The Devil Responds to Antonin Scalia:

Be aware: obscenity here-within.-OEN

Down in the fiery pits, the Devil read with deep delight the comments that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made regarding the existence of Satan, demon, and Hell itself. Asked what he thought about Scalia declaring that not only does he believe in the Devil, but that “What he’s doing now is getting people not to believe in him or in God. He’s much more successful that way,” the Devil himself responded:

“Well, lemme first tell ya that I’m a big, big fan of Justice Scalia. I mean, c’mon, how could ya not love the guy? ‘Argle-bargle.’ That shit’s gold. The man said that capital punishment decisions are ‘easy.’ He hates sodomy so much that he’s made it simple for me to figure out how to punish him after he dies. Check out these barbed wire baseball bats. Yeah, that spiky Louisville slugger’s gonna feel pretty bad going into his sphincter.

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