Tasteless Tailgate

Tasteless TailgateThis photo, horrible in more ways than one, showed up on my Facebook feed. I don’t know if it is an actual photo or not. If it is, I hope whatever moron thought this was cool, is stopped by every cop, sheriff and trooper whose path he crosses, until he paints over it. And I hope whatever ‘artist’ created it, loses business. If it’s not real – I hope it’s appearance on FB was an exercise in social commentary, and not because someone really thinks it’s funny.




I’m not that good at photo-shopping, but do you suppose an image that looked more like this would get the same number of shares?

Tasteless tailgate 2

Violence against women is not funny. Nor is violence against men. Interesting that the images for men tended to show them upright and defensive, even this photo is a much more defensive pose than the one of the woman.

It’s really time for this atrociousness to end