This Week’s Comments and Questions

I’ve not much of a Pelosi fan. But has anyone noticed the CIA is pushing the fact Democrats; especially her, had been briefed regarding “enhanced interrogation tactics” and Pelosi is stating she was never told about waterboarding or that it had already been done? Then they come out and say the same damn thing again without offering any proof to contradict her assertion?

And the media is going to point to this glaring ommision when? Or are they just going to let those who tortured get away with restating something as an effort to make her look like a liar, when maybe it says the exact opposite?

Nancy Pelosi needs no help when it comes to looking like a liar.

But the CIA also needs no help when it comes to not only looking like liars, and thugs, and bullies, cherry picking the least accurate information, blowing their own agent’s covers, and being inept in the worst way. For this we have a long Bush family/Cheney-influenced CIA history to thank.

Makes me wish Barack had followed my suggestion: appoint Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson to oversee and straighten out the CIA. Or just deep six the CIA if we’re not going to straighten them out: they’re more dangerous to our nation’s security than anything else.