“Birther” Busted For Threatening To Kill Obama

NOVEMBER 22–An 81-year-old “birther” was arrested today and charged with threatening President Barack Obama’s life, according to federal court records.

Prosecutors allege that Elwyn Fossedal was in a post office near his Wisconsin home last

month when he announced, “If President Obama was here I would shoot him right there and kill him right now.”

When Secret Service agents confronted Fossedal about the threat–which was relayed to law enforcement by witnesses–he would not recant the statement and “repeated the threat using different words. He also made a number of additional threats towards the President,” according to a felony complaint.

A Secret Service investigation determined that Fossedal’s wife Margaret Ann–to whom he had been married nearly 57 years–died in early-October and that “he is displacing his grief on her loss with anger towards” Obama and other public officials being protected by the Secret Service.

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