Missouri State Rep Proposes Bill to Make It As Hard to Get a Gun As It Is to Get an Abortion

Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman, utter genius, is filing a bill in her state that would put guns under the same restrictions as abortions.

Newman decided that it should be a little bit harder to get a gun in Missouri and found perfect legislative inspiration in the rules that control how and when women can get abortions. To that end, Newman writes that gun buyers should have to wait 72 hours to purchase a firearm and talk to a licensed physician to counsel them in the perhaps mortal risks of gun ownership. They would need to travel at least 120 miles to locate a firearms dealer, which is the approximate distance that a woman must travel to get an abortion in Missouri, and gun buyers would have to watch a 30-minute video on “fatal firearm injuries” in order to make any firearm purchases.

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