The Great Debate

“But what if we had terrorist with a nuclear thumbtack hidden in their hair and we had 24 hours to find them, but to do it we had to torture a Gay baby? What about then, huh? Huh? Huh?”

That’s my own comment after an article on Dick Cheney. Here’s an excerpt from the article itself…

“Cheney boldly claims waterboarding and other torture techniques were “absolutely essential” in keeping America safe. We do not need some silly commission to review the horrors that came out of the White House, especially from Dick Cheney’s lair. We need the Attorney General to simply enforce the law.”

In my own comment you will find another link to an article about the head of KOS; supposed Leftie internet mag, being a possible sleeper cell of one for the CIA.

All in all it’s an interesting and eye popping experience. It all starts HERE.