A South Carolina man just pleaded guilty after being busted plotting to massacre “non-whites”

The unchecked dangers that white supremacists pose to the American people was made terrifyingly clear on Monday morning when 30-year-old white man Benjamin Thomas McDowell pled guilty to illegally possessing a firearm which he intended to use to commit a terrorist attack in the “spirit of Dylan Roof.”

Inspired by the white supremacist Roof’s murderous rampage in the historically black Charleston Emmanuel AME church, in which nine innocent people were gunned down, McDowell illegally bought a gun from an FBI agent in order “to conduct an attack on non-whites.”

“The documents also say in December, McDowell wrote on Facebook that he would love to act — with a link to a conservative Jewish synagogue in Myrtle Beach,” adds South Carolina Public Radio’s Alexandra Olgin.

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