Hate-Watching the Election

Tina Dupuy's picture

“I love Bernie! I’ve donated to his campaign! He’s great!” my super conservative Beltway establishment Republican friend says. “Feel the Bern!!” He texts me with a snicker during all of the Dem debates. The night of the Iowa Caucus I retaliated, texting, “Cruz!! I’m so happy!” I knew that’d make him cringe.

My conservative buddy will say his love for Bernie is just because he likes honest liberals (Wink, wink. Read: dig at Clinton.)

So while Republicans are swooning over Bernie, I’m obsessed with the GOP field for the same reason I spent a year getting into Real Housewives of Whatever Awful Place: I loathe all the cast members. They’re disgusting short-sighted narcissists and I just can’t look away.

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