The Future of Food

The Future of Food

by Ana Grarian

I should have posted yesterday. I had a topic all picked out and some good thoughts worked out for an essay and thenthe sh** hit the fan. I read a couple of newspaper articles on a lawsuit against a NYS industrial dairy farm -CAFO- . Here’s a link to one of them

The article may have been technically correct, but the information they received was incomplete. The plaintiff’s didn’t “lose” their case, it was dismissed. It was dismissed, because the courts were not allowed to consider any evidence before 2006, because the DEC had given the farm a free pass until then to fix their violations. That’s sort of like saying if you have a 10 day sticker to get your car inspected, your not liable for hitting someone because your brakes were bad – and you knew it.

The next thing that happened was that I watched “The Future of Food” on HULU.

Don’t waste your time reading me today. Go watch the movie.
Full length movie available to watch via computer on Hulu.