Doing the Right Thing

Carolyn and Sean Savage: courtesy

Carolyn and Sean Savage: courtesy

I would assumption any reader I have; well at least any reader who isn’t bat guano crazy, knows I am not anti-choice, or “pro-life” as PL-ers would prefer. I prefer that people decide to do the right thing. But in this: the most personal of all events and decisions involving at least two beings; not just fetus or mother, having the state decide for us, to me, is far more vile.

This had to be one hell of a hard decision: but she did the right thing. Can you imagine being implanted with the wrong embryo, coming to term, then giving the new born over to the true parents? Brave. Noble. These are only two of the praises I have for the heroine of this story, and her husband. And, yes, the baby has been born since this story was written and been given to the genetic parents.

How sad.

How wonderful.