I didn’t want to turn on the computer this morning. Let’s face it. The news is terrible. Every show is talking about Romney’s despicable choice for veep. I can only hope that such lunacy portends a win for Obama. Obama is problematic too, even if Republicans played fair, but that ain’t gonna happen.

How can Ryan, with a straight face speak of his convictions as a Catholic and an Ayn Rander, as if those two aren’t mutually exclusive? Rand the selfish individualist, and Christ the compassionate, good neighbor. 

The Today show featured seed planting high heels as a cure for the radioactivity problems of Fukushima. Now the artist knows they are not truly a cure, they were created to spark serious discussion, but we would be naive to expect that from our breakfast time chat show. Hopefully those shoes didn’t make her taller than Matt Lauer.

I can’t even scroll through Facebook for fun and relaxation. Someone I love will be backing the Mittzy ticket, even though it stands for the abolishment of every program they need and use. Someone else will be fawning over some Twilight star. A young Mom loses her job in a very bad economy, and yet more ‘please post this cancer’ message. How about we have a real discussion about WHY there is so much cancer instead?

Actually, it’s not all that bad. A local church posted their summer totals for fresh food grown, by the church, for local food pantries. Another group is studying food justice issues in Chicago. My daughter posts new photos. Bill Moyers brings a calm and thoughtful perspective. The weather promises rain, and I don’t have to be to work until 3.