How Cliven Bundy Changed Our National Politics

019178-bundy-121715It was a giant mistake for the federal government to let racist freeloader Cliven Bundy and his gun-toting comrades off lightly for an act of genuine sedition. This was obvious from the moment it happened, but it has become increasingly obvious as time has gone by. It has become plain that the Bundy “stand-off” has helped let loose fully upon the country and its politics a strain of wildness that was only barely contained since the power axis of movement conservatism moved south and west from the backyard of the Buckley manse in Connecticut. You can see this in everything from the barely disguised racist refusal to treat the president’s election as legitimate, to the hysterical paranoid salesmanship of the NRA, to the stubborn popularity on the stump of He, Trump. And, on its home ground, it’s become even worse.

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