of kids playing while Mom/Dad/Grandparents voted, and socialized before and after.

In many places in CNY the poll workers know every voter by sight, and there are church suppers, Fire Dept pancake breakfasts, and PTA bake sales to make it even more pleasant.

But it did get me to thinking.

My voting experience looks something like this:

Would I still be a good voter if it looked like this?:

How does the average person even get the time to stand in line 4-6-10 hours?


Election Day is on a week day. Unless you work in a government office – it’s a work day.

Do you have to use a vacation day or sick day to get off from work?

Heck – the schools which serve as polling places here are in session on Election Day. How would teachers get to vote if they had to stand in line all those hours?  Do they have place holders so you can leave to use the rest room, get lunch, pick up your kids from school? What about the elderly, handicapped and infirm? Can you bring a lawn chair?

And why do lines like that exist? Why aren’t there more polling places and more (functioning) voting machines?

My only complaint about election day is that we no longer have our mechanical machines where you flip the little lever. NYS gave in and now has the paper ballot with scanners. Doesn’t matter which way you put the ballot in, the scanner will read it. I hope that’s true.