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Who Should Be in Prison?

Prisoner. (photo: Getty)


ith the highest population of prisoners in the world (we’re 4% of the world’s population but house 22% of the world’s prisoners), it is imperative that we re-evaluate the way our country attempts to create order, peace and stability. Because when the systems that are here to help make society “safer” actually foster more chaos, violence and instability–they cannot go unchecked by the people. On the campaign trail a young sister asked me to follow up on a question about about incarceration for minor offenses. She asked “Well if low-level drug offenders don’t belong in prison, who do you think does?”

I was glad that she asked because in mainstream media and even alternative media there’s some conversation about what is wrong with our judicial system and how ineffective it has been in “rehabilitating” or providing tools for living a healthy, productive life, but very little discussion takes place on the practice of isolating human beings from society in general. And even less on the overall economic, mental, emotional and spiritual impacts of our prison system.

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Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS


Inside a storefront Chinese restaurant in upstate New York, neon light from a multicolored window sign glowed on the face of an extremist plotting mass murder. He had been seeking backing for his attack and, at this small establishment in Scotia, was meeting with a man who had agreed to take part in his scheme to build a radiation device, a weapon of mass destruction that would slowly and painfully kill anyone who walked near it.

“Everything with respiration would be dead by morning,” the man who devised the attack told his confederate in tortured English. “How much sweeter could there be than a big stack of smelly bodies?”

But there would be no attack. The purported accomplice at Ming’s Flavor restaurant in June 2012 was an FBI informant, and the discussion had been recorded. In the months that followed, another man joined the plot. Finally, in June 2013, with the conspirators hard at work on their ghastly weapon, armed FBI agents swooped in, storming a warehouse in Schaghticoke and arresting them.

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Inspection- Loki Cokie Roberts

by Ken Carman

 Is Ms. Roberts actually Loki in disguise? You know, Loki: legendary troublemaker and bad advice giver? Or maybe one of the Bad Idea BearsInspection from Avenue Q who tell you to do what you shouldn’t?
 Wouldn’t be the first public figure who leans rightward to take on that role, Rush Limbaugh being one of the most famous. Why anyone would take advice from someone determined to sabotage you I have no idea.
 If you Google you’ll quickly find many people on the left who think she’s a right winger, many on the right who think she’s a leftie, very Hillary friendly. As to the last, not from what I’ve heard.
 For various reasons I’ve taken to listening to NPR’s Morning Edition before my guilty comedic pleasure: Stephanie Miller, chuckles me even more awake via my XM radio. I’m half awake listening to ME, often typing on this laptop. The show provides mostly background noise. Read more

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