San Francisco Sues Nevada Over “Patient Dumping” Practices



The state of Nevada is now looking at a class action lawsuit over patient dumping practices at Rawson-Neal Hospital. The San Francisco city attorney is accusing the state of dumping mentally-ill patients in his city and now that city attorney wants half a million dollars. News 3’s Antonio Castelan has the story and is here to say why San Francisco city officials think they deserve this money. This is all about getting back money the city attorney feels San Francisco is owed.

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera today filed a class action against the State of Nevada on behalf of California local governments to which indigent patients were improperly bused from the state-run Rawson-Neal Hospital in Las Vegas.

The lawsuit filed in San Francisco Superior Court this morning seeks a court-ordered injunction barring Nevada from similar patient discharge practices in the future, and reimbursement for San Francisco’s costs to provide care to the patients bused there.

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