Republicans to Investigate Why Their Shutdown Caused Memorials to be Shut Down

And now, in the “it takes big cojones, big, arrogant, ignorant and STUPID cojones” category… OEN
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) greets a veteran while holding onto police tape which was removed to allow veterans access to the World War Two Memorial in Washington October 2, 2013. The memorial is technically closed due to the government shutdown, but was


House Republicans continue to be outraged about the fact that, when they shut the government down, even the parts that they liked got shut down. Specifically, various memorials in the nation’s capital, led of course by the World War II Memorial. Naturally, being outraged Republicans, they’re prepared to spend more time and energy investigating why the memorials are closed than attempting to reopen the whole government and the monuments right along with it.

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