Legitimizing Rape

Tina Dupuy's picture

The charge of rape is a successful way to smear your enemy. When political agitator Andrew Breitbart was met with Occupy protestors one year at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he started screeching, “Behave yourselves and stop raping people!” Russian President Vladimir Putin used this slander brilliantly when asked if gay athletes would be safe in his country during the Olympics. He replied, yes, “Just leave the kids alone.”

(Rand Paul has been obsessively calling Bill Clinton a predator because of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Sorry, Rand, she was 20 years old and consenting. That barb is also 20 years old…by the way.)

It’s easy to see people whom we don’t like as sexual predators. It’s easy to vilify people as the perpetrators of rape. No one likes a rapist. Right? You’d think.

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