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Inspection- Taking a Turner for the Worse

The bad news is I have had to write using this theme many times. The worse news is I am sure I will use it again. For those unfamiliar; The Turner Diaries were basically Timothy McVeigh’s bible. The set up for what was once were mostly just dangerous fictional musings regarding a revolution; led by those who made Hitler look kind, seem to be becoming all too real.Inspection
 Skipping to the end of Turner tells you all you need to know about the goals of the revolutionaries: once they have won their very right wing revolution the infirm, those considered “diseased,” every black, Hispanic, non-white, non-fundamentalist Christian and their ‘damaged’ children are lined up and hanged, shot, butchered to make the country pure ‘again.’ The means of winning is small revolutionary cells that break into tiny cells of one or two that bomb, commit murder by any means, and terrorize. Sometimes it’s like the current pipe bombs used (Suspect: Cesar Jr.), sometimes it’s destroying infrastructure, creating division by any means; but always the intent is to clear the path for the new order, to conquer, to rule the nation. And while the movement is expressly White Nationalist, like all extreme fascists I have no doubt it would go way beyond the book and seek world domination. Read more

Inspection- Deep into The Dark, Dank, Horribly Haunted Forest

In The Wizard of Oz Dorothy and her companions walk through the Haunted Forest. Today our forest is haunted by the worst despots in human history. The road is more quicksand-y than quicksand has ever been. Yet too many of us: clueless, keep trying to skip down the road as if it’s no different than any other road. Meanwhile the forest gets darker, more dank, more evil, and I swear those freedom sucking vampires from humanity’s horrific past have turned some of our leaders. I am hoping there’s a way out; some stake to drive in the heart of tyranny. I’m not sure. I have my doubts. Inspection
 So many people with such high hopes for post 2018, post 2020, if there are big wins. But even if there is some Deep Impact big wave, do you really think they won’t just resurface, they will just give up? They won’t double, triple, quadruple down? Silly you. You have to know they will not submit, nor go away. You have to know they will push even harder, lie even more, do anything to scare us: even if it means war, martial law. Us winning with out fighting back even more might be the best gift we could give Donald Trump and the Trumpettes. Read more

Inspection- Loose, Nasty, Lips Sink Ships of State

 Has the way we increasingly “debate” politics brought the ship of state our forefathers brought us to this Titanic moment in time?
 We might as well burn every Slim Whitman record and elect a REAL alien. The first may not be the worst idea I’ve ever had, the second I’m not sure rhetorically there would be much of a dif. And I must admit over the years I increasingly have felt like the aliens who tried to shut out Inspectionthe sound of Slim’s yodel-y voice.
 Politics has become the cotton candy of the rhetorical universe. Poison cotton candy. You might as well have Jimmy Jones sprinkling tainted Flavor Aid over it before handing the content-less, substance empty, confection over to the electorate and our children. Might as well have WWE wrestlers slamming chairs over each other’s heads, or the Stooges bonking each other, running for office.
 This is the way “adults” behave?
 If so there are children more wise, more mature, more adult-acting in preschools. Maybe we should elect them. Today’s kids know “bad touch” better than our president, maybe a certain Court bound frat boy, maybe even Al Franken. Maybe. Read more

Inspection- Kavanaugh Cannot Die

 This concept could work with almost any issue. It even could be widened to, “Do you really want to provide NO check for THIS president? VOTE Democratic!” How about a series of ads nationwide?

 Probably like many of you I got damn sick of the 24 hours a day Kavanaugh-a-thon. All we needed was Jerry Lewis or some NPR host pumping all the public vitriol tossed back and forth like some very toxic football. And especially how it was all topped off with a victory dance and Trump’s lie that he had changed his mind about Ford. InspectionTrump says whatever is politically convenient at the time for his base and those on the edges. As one judge said back before his political days, “I’m not sure he even knows when he’s lying.”
 But we simply can’t afford to let these things die. In fact it’s the perfect time to strike back. And I’m tired of the old don’t make waves attitude too many have in the Democratic Party. It doesn’t work. Obama made waves. Clinton made waves. Carter made waves. Hillary played it too safe. Kerry played too safe. Dukakis played it too safe. Gore played it too safe. Read more

Inspection- Figuring Out My Flypaper Mind

 Mostly this edition is a break from the ever intense Something Wicked This Way Comes daily political circus. Enjoy!

 I recently reconnected with one of my best friends from the late 60s: Alana, and her new husband, Jack. Well, he’s “new” to me. They’ve been married not quite as long as Millie and I have been, and that goes back to the 60s when T Rex used to chew off Inspectionthe tires of Fred Flintstone’s marble rock tire Norton motorcycle. Like most Brit vehicles built at their Stonehenge factory it was fun to drive but Fred constantly had to have it towed to Pebble Boys for repairs. Fred’s daughter kept threatening to sue them for stealing her name. Lucky for them she never did. Her husband-lawyer would have Bam Bam-ed them out of business.
 Yes, the mechanic’s name was “Rocky,” and “yes” I will stop with the admittedly stupid rock puns. I’m actually not a big fan of The Flintstones. Point being that sometimes the oddest memories gather in our minds as we age… as well as husbands, wives, debts, regrets and, hopefully not all completely interrelated. Read more

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