Just Not Enough Time

Written by Millie Jenny C.

There is just not enough time to do what needs to be done.

Not enough hours in the days that seem to cascade by. . .

Faster and faster

Year after year.

What was it, in childhood, that made the days. . .

J U S T D R A G B Y.

Perhaps it is just me, then again, I have heard this same sentiment

Expressed by many of my colleagues and friends.

Is it just that there are so many more options now?

So many more paths to choose?

Or is it, as I grow older . . . I become more scattered. . .

Spread myself too thin.

To accomplish all the tasks that I schedule.

I know sometimes I place obstacles RIGHT THERE in front of me.

Yet sometimes. . . they just APPEAR THERE. . . Blocking / / MY PATH ONWARD.

Where they appear from I couldnt tell you.

All I know is . . . one second there is a clear path. . .

And the next thing I know. . . I almost fall FLAT on my face

Because there is a BOULDER in my way.

Other times, its more SNEAKY. . . like Black Ice. . . Invisible. . .

All I know is. . .



Copyright 2009 and 2002

Millie Jenny C

all rights reserved

Image courtesy of starpulse.com

Image courtesy of starpulse.com