Why a Faith-full Candidate?

We need a Christian in the White House. A New Testament, Christ loving, Good News bearing Christian who doesn’t believe that Jesus visited the New World to deliver what would become the United States to arrogant rich white folks.

Now – before you jump all over me…….

I think when most people who prefer a religious candidate think about it, they think that a candidates religious affiliation tells them something about that candidate. This isn’t strange at all. Isn’t that how we think about all of a candidates affiliations?
As a Christian, I think I know something about a candidates thinking based on the faith they proclaim. That’s why I prefer a Christian who evokes the teachings of Christ, to one who evokes the vindictiveness of the Old Testament, or the wrath of Revelation, and why I would be very nervous about a candidate who preached the Rapture.
Does that mean that I would not vote for a candidate of a different faith, or no faith? Of course not. It means that I am most knowledgeable about Christianity and feel that I can get a sense about the candidates mindset by the faith they espouse. But that is just one, aspect of a candidate.


For me it does mean that I want a candidate that is not egocentric. (Sorry Mittens (and Mr. Ryan) – you could never pass that off in a debate, no matter how much you smile while lying.) I am looking for someone who believes there is something bigger than us, be that nature, some form of a goddess or god or combination thereof, or an ultimate truth. I don’t know how that plays out in Judaism, or for Muslims or Buddhists, or for atheists, but if you can convince me that you understand that human beings, and Americans are an integral (but not ultimate) part of the universe, I can see you as a viable candidate.