The Carnival Freak Show on Display

Written by Stephen Pizzo

Has it gotten weird enough for you yet? I mean, hardly a day goes by lately that we don’t learn something new about those holier-than-thou folks on political right. And I’m not talking about those crazy; “Repent, the world’s ending” folks carrying sandwich signs on street corners. No, I’m talking about men and women of breathless ignorance who’ve achieved high public office. It’s becoming a freak show of sorts. No, wait. Where’d the “of sorts” come from? These folks on the Christian right, are about as freaky as it gets.

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and witness the amazing Rep. Michelle Bachmann, originating from the genus, “moronus-rediculous.” Hailing from the northern reaches of Minnesotta, she’s half woman, half jackass. Listen to her warning that government spies are coming soon, disguised as census takers. Hear her chilling tale of how Democrats caused the swine flu outbreak. Please, folks, she looks harmless, but do not try to engage this creature in any way. It bites when confused, and it’s confused most of the time….


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