Explosive SF Police Texts: “Cross Burning Lowers Blood Pressure!”

015701-police-031815Text messages allegedly exchanged between San Francisco police officers on their personal phones contained enough homophobic and racist content to shatter the scale on political incorrectness.

San Francisco’s police chief says a series of racist, homophobic text messages revealed in federal court documents “disgraced” his department and that he’s going to do his best to fire the officers involved, SF Gate reports.

“It makes me sick to my stomach to even have these guys around,” San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr told SF Gate.

The texts came to light when former Sgt. Ian Furminger, convicted in December for his role in stealing from drug suspects, attempted to get out on bail while awaiting appeal. Prosecutors bent on making sure that didn’t happen used the text messages against him.

So what did the texts say?

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