When Corrections Fail: The persistence of political misperceptions

A Dartmouth study on how misperceptions persist in the general public, and how media corrections may actually make people believe them even more…

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you
know for sure that just ain’t so.”
Mark Twain

Courtesy www.district205.net

Courtesy www.district205.net

A substantial amount of scholarship in political science has sought to determine whether citizens can participate meaningfully in politics. Recent work has shown that most citizens appear to lack factual knowledge about political matters (see, e.g., Delli Carpini and Keeter 1996) and that this deficit affects the issue opinions that they express (Althaus 1998, Kukl
inski et al. 2000, Gilens 2001). Some scholars respond that citizens can
successfully use heuristics, or information shortcuts, as a substitute for detailed factual information in some circumstances…

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